My favourite DREAMS

My favourite



  1. Dreamer of the day (E)  View 
  2. Dreams give us hope (E)  View 
  3. Children of the Dream(E)[275] 
  5. I DREAMT OF POPE VISITING MYANMAR (English article) View 
  6. Winter dreams of unfinished painting! (English article) View
  7. I dream of speaking with DSAI, former D.P.M. of Malaysia Part I (E) View
  8. Dreaming an interview with DSAI or Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim Part II (E) View 
  9. My day dream of speaking with former Deputy Prime Minister III (E) View
  10. Dream Interview with DSAI Part IV (E) View
  11. 1001 Malaysia Nights – DSAI interview Part V (E) View 
  12. Dream Interview VI, Rule of Law  (E) View 
  13. Dream Interview VII, Rule by Law (of the Jungle)  (E) View  


One Response

  1. Dr. Zafar,

    I’m contacting you from YB Khairy’s office. In light of your attempts to contact YB Khairy for an interview, may I request that you email me brief details of your interest to meet him. Thanks.


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