Three Muslim Villages in OKKAN Burned, Sectarian Violence Re-Energize in Myanmar

The Nation:Buddhist Violence in Burma

In the West, Buddhism is often understood as a religion of compassion and peace, with gauzy images of serene meditation, the hum of chanted prayers, a symbolic lotus bloom. So what are we to make of a currently circulating video of a robed Burmese monk wielding a sturdy pole as he joins a killer mob beating a defenseless Muslim man to the ground? In the background, mosques and houses are burning and Muslim children are running for their lives.


Reuters:Mosque, Muslim shops attacked near Myanmar’s biggest city

(Reuters) – Rioters attacked a mosque and Muslim businesses in central Myanmar on Tuesday, police said, the closest a series of sectarian clashes pitting Muslims against majority Buddhists has come to the commercial capital Yangon.

Roaming gangs armed with bricks smashed the mosque’s windows and looted dozens of shops after a Muslim woman collided with a Buddhist monk while walking in the street, angering residents, a police statement said.