Playing for human rights at Beijing

Playing for human rights at Beijing

Malaysiakini article by Vaclav Havel, Desmond Tutu et al | Aug 8, 08

beijing olympic games bird nest stadium with military personnal looking at fireworks display 040808VÁCLAV HAVEL is a former president of the Czech Republic, DESMOND TUTU is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, WEI JINGSHENG is an activist in the Chinese democracy movement, most prominent for authoring the document ‘Fifth Modernisation’ on the ‘Democracy Wall’ in Beijing in 1978 , ANDRÉ GLUCKSMANN is a philosopher and essayist.

The selection of Beijing to organise and host the 2008 Olympic Games was accompanied by the Chinese government’s pledges of visible progress on respect for human rights.

beijing olympics stadiumWe understood these as a condition whose fulfillment the International Olympic Committee would demand.

That is how this year’s Olympics could contribute to a greater openness and respect for international standards of human rights and liberties in the host country.


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Remember 8888 on 888


Source Burma Digest

For the 888 DAY of Civil Disobedience

For the 888 DAY of Civil Disobedience

_ By Shwe Ba of BURMA DIGEST

During 8888 movement in 1988, we achieved some success. But the much anticipated 9999 movement in 1999 just fizzled out. The uprising we hoped for on 666 in 2006 also never materialized. Dr Salai Tun Than’s call for the idea of civil disobedience and much hyped home return was also squashed. We missed the opportunity to up rise and throw out the military rulers during the Depaying Incident. God forbade, if they do any thing bad on our leaders or even if bad things accidentally happens, we must prepare to mobilize the whole population to over-throw this SPDC military Government.

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