Are the Natural Disasters Wrath of Allah ?

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Are the Natural Disasters Wrath of Allah ? From Kyaw Kyaw Oo’s Words of Love

This post is response to those who are accusing Islam as the religion of Angry God.Talking about recent flood disaster in Pakistan,some claimed that Muslims do not wish to help their brothers who are facing great natural disaster.

*(Saudi Arabia donated 44 Million USD, Turkey donated 11MillionUSD, and most Muslim volunteers worked without talking much!).Some of them started blaming Islam as a religion that taught natural disasters as a punishment from God to Muslims. That is the reason why most Muslims do not help their brothers who are being punished by the God, they said. And that is the reason why I write this post.

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Eid present: Watch and Listen during Eid

Eid Mubarak

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     Watch and Listen during Eid

‘Eid blessings to all! May Allah bless us with His mercy!

‘Eid Song by Sami Yusuf

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From Burma Digest 


Muslim Doah Prayers by Maulana Hafiz Abdullah (one of my numerous pseudonyms)

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful- – –
Praise be to Allah, The Lord of the Universe,
The Possessor of the Day of Judgment.
We worship only You and we seek Your help only.
Ya Allah, please kindly guide all of our Burmese citizens from this deep darkness into light, into the Straight safe Path. The Path of those on whom You have bestowed Your Mercy.
Oh Allah, we, Burmese citizens are weak and have no power to fight back or resist the cruel, unjust present military leaders. Give enlightenment, repentance and redemption to all of us including our enemy, the present rulers. Please kindly change and soften the heart of the present leaders to give way for the new and better government.
Ya Allah, please kindly remove the oppressors and relieve all of us from the inhumane present government. Please replace them with the kindhearted new government who would rule Burma with justice, fairness and according to the written laws without any bias or corruption.
Oh Allah, please kindly heal our diseases and our wounds. The whole Burma is now infested with physical diseases, mental deteriorations and we are facing the manmade and natural disasters one after another. Economy and business are going downwards steeply but our earning power is low, inflation is out of control and commodity prices are rising daily. Some of us have even loss our jobs. Please have Mercy on all of us, protect us from all the dangers, disasters including the long protracted civil war and restore unity and peace among all of us. Please soften our hardened hearts to love and respect each other to be able to live happily together.
Dear Allah, kindly release Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, all the political leaders and all the political prisoners of Burma. Kindly restore their mental and physical strength to lead our country into a new progressive era.
Please forgive all of us from all the major and small sins, the sins we knowingly committed and accidentally committed. .Yah Allah, give all of our citizens: peace, health, wealth, unity and loving kindness. Because of the incompetent and corrupt military rulers, all of us are poor, downtrodden and looked down by the whole world. Have mercy on all of us, give us hope and elevate the status of all of us. Please grant us success in each and every field we have tried and even we haven’t or could not try or imagine yet.
Maulana Hafiz Abdullah
On behalf of the expatriate Burmese Muslim Religious leaders.


Christian Prayers

Burma has suffered long under an authoritarian regime which has maintained strict control over democratic and human rights. The struggle continues but it is essential that there be prayer, vigils and services for a peaceful resolution of this long running situation. I support the efforts of people of all spiritual traditions to counter violence with a loving determination that flows from our relationship with God and respect for all God’s people.

Paul Reeves

Former Anglican Archbishop of New Zealand

“The Karen, Karreni and other ethnic groups have suffered long. Please grant an end to this suffering and a just peace.”
Dr Patrick Sookhdeo.
International Bible Teacher and expert on Islam.
Director of the Barnabus Fund.

“Heavenly Father, creator of the world and of each and every human being in the nation of Burma, we pray that you would set the people free. We pray for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the National League for Democracy, that you would give them strength, health, wisdom, guidance and renewed courage. We pray for the prisoners, that you would bring an end to their torture and give them strength to endure it while it lasts. We pray for the internally displaced people and the refugees, that the days of burning villages, rape, forced labour, forced relocation, the use of human minesweepers and killings would end, and that they could live in their homes in peace and in freedom. We pray for the child soldiers – that you would give them back their liberty and their childhood. We pray for all the ethnic groups in Burma, that they may be united in diversity – Burman and Karen, Karenni, Shan, Chin, Mon, Kachin, Arakan, Rohingya, Lisu, Lahu and all the people of Burma. And we pray for the SPDC – that you, the God of miracles, would do the seemingly impossible and reach into their hearts, open their eyes and their minds, and help them to stop their brutality and to enter into meaningful change. We pray that you would heal the nation of Burma, and set the captives free.”
Ben Rogers,
Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Jewish Prayer

The following is a Prayer for Peace that is traditionally included in the Shabbat (Saturday) service. It is chanted together and a lovely prayer, drawn as most prayers in Judaism, from Biblical sources. May these words come true: _
May we see the day when war and bloodshed cease
when a great peace will embrace the whole world
Then nation shall not threaten nation
and humankind will not again know war.
For all who live on earth shall realize
we have not come into being to hate or destroy
We have come into being
to praise, to labour and to love.
Compassionate God, bless all the leaders of all nations
with the power of compassion.
Fulfill the promise conveyed in Scripture:
“I will bring peace to the land,
and you shall lie down and no one shall terrify you.
I will rid the land of vicious beasts
and it shall not be ravaged by war.”
Let love and justice flow like a mighty stream.
Let peace fill the earth as the waters fill the sea.
And let us say: Amen

Jewish, Christian and Muslim Prayers for Peace
Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) is considered as the patriarch of Jews, Christians and Muslims. Therefore, the people who believe in these three monotheistic faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) share many fundamental beliefs and concepts. On this page, we have presented prayers for peace from the Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions. We hope that these will generate inner peace within you, as well as bring peace to Burma.

Prayer to Lord Shiva (Hindu God) for Burma
Shiva is commonly known as the God of Destruction in Hinduism, but it is more appropriate to call Shiva the God or Regeneration. For while Shiva does have aspects of destruction to his character, he is also associated with procreation (the Shiva Lingam is a phallic representation of his creative powers).
But Shiva has different aspects that appear at different times. He is often depicted purely as the destroyer, and will appear as a naked ascetic accompanied by demons, encircled with serpents and necklaces of skulls. Sometimes Shiva wanders into crematoriums, smears his body with ash and dances in the light of the funeral pyres, reminding all about the transitory nature of material things.
Sometimes the creative force of Shiva is depicted, and in particular Shiva is represented by a phallus, known as the linga. Infertile women will pray to this representation in hopes of bearing children. Other times Shiva is seen as the god of meditation and asceticism. He will be depicted sitting cross-legged with his eyes half-closed.
Another common form is that of Shiva Nataraja. This is Shiva engaged in a cosmic dance, as seen in the brass statue above. It is believed that the energy from this dance sustains the cosmos, and when Shiva is finished with this dance, this universe will end and a new one will begin.
As mentioned above, Shiva is thought of as the God of Regeneration, too, and snakes are often associated with Shiva, since they are able to regenerate their skins by discarding their old ones. In ancient times people thought that the snakes were “reborn” when they had discovered discarded snake skins and could see trails in the sand where the snake had happily slithered away. Likewise, in southern India, deer are associated with Shiva because their antlers re-grow after falling out.
A simple prayer to Shiva would be “Om Namo Shivaye”. The word Om is sacred in Hinduism and is found at the start of prayers. The word Amen in Christian prayers is derived from it. Another longer prayer to Shiva is as follows:
Glory to you, O Shiva! Glory to you, O Omkaara! May Brahma, Vishnu and the assembly of other gods, including the great Lord Shiva, relieve Burma of all afflictions!