Twenty years on, Burma’s opposition lacks unity

WHILE the whole world is busy watching the Beijing Olympics, many Burmese are preparing for the 20th anniversary of the August 8, 1988 uprising, or “8888”. But the question now is how many Burmese can seriously review this journey of 20 years and the goals of the democracy movement? There is no sign of any big ceremony inside the country as all key members of the 88 Generation Student Group, including Min Ko Naing, are in jail.

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Soldiers told the time is right to topple junta

June 21, 2008 03:54am

BURMA is awash with rumours of a national uprising on August 8.

The day represents 8808 and is a significant number in a country driven by numerology and astrology. Flyers being distributed inside Burma appeal to the foot soldiers of the military junta to turn on their overseers. The date is strategic because the Olympic Games opens in Beijing on that day. This links with efforts by American activists to make the Olympics a focal point of protests against oppression in Burma.

The US Campaign For Burma wants to rally one million citizens around the world to boycott television broadcasts of the Olympics unless China ends its support for Burma’s military regime. The 8808 appeal is a powerful message for dispossessed and poorly paid Burmese soldiers working in hostile environments.

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8.8.08 – Don’t Watch the Olympics

8.8.08 – Don’t Watch the Olympics