San Suu Kyi’s greeting

A good communication system is essential to our endeavour to set up a people’s network for democracy that will span the whole world. I am very pleased indeed that there is now a web page that will make the policies and activities of the National League for Democracy known across the globe. By communication, through the web page, with strong supporters of our cause, as well as with those who want to know more about our movement for democracy and about the NLD, I believe we shall be able to achieve our goal of a democratic union at a faster pace.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all those whose worked so hard to make this web page a reality.

Egypt protests: ElBaradei tells crowd ‘change coming’

Jeremy Bowen reports on Sunday’s stand-off in Cairo’s Tahrir Square

Leading Egyptian opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei has joined thousands of protesters in Cairo defying a curfew to demand President Mubarak stand down.

Addressing the crowd in Tahrir (Liberation) Square, the Nobel peace prize winner urged patience, saying “change is coming”.

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BBC:Burma’s parliament opens new session

The new parliament in Burma has convened for the first time since elections were held last November.

The poll was widely criticised by western governments and by democracy activists within Burma.


Aljazeera:Myanmar hides behind ‘democracy’


Reuters:Lawlessness on Egypt streets, Mubarak clings on

In five days of unprecedented protests that have rocked the Arab world, more than 100 people have been killed, investors and tourists have taken fright, Mubarak has offered a first glimpse of a plan to step down and 80 million long-suffering Egyptians are caught between hope for democratic reform and fear of chaos.

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Egypt’s Turmoil: The Army’s OK with the Protesters, for Now

Parts of Egypt’s capital city seemed almost normal on Saturday as the embers of Friday’s vandalism and carnage cooled. After a night wracked by gunfire and explosions, set off by burning cars and buildings, many people took to the streets again on Saturday to survey the new face of their country. Amid the burnt carcasses of police trucks and the newly positioned military tanks, the streets of downtown Cairo and central Tahrir Square — the epicenter of this week’s uprising — had almost regained the atmosphere of community activism that characterized the first day of protest on Tuesday.

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Happy Chinese New Year