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Myanmar’s Muslims mourn the victims of ethnic cleansing

By Tariq A. Al Maeena

The month of October has been very brutal towards the Muslim minority in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. While most of the media’s attention is focused on the chemical warfare in Syria, or the post-US deficit showdown scenario, very little was being reported on the continuing ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. Perhaps it is because the unfortunate victims happen to be poor Muslims and there are no strategic gains to be garnered by trumpeting their sorry state.


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President Thein Sein blames ‘outsiders’ for Sandoway riots


President Thein Sein has accused “outsiders” of orchestrating this week’s outbreakof communal violence in Sandoway in western Burma, suggesting it was a premeditated attack intended to undermine his first ever visit to the conflict-torn region.


Malaysia calls on Myanmar to end all acts of violence – Bernama

Malaysia has called on the Myanmar government to undertake concrete and positive steps to put an end to all acts of violence, including human rights violations against the Muslim community in Myanmar.


Victim of Myanmar Attack Mourns Mother Left Behind

By ROBIN McDOWELL Associated Press

Buddhist mobs carrying swords and knives swarmed Zaw Lay Khar’s village again and again, clashing with Muslims and burning their homes. When she saw about 40 attackers approaching her home, she fled with her daughter but had to leave behind her 94-year-old mother.

“They set the house on fire. There was nothing we could do but run. We didn’t have time to help her,” she said Thursday near her charred home, in the village of Thabyuchaing in western Myanmar’s Rakhine state. The attack had been two days earlier, but smoke still rose from the ruined buildings.

Rakhine was home to much of the sectarian violence that has killed hundreds of people since June 2012. Violence that began Sunday in Rakhine’s Thandwe township left five people dead, all of them Muslims, and at least 100 homes burned to the ground in three villages there, according to police Sgt. Aung Naing Win. He said at least one person was missing.


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Myanmar: 94-Year-Old Muslim Woman Stabbed to Death by Sword-Wielding Buddhist Mob

A Buddhist mob has killed a 94-year-old Muslim woman and set at least 70 homes on fire in Myanmar’s western state of Rakhine.

Police officials said more than 800 rioters, some of them armed with swords, stormed the streets of Thabyuchaing, about 20km (12 miles) north of the coastal town of Thandwe.