Myanmar refugees find hope in Thai garbage dump

Myanmar refugees find hope in Thai garbage dump

Also, should anyone protest (like in 2009), then perhaps they should watch this 10-part Documentary on how the Junta deals with dissatisfied Opposition. Yes, even if they are Monks. And since the Junta are Buddhists, they believe that they have helped these monks achieve their Nirvana by expediting their death. Watch this part 1 of 10: Burma VJ, part 1

Malaysian and her Burmese bedfellows have “agreed” to rid themselves of their problems, “so that it is mutually benefiting..” In short the US Senate Report issued on the 3rd of April (click here) (Available via World Wide Web: ) how Malaysian have been selling these Refugees.

Burma’s Nuclear Ambitions

Military Leaders continue to relish in great wealth, and are able to splash US$50 million on the wedding of this fat girl. Watch the full video here: CLICK ON THIS LINK. The above video, is part 1 of 24.

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