8888 from Sitmone

Twenty Years ago..

There was No Internet

There were No Cell Phones..             

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THAUNG HTUN: 888 has dark significance in Yangon

THAUNG HTUN: 888 has dark significance in Yangon


Dr Thaung Htun is the representative for United Nations Affairs with the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma, Myanmar’s government-in-exile

WE could all appreciate the cute symmetry of 08-08-08. But Friday’s Olympic opening ceremony was poorly timed. Aug 8, 1988 — “08-08-88” — was the date of a brutal crackdown in Myanmar, which killed some 3,000 people, mostly students and monks, and is a deep notch marking Myanmar’s descent into hell since the military coup in 1962.

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Burma’s democratic revolution

Arrests on 8-8-88 anniversary in Burma

48 activists were arrested for a protest march marking 20 years since the army crushed an “8-8-88” democracy uprising with the loss of an estimated 3,000 lives

The group of mainly young men in t-shirts bearing the numbers 8-8-88 a reference to the Aug. 8, 1988 nationwide revolt staged a silent walk through the northwest town of Taunggok before being stopped by a police barricade.

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Twenty years on, Burma’s opposition lacks unity

WHILE the whole world is busy watching the Beijing Olympics, many Burmese are preparing for the 20th anniversary of the August 8, 1988 uprising, or “8888”. But the question now is how many Burmese can seriously review this journey of 20 years and the goals of the democracy movement? There is no sign of any big ceremony inside the country as all key members of the 88 Generation Student Group, including Min Ko Naing, are in jail.

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Remember 8888 on 888


Source Burma Digest

For the 888 DAY of Civil Disobedience

For the 888 DAY of Civil Disobedience

_ By Shwe Ba of BURMA DIGEST

During 8888 movement in 1988, we achieved some success. But the much anticipated 9999 movement in 1999 just fizzled out. The uprising we hoped for on 666 in 2006 also never materialized. Dr Salai Tun Than’s call for the idea of civil disobedience and much hyped home return was also squashed. We missed the opportunity to up rise and throw out the military rulers during the Depaying Incident. God forbade, if they do any thing bad on our leaders or even if bad things accidentally happens, we must prepare to mobilize the whole population to over-throw this SPDC military Government.

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Encounters with the Media(BEYOND 1988 — REFLECTIONS)


Saturday, May 3, 2008<!– , –>

Camp Thay Baw Boe, March 1989—January 1990: A shout echoed through the jungle’s morning stillness and woke me up, as if from a dream. I looked around, dazed and trying to fathom out what it was. I felt a surge of anxiety that perhaps the tree trunks buried in earth and being burnt for charcoal had turned to ashes.

If that was the case, all the hard work we had put in the day before, and my all-night vigil over the control-fire would been rendered useless, and I would be blamed for not doing my job properly.

To my relief, I saw that the charcoal fire was still burning slowly. I heard another shout; someone was calling my name. I shouted back grumpily, acknowledging the caller. Then I heard someone stepping over dry twigs and leaves on the forest floor. I turned and saw Myo Nyunt from our house. Continue reading

88 Generation Burmese Activists – 8888 – 19 Years – Part 2

8888 Recall(Part I)

All Burma Federation of Student Unions Song

8.8.08 – Don’t Watch the Olympics

8.8.08 – Don’t Watch the Olympics

8888 ‘s memories

8888 uprising documentary Part 2