Are the Natural Disasters Wrath of Allah ?

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Are the Natural Disasters Wrath of Allah ? From Kyaw Kyaw Oo’s Words of Love

This post is response to those who are accusing Islam as the religion of Angry God.Talking about recent flood disaster in Pakistan,some claimed that Muslims do not wish to help their brothers who are facing great natural disaster.

*(Saudi Arabia donated 44 Million USD, Turkey donated 11MillionUSD, and most Muslim volunteers worked without talking much!).Some of them started blaming Islam as a religion that taught natural disasters as a punishment from God to Muslims. That is the reason why most Muslims do not help their brothers who are being punished by the God, they said. And that is the reason why I write this post.

Allow me to clarify the punishments mentioned in the Holy Quran. Almost all these punishments are also mentioned in the Old and New Testaments.

Even in Buddhism, which is not monotheism, also mentioned these types of natural disasters as punishment for the deeds done in the previous life.

To make it short, all the religions see natural disasters as a form of reminder from the Creator or whatever cause they believe.

In Islamic teaching, there are many verses and chapters in the Holy Quran mentioned about punishments from Allah SWT. But if you really read the chapters and verses you will find all following similar conditions before Allah SWT punished groups of people.

  1. People or society was doing wrong things (moral, social, spiritual, faith) against teaching of Allah.
  2. Allah always sends a Warner (Prophet) to correct their wrongful act.
  3. People refused to change their wrongful act even after having repeated warnings and signs from Allah.
  4. People showed their arrogance by harming the Prophets who brought the message to them.
  5. Finally because of denial, refusal and arrogance Allah punished that society.

We cannot draw parallel with such events and most of the natural disasters that effects  almost every country of this world today.  Because,

  1. Majority of the affected people are not doing any major sins intentionally
  2. There is no Warner to warn them,
  3. There is no intentional arrogance against the Creator from the (Majority) people who are affected by natural disaster.

So the common natural disasters faced by almost every country now and then, are not punishment from Allah, but test from Allah SWT.Allah also see and judge the way all mankind react to these kinds of tragic disasters. ( Including you and me)

Japan used to face very frequent and powerful earthquakes. They knew very well about underwater earthquake can cause very powerful waves and even they named it as Tsunami. Japanese people prepared very well for earth quakes and Tsunamis and they have very efficient Disaster Management System for any kind of natural disasters. The same example can be given to most of the developed countries. They are able to handle all kind of disasters, from wild fire, snow avalanche, land slide, mud slides, Hurricanes, Cyclones, to Earth Quakes by forming National Disaster management centers. These centers are well funded and well equipped with modern technologies, so that they can even warn their people of impending disasters before it struck.

Now, it is quite clear that natural disasters are not because of an angry God, but it is part of creation, and also a part of the test not only to the sufferer of said disasters, but to those who do good by helping, donating unfortunate people.

Moreover, it is obvious that following are the main causes of lost of lives and misery, and suffering of the millions  people affected by the different kinds of Natural Disasters.

1. Poverty

2. Poor Education.

3. Poor planning, poor infrastructures

4. Poor Governance

5. Mismanagement of country.

Unfortunately, most of the Muslim countries fall into above all categories, which  is why, we see many tragic lost of lives and properties, much more than developed countries whenever  they are struck by a disaster.

As a Burmese Muslim, I would like to remind those who are trying to sow hatred among Burmese people with different faiths, that Islam is nothing to do with misery of people in Pakistan, but their own weakness is the cause of their suffering. Likewise, Allah did not punish more than 100,000 people who lost lives in Cyclone Nargis of Burma, but due to the causes same as I have mentioned above.

We know Allah by his name. Among his names of Allah, the first and foremost after Allah is All Merciful, and following reference are for those who sincerely wish to know more about Allah SWT and his attributes.

Allah is All Merciful, 1:1,1:3,2:160,2.163,2;192,2:226.3:31 …

Allah is Full of Mercy 6:133,6:147,18:58

Allah is Preserver of safety 59:23

Allah Protector 2:107

Allah is Source of Peace 59:23

Allah is Wises of Judges 95:8

Allah’s grace to humanity 1:7,2:231,3:171,3:174,4:69,4:83,4:113,4:175,5;7,5:11,5:20,8:53,11:3,14:11,14:34,16:18,16:53,33:9,37;3,93:11

Allah knows the best,

Kyaw Kyaw oo

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