Mizzima:Obama denounces Burma polls, calls to free Suu Kyi

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – US President Barack Obama criticised the elections in Burma today, stating that they would be “anything but free and fair”.


Myanmar’s election expose ruling junta’s abuses: Clinton

MELBOURNE – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said during a visit to Australia Sunday that Myanmar’s elections “expose the abuses” of the ruling military junta.

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Voting ends in heavily criticized Myanmar elections

Myanmar held its first elections in 20 years Sunday, a vote that passed under heavy security and with little obvious enthusiasm from voters.


Obama: Burma Elections Not “Free And Fair”

President Obama has said Burma’s first elections in 20 years will be “anything but free and fair”.


Voting In The Military – Burma

Burma Election 2010 (Special Program III – Part 1)

Spotlight on Suu Kyi as Myanmar enters new territory

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Confined to her crumbling lakeside home, long-detained Nobel peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi poses little threat to Myanmar’s first election in 20 years on Sunday, but her possible release in a week could shake things up.


For better or for worse?

Myanmar goes to the polls for the first time in 20 years today. Many of its citizens here, however, have mixed feelings about the future it promises.


Burma’s Elections: Junta Believes in Politics

For all those people still recovering from the furiously contested mid-term vote in the U.S., it’s time to rest easy. The November 7 election in Burma, where a military regime has ruled since a 1962 coup and nary a poll has been held for two decades, promises no such electoral drama. After all, the ruling junta has stacked the decks so thoroughly in its favor that the victory of army-backed parties seems almost assured. Indeed, opponents of the upcoming polls decry the exercise as little more than an attempt by the top brass to legitimize its grip on power.

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Reuters:Polls open in Myanmar’s first election in 20 years

(Reuters) – Polls opened under tight security in Myanmar’s first election in 20 years Sunday, a scripted vote that assures army-backed parties an easy win but brings a hint of parliamentary politics to the isolated, oppressive state.


Aljazeera:Voting underway in Myanmar


CBC News:Burma holds 1st vote in 20 years

Polls opened Sunday in Burma’s first election in two decades, but the vote is widely expected to end in victory for a party backed by the country’s military junta.

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BURMA – ELECTIONS:On the brink of ethnic violence

Burma election: Q&A

Burma votes in national elections on 7 November for the first time in 20 years. Ruling generals say the polls will mark a transition to democratic civilian rule – but critics say they will leave the military junta firmly in control. The BBC looks at the key questions.