Mizzima:Bertil Lintner on recent changes in Myanmar and geopolitics

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Religious Extremists Attack Police and Shops in Yangon over Islamic School

Coronavirus: Sars-like virus death reported in UK

By James GallagherHealth and science reporter, BBC News

A patient infected with a new respiratory illness similar to the deadly Sars virus has died in the UK.

They were being treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and died on Sunday morning, the hospital has confirmed.


How To Brainwash A Nation – Ex-KGB – Dprogram.net


Reuters:Facebook says it was a target of sophisticated hacking

(Reuters) – Facebook Inc said on Friday hackers had infiltrated some of its employees’ laptops in recent weeks, making the world’s No.1 social network the latest victim of a wave of cyber attacks, many of which have been traced to China.


ျပည္ေထာင္စုေန ့


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BBC:Huge Bangladesh rally seeks death penalty for war crimes

Hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshis have joined protests in Dhaka to demand the death penalty for a political leader convicted of war crimes.

Protests have grown since Abdul Kader Mullah was given life on Tuesday for crimes including torture, murder and rape during the 1971 independence war.


Kachin- Can there be lasting peace- – Inside Story – Al Jazeera English

The resistance of Bosnia was heard up to the skies

HRW: World report 2013 / Burma


Burma’s human rights situation remained poor in 2012 despite noteworthy actions by the government toward political reform. In April, opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and her National League for Democracy party won 43 of 44 seats it contested in a parliamentary by-election; the parliament consists of 224 seats in the upper house and 440 in the lower house, the majority of which remain under the control of military representatives or former military officers. 


Human Rights Watch World Report 2013