Sitmone is back ! (Together with Daw Suu)

Sitmone is back ! Read here_

I consider most of the readers to this post as non Burmese. Thus I decided to introduce Lwin Moe and Kyaw Thu, to those who are unfamiliar with Burmese celebrities, before continue writing the post.

Both Lwin Moe and Kyaw Thu are Burmese celebrities. Both of them are and were actors, directors, and photographers. But Kyaw Thu is no more in entertainment industry of Burma, as his movies were banned by Military Junta for last three years.

If you look at my old post ( in Burmese) you will notice that I prefer Lwin Moe as an actor. The reason is he looks sincere in Movies, and people said about good moral, such as showing kindness , sympathy and understanding to fellow supporting actors who were with him in his Movies.( But now I do not think that he is a sincere person anymore!) The famous four comedians, namely King kong, Phoe Phyu, Ayine and Nga Pyaw Kyaw were always seen with him and lively comedy movies that always make me relax. These four comedians also known as Four Ghosts were close with detained activist cum actor, director and Comedian Zarganar.

Lwin Moe

Kyaw Thu

Kyaw Thu is senior to Lwin Moe as his acting carrier started much earlier than latter. His movies were more serious and influenced by U Thu Kha , late famous director of Burma. Influence of Buddhism was seen in his last movies before he was forced to leave the Movie industry by Junta. One of the main reasons of his departure was being an active supporter of pro democracy movement, and actively involved in humanitarian assistance to Cyclone Nargis victims a few years ago. Once he was blocked from acting and directing movies, he started a foundation to help those who were dire in need, HIV AIDs patients, funeral and burial service and even running clinics for the poor.

In normal circumstances we do not need to compare both of them as I am not the right person to judge who is better than who in their field of Movie making, and acting. But, now I feel that as a Burmese who supported both of them in their carriers, I have a right to criticize both of them from socio-political aspect as both of them involved in Burmese politics.

Lwin Moe, allegedly supported Junta backed USDP party which won in landslide in recent election of Burma. However 2010, November 7 election was regarded as “illegitimate” by most of the developed and developing countries excluding China and few ASEAN countries.

Lwin Moe claimed that the election was free and fair, and does not rule out the fact that one day he himself may become one of the candidates. Lwin Moe’s fans were frustrated. Some said that he was merely exercising his rights as a Burmese citizen. Democracy is after all, about person’s freedom of choice to vote whoever he wanted to be as MP.

At the same time, Kyaw Thu, who was busy doing charity funeral service, was under surveillance of Military Intelligence. There were few occasions that Kyaw Thu’s fans received the false alarm, informing he was arrested. He wrote poems that were published over online portals. He had arts exhibition, his thought transformed into paintings and sculptures. Recently he presented his painting to Aung San Suu Kyi, which the lady accepted with respect. He was among the few people, Aung San Suu Kyi met immediately after her release as Kyaw Thu helped funeral service of NLD senior member, U Lwin’s wife.

Now, what do I think of both of them. It reflects deep division of opinion among Burmese people. Selfless sacrifice of Kyaw Thu is praised by many of us while we all frowned upon Lwin Moe’s choice of support. I was surprised when Lwin Moe likened himself with Arnold, who turned into Republican Governor from Hollywood action movie star.

To be fair to both of them, Burmese politics is in stagnation for more than 20 years. While Kyaw Thu, who is older than Lwin Moe is willing to sacrifice more for the true cause that he believes, Lwin Moe reaction seemed to be representation of frustration of the younger generation. Local news said, Lwin Moe has more interest on business ties with Junta cronies.

There are many more people similar to Kyaw Thu and Lwin Moe, among 55 million Burmese people. Educated or uneducated, poor or wealthy, almost all suffers due to Military dictatorship and also due to selfishness of some of the so called prodemocracy group, who took charge of leading role but done nothing, waiting Aung San Suu Kyi to do miracles for Burma.

Burmese people have done beyond expectation; Aung San Suu Kyi even though released from house arrest is in reality, just moving from smaller confinement to a bigger confinement. Exclusion of Military Generals from political arena is irrelevant to current political climate of Burma.

Rather than calling second Pin Lone conference which is almost impossible to allow by the Generals, Aung San Suu Kyi should give reassurance to Generals that she is not a threat to them. Who is going to give up the holy power when they are on firmed grip to the country for several decades with fear factor and strong army? Do we want to see more innocent lives lost, or our leaders detained again for another few decades? Or do we want to see Aung San Suu Kyi , rearrested or even assassinated,? Then we all will be left with deep division among us without a great leader.

Those who rule the country with guns will happily enjoying the luxury of this life while millions of  Burmese people will be ended up in a society with the people comprising of many Lwin Moes and few Kyaw Thus, without hope for democracy.

Sit Mone

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