My favourite e-mails & comments

My favourite e-mails & comments 

Written by Freedom Pursuer, July 08, 2009 in Malaysian Insider
Well say! Dr Zafar, i think you some intellictual or elite politician behind your nickman..and you thorough research on the topic is impressive.. i am chinese, but i dun defence PRC just because they are chinese, because PRC is very different from Oversea chinese, i called myself Malaysian, saya anak bangsa Malaysia, i am born here and i will bury myself here…

Freedom Pursuer

Dear Ko San,

                     Thank you very much for your articles, English and Burmese. 

                       I saw a very comprehensively compiled list of your BD and Wikipedia articles on the blog.  

                      You’ve written a very amazingly large number and large variety of articles. Great! Three Cheers :-)))  



(Note: Dr Tayza is the Chief Editor and publisher of the Burma Digest)


2. on July 31, 2007 at 3:53 am1 c

Dear Dr. San Oo Aung,
                                      I enjoy reading your articles on this website. I’m an American journalist who recently wrote a cover story for the LA Weekly on the topic of human trafficking and how it is related to the the drug and uranium trade in Burma.                                    

                                    I thought you might be interested in reading and/or posting it.

All best, Christine

Here’s the link:

Dec 3, 12:43 AM —

3. Cosmic Whale | | | IP:

It made my heart happy to read those Quran quotes.

I’m a very-believing Catholic and when I read things like these I think our religions really are very similar.

Muslim terrorists make Islam seem like it’s based on violence and fear, but I suppose when these people kill and terrorize they aren’t really following their religion.

I should educate myself more on Islam. You’ve inspired me to.

P.S: I could only read the concepts on the front page of your blog. On this page they do not appear. Just thought I’d let you know; you might want to solve that :3.

Oct 13, 6:37 PM

4. Sit Mone | | |

Thought provoking article about the dooms day of Tamadaw. Tamadaw dooms day is very very soon.

sit mone

5. backhandpath | | IP:

Hi. I have enjoyed your blog and insights into the Burmese Muslim view. I yearn to learn as much as possible about all of Burma’s wonderful people. I know very little of Muslims, given the stilted view of Allah (blessings) that we get here in the US. Thank you for helping me understand more by your compassionate example.

I posted your latest on the Burma News Ladder, where I am an editor.

Please make sure to page back through the articles as so many are posted so often that they tend to push each other back through the pages.
Join up as it is easy and start posting articles. We need more Burmese on the Ladder.

Please consider placing the Burma News Ladder onto your list of Burma news links. Nearly the largest single location on the Web for Burma News, it is a reader driven, human aggregated site for all news and blog info on Burma. We are working hard to make sure Burma stays in the news.

Thanks you again for your hard work to Free Burma.
Blessings to you and yours.

Thank you.

Patrick Mosolf |

Recently I have written a few articles about Burma/ Myanmar. In the most recent I discuss an article suggesting that the US invade Myanmar militarily.

I am wondering if you think the Burmese people would welcome such an invasion or whether you think they would not like it and resent it much the same way that the Iraqis do.

Good luck with your blog!

From Myanmar army looting and robbing people, 2008/05/25 at 12:28 AM


kjqh |

thank you very much! this info is just what i was looking for. i have been browsing websites about the current status of Myanmar’s higher education and i couldn’t pass through most of the sites. the websites for universities were dull and not very helpful. though i got information that Myanmar now has more than 100 Universities, i sense that something smells fishy. thanks for letting me see what’s behind the “curtain”.

From A Peep behind the Curtain of Myanmar Education System, 2008/05/22 at 4:44 PM

jdw2000 |

I wrote a related blog entry on this several days ago but directed toward the UN. I wrote:

Ban Ki-moon’s statement on the tragedy in Rwanda is applicable to this situation:

“As we attempt to learn the lessons of the genocide in Rwanda, two messages should be paramount. First, never forget. Second, never stop working to prevent another genocide.

Our thoughts go to the victims — the more than 800,000 innocent people who lost their lives with terrifying speed. Our thoughts go to the survivors. Their resilience continues to inspire us. It is the responsibility of us all to support them in rebuilding their lives. How different it would have been, had we, the international community, acted properly at the proper time.”

Please take a look and tell me what you think:

From NATO should not practice: No Action Talk Only in Burma, 2008/05/18 at 11:41 PM

kitsiri1985 |

This news is very awful. It had so dead people. I don’t accept with the management of Myanmar government. They didn’t alarm announcement to their people. This fallibility pose for the people didn’t wary from this disaster. I saw pictures from the other link. It’s had young people to dead. The Myanmar government should be manage the passage of their country more than bind up in the control of politics. I will pray to this people. It will make them heavenwards.

From Death toll from Cyclone Nargis’ aftermath may be alarmingly high, 2008/05/14 at 4:57 AM

helpmyanmar |

It’s really a tragedy, and there are hundreds of similar impromptu camps all around Yangon and the Delta.

From Heartbreaking video-links of Cyclone Nargis, 2008/05/13 at 6:49 PM

whatsyrproblem |

The nightmare these poor people are living is appalling. To already have such a hard life, and then to have this top it off. When disasters this size happen, seems no one is prepared at all, no matter what country. But more so in a country like this.

From Preventing disease outbreaks is ‘race against time’ for cyclone victims in Myanmar, 2008/05/11 at 5:31 PM

jonolan | |

Ah yes, the thugs, murderers and rapists who currently rule Myanmar are than willing to accept any money or goods that anyone wants to send them. There just not willing to accept any foreign aid workers at all to help with the distribution of such goods.

Is anyone from a civilized country willing to believe that these felons and bandits are going to actually provide aid to their hostages? They’ll just support their cronies and sell the rest.

From Official: Myanmar accepts US humanitarian aid, 2008/05/10 at 1:27 AM

eurekatraveler |

hello. i’am an indonesian. me and my friend, stiill waitin for visa to fo to myanmar, to help in disaster area. acoording to the plan, we try to help for moslems victims. can you give us an information about it. and can you tell us about an organization that need a volunteer?

please lt us know, immediatly



From Islam in Myanmar; Contents and History, 2008/05/07 at 3:31 PM

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