Star newspaper editors need to be educated on diplomacy and proper reporting

Some of the Star newspaper editors need to be educated on diplomacy and proper reporting.

It is nothing wrong but we must be happy with this Indonesian MP, who was talking tough against Malaysia when she was in her own country and she changed her stance after arriving and have discussions with Malaysian authorities.

We should be happy, praise and welcome if our enemy turns into a friend. Why the newspaper mock her by naming Flip-flop: Rieke, under her picture in the news, “MP sings different tune over row”?

Read the news_MP sings different tune over row

An Indonesian Member of Parliament who has been highly critical of Malaysia sang a different tune during a brief visit here.

Flip-flop: Rieke (left) meeting PAS MPs at Parliament yesterday.

Rieke Diah Pitaloka of Parti Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan, who had supported fellow MP Lily Wahid’s call to sever diplomatic ties with Malaysia, also distanced herself from the call for a confrontational approach towards Malaysia.

“That is not the best way to settle any issue or dispute. The Opposition has never suggested a confrontational (approach) towards Malaysia,” she said yesterday after meeting PAS MPs at Parliament house.

The latest diplomatic row erupted when Malaysian authorities detained three Indonesian Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry officers on Aug 13 for encroachment.

The actress-turned-politician had questioned President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s soft stance on the arrests and was quoted as saying she could not understand why Susilo had not taken any firm measures on the matter.

Indonesian lawmakers had sought firm diplomatic action against Malaysia, from demanding an apology and freezing bilateral ties to exploring possible military options.

Yesterday, however, Rieke told leaders of both governments that they should not be distracted by the People’s Bastion for Democracy’s (Bendera) protests.

“Our minds should not be clouded by their actions and we should not let these incidents derail bilateral ties,” she said.

Rieke said the Opposition in Indonesia were against the protest or any form of violence.

“However, the protest (by Bendera) was to express the (Indonesian) disappointment over several cases of injustice they felt had been committed against fellow citizens by the Malaysian authorities. It was within their right,” she said.

Riekke also said both countries should strive to settle issues amicably, a turnaround from her earlier stance that bilateral ties between the nations be severed.

“In matters related to law, let the laws of both countries take its due course,” she said.

She said both governments were doing their best to resolve the matter and it was time for the MPs to play their part.

Bendera gained infamy by throwing faeces at the Malaysian embassy during a protest over the perceived Malaysian violation of the country’s sovereignty.

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