About me

 About me

I am a Burmese Muslim migrant Medical doctor in Malaysia for nearly two decades. As a migrant, I dare to blog only about the migrants, foreigners here and unfair policy practice on us in Malaysia. Actually your government could even use these as an input of facts viewed by outsiders.

As a minority back in Burma, we are against Myanmar Military government. We oppose them and their supporters around the world. I am trying to change the mindset of OIC and ASEAN leaders. But they are stubbornly still supporting the military leaders.

We are aiming for the meaningful dialogue leading to a reconciliation of Military rulers and opposition so that we could establish the Democratic Union of Burma/Myanmar, where democracy, respect of Human Rights, Equal Rights of Minority Ethnic Groups and Religious Groups prevail.

I had successfully contributed articles related to Myanmar and others in Wikipedia, could see my user page here_ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Darz_kkg

I had contributed about 300 articles and translated a lot of articles in Burma Digest http://burmadigest.info/archive-catalogue/ as the senior editor but stopped contribution because of the new management team’s anti-Islam policy.

I think the best thing I accomplished was my chance to Interview with Tun Dr M and Datuk Sri Datin Dr Wan Aziza.

My letters and comments were published in Asiaweek (stopped publishing), Far Eastern Economic Review, Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider. I stopped sending letters to the New Straits Times and the Stars because although they were willing to publish them earlier now adays my POV is totally different from their editors.

My greatest defect is my English, which is not up to the standard. But I hope that- facts, figures and new ideas are more important in blogging.

Dr Zafar Shah @ San Oo Aung

14 Responses

  1. Assalamu Alaikum…
    Greetings from a fellow Turkistanian Muslim from Saudi Arabia. My ancestors migrated to S.A. after the Bolshevic revolution, and I am starting my blog after Eid to write about Central Asia. We have a large Burmese diaspora in Makkah. We have been forced out of our country for the same reason as you were.
    May Allah give Muslims strength, and Eid Mubarak in advance.


  2. Salam Dr Zafar Shah.

    My name is effuan. i found your blog when i try find any information about rohingya community in malaysia. for your information, i had the opportunity to known some of the rohingya community in here, especially that lives in Pasar Borong Selayang ( which i am quit sure that you are really aware of) currently, me and my friend are trying to do something about them. me myself, had gives some donation to one of the madrasah situated in Pasar Borong Selayang. i will be more than happy to help any rohingya community here. i really look forward to meet you in person, or maybe we can have a coffee or something to discuss what we can do to help the rohingya community here. i can be reached at effuan@gmail.com. hope to see you soon. take care Dr Zafar Shah.

  3. Dr Zafar Shah – I very much enjoyed your article on Debu.

    The ARChive of Contemporary Music, along with Columbia University, is initiating a series of World Music Days, and the first one will be Muslim World Music Day set for April 12, 2011. We invite artists, promoters, bloggers, journalists, libraries, archives, collectors, venues to participate. We will create a database of all known recordings and links to all relevant information on a global scale. Any and all help is greatly appreciated – if everyone does a little a great deal can be done to celebrate the beauty and diversity of this important cultural heritage.

    So if you are interested please get in touch, spread the word and share your ideas. Would love to have a Burmese commentator. The blog is up and running and website coming soon : http://arcmmcc.wordpress.com Yours, Bob George, Director arcmusic@inch.com

  4. Dr. Zafar,

    I would be pleased if you could share your views on Malaysia at The New Mandala blog at the Australian National University.


    Look forward to your contributions.


    • Dear Mr Greg Lopez,
      Sorry for the late reply.
      TQ for the offer.
      But I have a very good excuse for this late reply and refusing to accept your offer which I regarded as a prestigious and great honour attached to it. If I sincerely write my views on this country, I would be arrested with the lame excuse of threatening their National Security or kicked out from this country. Because they know my identity, they have indirectly threatened me and harass me through Income Tax Dpt and Ministry of Health. The Special Branch sent a complaint letter to their Myanmar Countrepart and quite amusing, someone from the Myanmar authority reminded me about the SB report and advised me to be careful. For them, my blog is not a serious offence as I have no connection with arms rebels. But if I go back Burma, I could be investigated i.e. arrest. So I almost stop writting and commenting.
      I hope you could understand me.
      TQ again
      Zafar Shah

  5. No worries. All the best.

  6. Holy Arab & Muslim Spring yet to wind trough South Asia , so be ready to enjoy The new Islamic Freedom to show the world what are you made of ; yes a Brave people above a great land, where won’t be a place for Puppy Dictators or corrupted leaders.

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  8. Nice to see your blog here and to know your are the one who is working like me. Please contact with me via: bominaung25@gmail.com


    Mr. Bo Min Aung

  9. Hello~ nice to see your blog!!

    I am Hyo jeong , live in Korean
    I am writing my master course thesis which is about myanmar politcal change,

    actually i am looking for information about myanmar junta, but i could not find it that much,

    so could you advice or give information about that ?

    if you can do it
    please contact me, coco4019@naver.com

  10. I am an American researching Burma/Myanmar. I am very excited to discover your blog as you are very insightful, especially as a Muslim migrant in Malaysia. I look forward to keeping up with your writing.

  11. Continued good wishes. At New Mandala we continue to provide new perspectives, anecdotes and analysis on mainland southeast asia, including Burma.


  12. Salam,

    Well done..

  13. For

    Dr Zafar Shah email

    I read this article…there is Tali-fu Prince
    “written by Dr Zafar Shah, July 07, 2009
    The historical records of the arrival of Islam in China ”

    .From this Tali-fu Prince one transilvanian hungarian man make one picture
    in Asia travel. Szathmári Pap Károly met Tali-fu Prince in Mecca pelgrums 1870-71

    There is the picture

    Szathmári Pap Károly akvarell festménye (1871) Talifu kinai muzulmán herceg Yunnan tartomámy


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