Rumors of New Catastrophe Sweep Rangoon


Monday,June 16,2008

Now all hope of humanitarian intervention in Burma’s cyclone-devastated regions has vanished, rumors of another imminent natural catastrophe are sweeping Rangoon.

In the weeks following the cyclone, as US, British and French ships loaded with aid stood ready in international waters off Burma, many were certain that the three Western powers would decide to launch unilateral relief operations. Rumors spread widely that help was on its way. Continue reading

A Letter from Barack Hussein Obama and half-past-six Burma

A Letter from Barack Hussein Obama

and half-past-six Burma 

  • Originally by_ Dr Azly Rahman
  • I copied from the website of_ DYMM Raja Petra   
  • Based on that core, I have added alot of my remarks and facts about Burma.
  • This is what I will bring to the office of the Presidency of the United States . I will deal with Muslims from a position of familiarity and respect and at this time in the history of our nation that is something sorely needed.

    Even the Burmese opposition leaders and activists wish to maintain the status quo with the excuse of secularism, even refused to allow the Muslims to highlight their sufferings, Racial Discriminations and Religious Suppressions.

    The Muslim heritage of my family

    Barack Hussein Obama

    There has been a lot made in the recent weeks about the Muslim history of my family. Some of the things that have been said are true, others are false, so I am writing this letter to clear up the misunderstandings on this issue.

    Yes, it is true that I have a name that is common amongst Kenyan Muslims where my father came from and that my middle name is Hussein. Barack is a name which means “blessing” and Hussein is a masculine form of the word beauty. 

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Greatest Dreamer who exposed the British nuclear secret

 Greatest Dreamer

who exposed the

British nuclear secret

The fantastic story of a reporter’s dream that helped to reveal Britain’s secret nuclear weapons test in 1974, was revealed in the official documents made public for the first time. 


Prime Minister Harold Wilson tried his best to prevent news of the test in Nevada leaking out. He only told three Cabinet colleagues about that test to upgrade Polaris at a US underground facility in the Nevada desert.

But UKPM Wilson was forced to admit about that secret in Parliament after the veteran Daily Express reporter Chapman Pincher learned about it in a dream. Then prime minister Harold Wilson strived to keep secret the test in the Nevada desert in the United States that May, but his efforts were foiled by the unorthodox reporting methods of Daily Express journalist Chapman Pincher.

Senior Foreign Office official Crispin Tickell wrote in a memorandum to No 10: “He had been on a fishing holiday in Scotland. One morning at breakfast he said that he had had a particularly vivid nightmare about a nuclear explosion which he was sure was British.

“His companions told him that he was obsessed and should get back to his fishing. He duly did so for three days but on his return to London he rang up his friends in the Ministry of Defence with some such questions as: `What was all this about a British nuclear test?’

When Pincher rang the Ministry of Defence, the answers he received were, he said, equivocal enough to convince him that he was on the right track. He then wrote his article.”

“Against extra-sensory perception and the best contacts in Whitehall, I feel that we are powerless,” commented a Foreign Office official in a memo to Downing Street released in the files.

The only mistake he made was to report that the test was about to take place, when it had already done so.

His article caused uproar in Parliament and Wilson was forced to come to the House to admit what had happened. What Wilson made of Tickell’s account is not recorded. Pincher’s dream may have been an elaborate smokescreen by the Express to protect his real source.

Wilson had been particularly anxious to avoid announcing the test, as it was part of a secret programme to upgrade Britain’s Polaris nuclear missiles. Only three other members of the Cabinet – Foreign Secretary James Callaghan, Defence Secretary Roy Mason and Chancellor Denis Healey – had been let into the secret.

Cabinet Secretary Sir John Hunt was sent to Washington to urge US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to keep the test secret, in contravention of normal US practice.

The document was released by the National Archives in Kew, west London, under laws which allow official papers to be made public after 30 years.

“Mr Pincher remains the greatest reporter/journalists in history.”