Burma Digest Catalogue for Dr San Oo Aung’s articles


 Burma Digest Catalogue for

Dr San Oo Aung’s articles


  1. Negligence by Burmese Military Rulers

  2. to the European Commission, and European leaders

  3. Discrimination Against Burmese in Malaysia

  4. The Hand That Wield The Cane

  5. Dreams Give Us Hope

  6. Aung Sans’ Plan for Reconstruction of Corrupted Myanmar

  7. The Dawn of Revolution in Burma

  8. History of World Refugee Day

  9. Asian Values & Western Values

  10. Generosity Makes us Great

  11. ASEAN is just firing blanks

  12. Displaced People’s Socio-Medical Sufferings

  13. Speaking with U Chit Tim, MP (interview)

  14. Interview with Global Peace Malaysia (interview)

  15. Speaking with Global Peace Malaysia (B)

  16. SPDC Junta Mentioned in Buddha’s Teachings

  17. Speaking with Global Peace Malaysia, part 2 (B)

  18. Chicken Soup for the Burmese Opposition’s Souls

  19. Speaking with Global Peace Malaysia, part 3 (B)

  20. A Magical Picture: Min Ko Naing’s Mother

  21. Speaking with Global Peace Malaysia, part 4 (B)

  22. Multi-religion Prayers Campaign for Burma

  23. Speaking with Dr. Maharthir, Former Malaysia PM

  24. Speaking with Dr. Maharthir, former Malaysia PM (B)

  25. Speaking with Dr. Maharthir, former Malaysia PM, part 2 (B)

  26. To Eliminate Violence against Women

  27. Various Democracies (Part 1)

  28. Various Democracies (Part 2)

  29. Various Democracies (Part 3)

  30. Politicians of the year: 88 Students Group

  31. Opening Heart on Equal Rights for All Ethnic Groups

  32. Birds of the same feather: China Russia and SPDC

  33. Burma’s Neo-Nazi Brown Shirts or USDA

  34. Don’t Let Monitor Lizards (Phuts) Rule the Country

  35. Analysing Various Democracies (Part 4)

  36. Interview with Sao Hso Khan Pha (B)

  37. Federalism (B)

  38. Window Shopping for Federalism

  39. Last Days of Military Regime (B)

  40. From UNSC to ICC

  41. Junta’s Attempted Genocide & International Courts

  42. Sending Military Regime to International Court

  43. Junta’s Ethnic Cleansing in Eight Stages

  44. Burma Human Rights Day

  45. To Commemorate 27 March as Burma Childsoldiers’ day

  46. Let’s Join USDA & Destroy it from Within

  47. Revolt inside Kyant Phunt USDA (B)

  48. Hoping for a National Reconciliation

  49. Final Assault for our Revolution

  50. Arts Moves Hearts and Minds

  51. Education is Passport for the Future of refugee children

  52. Speaking with a Hero of Shan People (B)

  53. Laissez-faire & Libertarianism for Liberated Burma

  54. Betraying their Fellow Fallen Soldiers

  55. There was once democracy in the Union of Burma

  56. Some encouraging thoughts on Burma’s Politics

  57. BURMA DIGEST A Campaign Journal for Democracy in Burma

  58. Speaking with Mrs. Anwar

  59. Lopsided fiscal policy of SPDC

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