Spirit of University Student Union will last forever

Spirit of University Student Union will last forever

Seal of Yangon University

Our Historic Thit Poke Pin can stand against cyclone



Symbol of Student resistant in Rangoon University curiously survive the onslaught of the Cyclone Nargis. Almost all the young, old, small, big trees in Yangon fell. But this seemingly DEAD, fragile, big  old tree, which is long regarded as the symbol of the University Students’ resistance against the successive Myanmar Military rulers remarkably withstand the biggest, strongest and most powerful Cyclone.

Rangoon University Students Union, RUSU

 The political movement and the struggle for national liberation have a unique character in Burma as the students were always seen as the mobilizing force at the forefront of the struggle for freedom of Burma. The student movement is inseparable from the historic struggle for Burma’s independence from both colonial power and dictatorship. Continue reading