My Islam articles in Muslim Wiki 

  1. History of arrival of Islam in Burma/Myanmar
  2. Persecution of Muslims in Myanmar
  3. U Razak
  4. U Shwe Yoe
  5. Ba Shin
  6. Panthay (Burmese Chinese Muslims).
  7. Burmese Indian Muslims
  8. Pashu
  9. Mosques in Burma
  10. Ko Mya Aye

Articles I have authored, started or expanded on Wikipedia

  1.  Islam in Myanmar
  2. Talk:Islam in Myanmar
  3. Burmese Indians
  4. Talk:Burmese Indians
  5. Indians in Burmese History
  6. Origin of Burmese Indians
  7. Panthay
  8. Myanmar Indian Muslims
  9. Famous Burmese Muslims. Renamed as, “List of Burmese Muslims”
  10. Ba Shin
  11.  Persecution of Muslims in Myanmar
  12. History of arrival of Islam in Burma/Myanmar
  13. Burma Muslim Congress
  14. Burmese Malay Muslims
  15. Talk:Burmese Malay Muslims
  16. U Shwe Yoe
  17. Razali Ismail. Corrected the specific position as the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy to Myanmar.
  18. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi . Just corrected the proper usage of honorific title from YB to YAB and erased the unnecessary and inappropriate usage of enchick at one place.
  19. Ko Mya Aye

My Islam articles in this webpage_

  1. Islam in Myanmar; Burmese Muslim Personalities and References (English article) View
  2. Islam in Myanmar; Demographics, Religion and society (English article) View
  3. Islam in Myanmar; Contents and History (English article) View
  4. Burmese Indians Muslims ; Language Part 3 (English article) View
  5. Burmese Indians Muslims ; Culture (English article) View
  6. Burmese Indians Muslims  (English article) View
  7. Panthay; Burmese Chinese Muslims (English article) View
  8. Panthay; Burmese Chinese Muslims, Latest diaspora Part 2 (English article) View
  9. Myanmar Malay Muslims (E)  View 
  10. Muslims in Union of Myanmar (E)  View 
  11. We are all Burmese in our heart (English article) View
  12. We also Love Burma, part 1 (Burmese translation) View
  13. We also Love Burma, part 2 (Burmese translation)View
  14. UNITED WE STAND, divided we loose (English article)View
  15. Advising OIC to re-brand and repackage the image of Islam (English article) View
  16. General Aung San’s Acceptance of migrants as brethren (in English) View
  18. Famous Burmese Muslims (in English) View
  19. Ko Mya Aye, Burmese Muslim 88 Students Group Leader (E)   View 
  20. U Shwe Yoe (English article) View
  21. U Razak (English article)View
  22. Colonel Ba Shin (English article)View
  23. A Burmese Muslim Democracy Activist  (Burmese) View  
  24. Persecution of Muslims in Myanmar (in English) View
  25. Interview with Chairman of Global Peace Malaysia (English) View
  26. A STUDY OF ISLAMIC ARAKAN COINAGE (English article)View
  27. Peek into your mirrors before calling Kala, Kala Dain or Kala Pyet (English article) View
  28. League of Islamic Ulama’s call to support monks’ protest (English article) View
  30. Self-improvement and preparations for the future success(E)[279]
  31. Common virtues of Buddhism and Islam(E)[280]
  32. Power of the powerless(E)[281]
  33. Rohingya refugees’ dilemma remains unsolved (E) View
  34. Complaining about unfair attitude towards Religious Minorities (English article)View
  35. Photos of Anti-Muslim Riots in Bago/Pegu (E)  View  
  36. HUMAN RIGHTS in Islam, Chapter One (English article) View
  37. BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, CHAPTER TWO (English article) View
  38. Respect for the Chastity of Women (English article) View
  39. The Right to a Basic Standard of Life (English article) View
  40. Individual’s Right to Freedom (English article) View
  41. Justice 7. Equality of Humans 8. The Right to Co-operate or Not to (English article) View
  42. Chapter 3: Rights of citizens in an Islamic State (English article) View
  43. Ch 3:2 Honour, 3:3 Private Life Sanctity & Security (English article) View
  44. Ch 3:4 The Security of Personal Freedom (English article) View
  45. Ch 3:5 Tyranny, 6 Freedom of Expression & 7 Association (English article) View
  46. Ch 3:8 Conscience, Conviction, 9 Religious Sentiments, 10 Imprisonment (English article) View
  47. Ch 3:11. The Right to Basic Necessities of Life (English article) View
  48. Ch 3: 12 Equality Before Law, Ch 3:13 Rulers Not Above the Law (English article) View
  49. Human Rights in Islam Ch 3:14 Avoid Sin, 15 Right to Affairs of State (English article) View
  50. Ch 4: Rights of enemy soldiers and non-combatants at war (English article)View
  51. Rights and moral conducts of the Muslims (English article) View
  52. An Introduction to Islam:Fundamental beliefs and practices (English article)View
  53. The qualities of the Prophet (pbuh) (English article) View
  54.  Islamic practices Vs Islamic values(E)[272]
  55. Some Islamic values that rich muslim leaders try to ignore(E)[273]
  56. Last appeal letter to God(E)[274]
  57. Justice in Islam (E) View
  58. Universal mercy or loving kindness (E) View
  59. Hurriedly fulfilling our duties (E)  View
  60. Thailand treated the Burmese Muslims refugees better than all the other Muslim governments (E)  View  
  61. The Role of Muslims in Burma’s Democracy Movement (English article) View
  62. Myanmar’s Muslim sideshow (English article) View
  63. THE SITUATION OF MUSLIMS IN BURMA (English article) View
  64. Easy Targets: The Persecution of Muslims in Burma (English article) View
  66. The Outsiders: Burmese Muslims (English article) View
  67. Some Myanmar’s Muslim organisations, Liberated Area (E)  View 
  68. The Role of Muslims in Burma’s Democracy Movement (Burmese translation) View  


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