Requesting ABIM and WAMI to investigate the “fake” picture of destroying a Buddhist Monastery in Bangladesh

SOURCE of Pictures : Tun Naing!/tun.naing.311

The words written on the picture: “Myitnar village, Than Phyu Monastery in Bangladeshnear Myanmar border was destroyed by Bangalis”.

We hereby wish to demand the Myanmar Governmentto summon Bangladesh Ambassador to explain and investigate the following accusation. If Myanmar Government fails to investigate, I hereby request ABIM and WAMY to inform and the Bangladesh Government to investigate and clarify this. We highly suspect that it is part of HATE CAMPAIGN against Muslims in Myanmar.


I am a Muslim BUT do not agree with them. I hereby strongly protest the Bangladesh government. Myanmar Foreign Minister should summon BengaliAmbassador and condemn their people’s action and ask for the explanation and compensation. Demand the Bengali government to allow the permit to rebuild the Buddhist Monastery and to guarantee the safety of Bengali Buddhist Rakhine staying in their country.

After the official investigating this ‘ATROCITY‘ if true to punish the criminal Bengalis and if this is not the truth BUT the Rakhine Buddhists‘ FAKE FALSE news, to arrest the person responsible for spreading HATRED on Muslims.

If Myanmar government fails to call Bengali Ambassador, they are committing an offence of negligence.

Myanmar Government needs to investigate this kind of irresponsible HATE incitation.

If it is true that Bengali Muslims had done this, call the Bengali Ambassador and demand Investigation/ compensation/ punishment and protection. IF FAKE picture just to drum up to HATE Muslims in Myanmar including Rohingyas and Bengali-mixed blooded people, Myanmar government must INVESTIGATE and punish the person who wrote this.

If Myanmar GOVERNMENT fails to investigate, they would be seen by ALL as IRRESPONSIBLE government closing the eyes on HATRED SPEECH on its Muslim citizens as it is a common knowledge that many Myanmar Military Cyber troopers are doing this kind of propaganda campaigns against Muslims.

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