TIME:Learn to Love The Revolution

There’s no need to panic.

Revolutions are messy affairs. They don’t follow the easy logic of middle-school textbooks. Hostilities in the American Revolution broke out a year before the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution was not ratified until nearly seven years after the decisive battle at Yorktown.

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Libya’s War of the Colonels: Col. Gaddafi Meet Col. Hussein

At a former Army Air Defense base in a darkened, partially constructed neighborhood of Benghazi, Colonel Tarek Saad Hussein is readying the revolutionary forces for the ultimate battle. Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi will likely fight to the death in order to keep control of his capital Tripoli, according to soldiers and revolutionary activists alike. But the banners in front of Benghazi’s High Court read: “Libya, one body. Tripoli, our heart.” The east is now under opposition control, but Libya will not split, they say: the revolution is not over until Tripoli is won and a dictator is toppled.

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Al Jazeera:Lessons from Philippines’ ‘People Power’ revolt

Reuters:U.N. Security Council to meet, Libya hands out cash

(Reuters) – The Libyan coastal town of Zawiyah was under the control of anti-government protesters on Friday, a witness said, bringing a popular uprising against Muammar Gaddafi within 50 km of the capital Tripoli.


Massacre in Libya as pilots seek asylum in Malta

Two Libyan Air Force colonels landed their single-seater jet fighters in Malta just minutes before the strafing and bombing of civilians began in Tripoli yesterday.


China cracks down on call for ‘Jasmine Revolution’

BEIJING – Chinese authorities cracked down on activists Saturday as a call circulated online for people to gather in 13 cities Sunday for a “Jasmine Revolution.”


US researchers hopeful for dengue vaccine


Promising advances have been made in the testing of possible vaccines to prevent the mosquito-borne dengue virus, which kills 25,000 people every year, researchers said Thursday.