SOP for Political Crisis in Myanmar?

SOP for Political Crisis in Myanmar? 

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(This post was written after reading the news of new Thai PM defending Military Junta of Burma after his successful visit to Nay Pyi Taw)

Logjam or Political Emergency of Burma

Logjam is deadlock, or impasse, or blockage, in simple English.

It is political deadlock, and political emergency for Burma.

That is the situation, which Burmese people are facing right now. Burmese blogosphere has been quiet for last few days without any breaking news and events.

This blogger has a friend who is a Captain of Boeing 747. This blogger asked him what is the most exciting period for him in every flight? He said “during take off”.

“Because SOP can not be applied successfully after exceeding certain speed limit”. The pilot could neither abort nor fly the plane if the plane malfunctions after exceeding certain speed limit while taking off from a runway.

(Note: SOP = Standard Operating Procedure)


Brave Pilots of this Concorde Aircraft followed the SOP even though they new that no chance for them to survive! However avoided crash into populated area.

SOP is standard operating procedure for any kind of Aircraft Emergencies for pilots.

The medical doctors attending to medical emergencies also have to follow SOP. If the doctor fails to follow the SOP, he will face the law suit for negligence.

Same scenario goes to a pilot who failed to follow the SOP, during Aircraft emergency.

SOP is not for pilots or doctors only. Every institution has their own SOP after doing research, and observing repeated failures for generations.

Burma is in political crisis.

In other words, it is in Political Emergencies.

  • If a plane crashes due to a negligent pilot hundreds of people may die.
  • If a doctor fails to follow a SOP, a patient or few patients may die.
  • However, when a country is in Political Emergency and those who are governing the country fail to follow the SOP and negligent, Million of people will die or suffer for generations.

What are the SOP or Standard Operating Procedures for Political Logjam for a Government?

The Government must have_

  1. willingness to find the solution in all possible means. (Keeping all the option open).
  2. strong determination to sacrifice for the Country, with sincere and truthful love to the Motherland.
  3. the ability to avoid the Arrogance or stubboness
  4. and also the bravery to accept the responsibility
  5. a strong will and character to be free from the “Denial Syndrome”.

(Denial Syndrome is normally seen in terminally ill patients who refused to accept that they are going to die)

One may need courage to execute SOP, with clear vision for saving the lives, similar to a pilot of a malfunctioned plane, or a captain of a sinking ship. All of them are risking their lives while saving others.

This blogger keeps on wondering whether the governing military Junta Generals of Burma are aware of standard operating procedures practiced by majority of the nations of this world while handling political crisis.

Sit Mone

Farewell friend, Sai Htee Sai

Farewell friend, Sai Htee Sai



Sit Mone

This blogger was shocked to read the news of demise of Burmese talented singer Sai Htee Sai in Mizzima news.

Ko Htee…

We were brought up as a generation

Who loved to listen and play your songs

Yours were natural and simple

Easy to understand while leaving all of us with the message

That went straight into our heart

Your songs were like the work of a wizard

Together with perfect match of lyrics

You were a talented star

With a distinctive voice..

That we called the “power” of voice..

Which was special gift for you from heaven

That’s why

When we were happy, we have sung your songs

When we were sad, we have sung your songs

When we failed exams, we have sung your songs

When we passed exams, we have sung your songs

When our friends were left by girlfriends, we have sung your songs

When our friends get nods from their loved ones, we have sung your songs

Now we seldom sing songs as all of us are not in a mood to sing any songs


Whenever we miss Burma, we are still singing your songs…

And from now on … people will continue singing your songs

As you have left your legacy..your songs are Modern Classics of Burma..

May Ko Htee’s soul rest in peace

Sit Mone

(This blogger does not forget to mention the wonderful work of great composer Dr Sai Kham Laik for creating most of Ko Htee’s songs from this insignificant blog)

Twelve sentenced to seven years in jail for renovation of mosque

Twelve sentenced to seven years in jail

for renovation of mosque

Posted by Sit Mone


An Isolated Rohingya Village

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Maungdaw, Arakan State: 

Twelve villagers of Thinn Baw Gwe (Kol Loon) in Maungdaw Township have been sentenced to seven years in jail by the Maungdaw High Court on February 24 for renovation of a mosque and Hafez Khana (Quaran memorial center).

The villagers had renovated the village mosque and Hafez Khana after acquiring necessary documents and permission from the Commander of Nasaka area No. 8 of Maungdaw Township , three months ago.But, the Commander was transferred and a new Nasaka Commander was appointed to Nasaka area No.8, recently. The new Commander was not happy with the renovation of mosque and Hafez Khana.

Another 20 villagers including village Chairman Khobir Ahmed (50), son of Basir Ahmed are still absconding to evade arrest by Nasak and police, said another village elder.

In Arakan State, one cannot renovate mosques, religious schools, houses even cow sheds without taking permission from concerned authorities. This is valid for only the Rohingya community.

To read the full text please read the source_

Kaladan Press

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Chinese Difficulty is Burmese opportunity, Boycott China Olympic

Chinese Difficulty is Burmese opportunity,

Boycott China Olympic


This blogger cut and pasted the original slogan ” British difficulty, is Burmese opportunity” which was a famous nationalist slogan during the British Colonial revolution.

This blogger feels that the time is over due to start the campaign to boycott the Chinese Olympic as Chinese Communist Government has avoided its responsibility as a communist party to support the oppressed Burmese People against the Imperialist Military Junta.

International community sees China as a new emerging superpower, which is able to play a pivotal role to solve the problem in country like North Korea and Sudan. Chinese Communist Government who has planned the Olympic , spent billions of Dollars for preparation, and for mega sports facilities for their up coming National Event.

At the same time, Chinese communist authority must be very nervous for any negative effect towards the ” Chinese Olympic” which will be a prestigious event for the Modern China. This event will be remembered in the history of China as its legacy.

Since Chinese Communist Government has blind eyes and deaf ears towards the 50 Million Burmese people’s voice, we should make Chinese Communist Government difficult and Shameful for supporting the world’s worse regime ” Military Junta of Burma”.

To Burmese freedom fighters, this is the time we should start the slogan

” Chinese Difficulty is Burmese opportunity”

This is the auspicious time , to start a campaign for boycotting the Chinese Olympic.

Sit Mone

Beautiful Burma under the Brutal Tyrants should not be forgotten!

Beautiful Burma

under the Brutal Tyrants

should not be forgotten!

  • Wdaw_aung_san_suu_kyi1.jpghenever switching on the light,
  • There is no light back home
  • Whenever  eating delicious meals,
  • There are hungry people back home.
  • thanswhe1.jpg4001370255.jpg


  • Whenever speaking freely without fear,
  • Our people with sealed mouths back home
  • Whenever sleeping soundly,
  • There are people afraid of darkness,
  • Waiting for the night raids back home


  • Whenever driving our cars to work,
  • There are people walking to work,
  • Because they can’t afford to buy bus tickets
  • Whenever surfing internet,
  • Internet access back home is blocked
  • Whenever making calls with the cell phone,
  • Telephone in Burma does not work
  • Whenever seeing people going on shopping sprees at sales,
  • 1 USD equals 1400 kyat back home
  • Whenever police are here to help us,
  • There they are for intimidation and torture
  • Oh… Mother Burma,
  • Once most prosperous country of Southeast Asia,
  • Who brings you down to become a chaotic police state,
  • We who are in free world,
  • Always hope to raise up the Mother Land..
  • Please do not forget your mother land
  • To get the Real Independence,
  • that is Freedom of Burma.

Sit Mone



King keeps his vow and man keeps his promise

King keeps his vow

and man keeps his promise

Posted on January 13, 2008 by Sit Mone


There is a famous proverb in Burmese,

“The King needs to keep his vow as  the ordinary man has to keep his promise.”

This is called “Law Ka Par La” in Sanskrit which translates into “Shame” and “Fear” towards the wrong doing by oneself.

This blogger would like to present the real account of a Burmese King in today’s post. This is an excellent example of how a Burmese king kept his vow, following “Law Ka Par La” or “Shame” and “fear” of his own responsibility.

King Min Htee of Yakhine ( Rakhine) was the perfect example of a king who kept his vow in Burmese history.

During his reign, people working in the palace had the habit of betel chewing. Then they would usually clean their dirty fingers by swiping the gilded pillars of the palace. Because of this habit most of the pillars of the palace were dirty and stained with the red color of chewed betel and the white colour of the calcium which they used to smear on the (beatle)leaves.

King Min Htee circulated an order among the palace staff including the Ministers and princes. The order said that,”Whoever used his fingers to stain the pillars with chewed betel, would have his index finger cut off immediately”.

After the king’s order everybody in the palace followed the order strictly as no one wanted their fingers to be cut off .

Unfortunately, the King himself, accidentally used his finger to wipe off the chewed betel and stained a pillar in his palace.

Few days later the King noticed that the palace was being repainted to prepare for the arrival of a foreign diplomat. He asked why the Palace was being repainted.

Everybody kept quiet as they did not know how to answer the King’s question. Then a brave staff of the palace answered that the culprit was the King himself. To prove his point, he showed a detailed ” date, and time” record of the incident.

The King immediately took his sword out of the sheath and cut off his finger in front of the shocked Palace Staff.


According to the Burmese Historian U Pho Kyar, there is a statue of a King in a place called Laung Kyet in Burma. The statue’s hand had only four fingers, which strongly suggests that it was King Min Htee.

This blogger’s point here is that the old Burmese kings kept their Vow, and left a legacy in history. What about our new king in Nay Pyi Daw ? Does he keep his Vow?

Sit Mone

(Sorry, kindly forgive me for reprinting. I tried to edit but  failed)


Myanmar Tatmadaw Junta Generals are NOTORIOUS for failing to keep their promises.

I don’t think Than Shwe is better than Ne Win and Saw Maung.

I hope they  all would keep their promises to meet at HELL to form and lead the Veteran Myanmar Tatmadaw Association in Hell!

Another brave poet of Burma arrested

Another brave poet of Burma arrested

Posted on January 23, 2008 by Sit Mone



A well known Burmese poet, Saw Wai was arrested by Burmese Military Intelligence this afternoon for writing a poem, which was published in Love Journal.

He has composed a poem “December 14th” for Valentine Day. However Burmese people unlocked the message of this brave poet, and The Love Journal was selling like hot cakes.

The secret is by reading the every beginning letter of the each sentence of his short poem,

(Arnar ,= Power,

Yuu = Crazy, Foolish,

Gyi = Big,

Mhu, Gyi, Than, Shwe = General Than Shwe)

the words become

Power Crazy, Foolish Senior General Than Shwe!

Initial news from the local sources said he was in hiding. However according to DVB, he was arrested this afternoon and may face the severe punishment.

The Love Journal editor is a controversial pro junta journalist Myat Khine. Myat Khine is hated by most of the Burmese for publishing pro junta articles in his journals and Magazine.

Few months ago, another pro junta Magazine Myanmar Times has published an advertisement,with hidden message seems to be in Dutch;which actually spelled “Killer Than Shwe”

Source DVB

This blogger found out that story of the brave poet of Burma has published in the  BBC World News  .

 Sit Mone