Cyclone: Buddhist chief appeals to Burma junta

Cyclone: Buddhist chief appeals to Burma junta

Malaysiakini news May 9, 08 3:04pm

The leader of Malaysia’s Buddhists today urged Burma to allow foreign aid workers to enter the reclusive nation after a cyclone left tens of thousands dead and more than a million homeless.

burma myanmar cyclone typhoon catastrophe 070508 03Tropical cyclone Nargis hit Burma over the weekend, leaving at least 63,000 dead or missing, although aid workers and embassy officials say the death toll could top 100,000.

But the mainly Buddhist country’s reclusive military rulers have said they were not ready to allow in foreign relief workers.

“We are really appealing to the Burma government to let foreign aid workers to help them because it has nothing to do with politics,” Buddhist High Priest of Malaysia Reverend K Sri Dhammaratana told AFP.

“This is purely on humanitarian grounds and it is an urgent need. The longer they wait and stall, things are going to get worse and unmanageable,” he said.

Vulnerable to disease and starvation

reverend k sri dhammaratana buddhist high priest‘s plea comes amid international pressure to allow experts into the isolated nation where cyclone survivors are becoming increasingly vulnerable to the spread of disease and starvation.

Burma’s junta has said the country needed outside aid but would deliver it itself.

“Without thinking about politics, the junta should allow whoever who comes to offer help to support the victims,” Dhammaratana said, after launching a fund raising drive for cyclone victims.

“We may face restraints in getting assistance across the borders but this will not hamper our efforts to jointly channel our donations to Burma,” he added.

Buddhist society here will be working with the Malaysia Red Crescent Society to bring the aid into Burma in the form of cash donations and other basic necessities, including emergency survival kits and water purifying tablets.

The United Nations estimates more than one million people have been left homeless by the disaster and, as each hour passes without clean water and food, they are at ever greater risk of starvation and the spread of disease.

Buddhists urged to pray for victims

Tuesday May 20, 2008

KUALA LUMPUR: Buddhists in Malaysia have been urged to pray for those suffering in China and Myanmar due to teh massive natural disasters which struck both countries recently.

Transport Minister Datuk Ong Tee Keat, who spoke Monday at the Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple in conjunction with Wesak Day, said it was the appropriate thing to do.

“While we may pray for ourselves, we must be mindful of the catastrophes that have hit these countries. We are duty-bound to make the world a better place so we must also try to help the people in these countries.”

Ong, who is MCA vice-president, also touched on religious equality and hoped that Malaysians would be able to create an environment where equality and harmony prevailed.

Religious fest: Ong (centre) with Sri Dhammaratana (left)and Ven. Ming Ji (right), chairman of the Malaysian Buddhist Association KL/Selangor division, at the launching of the Wesak Float Monday.

“It is always easier said than done but if everyone works together, it is achievable,” he said.

He added that Buddhists had also played their role in national development.

Ong later lit a candle together with Chief High Priest of Malaysia, Venerable K. Sri Dhammaratana Maha Nayaka Thera, and proceeded to light the float that led a procession.

Tibet revolts after Burma and bulletocracy of China

Tibet revolts after Burma

and bulletocracy of China

Posted  by Sit Mone capta0b8d421c54b4f29ba9557a64a825498aptopix_china_tibet_ny127.jpg

This AP photo shows a wounded demonstrator


A Tibetan monk pleads for mercy as the police arrested them during anti-China protests in front of the United Nations office in Kathmandu March 15, 2008.

REUTERS/Deepa Shrestha (NEPAL)


In this image made from video and provided by APTN, authorities walk down an avenue, Friday, March 14, 2008, in Lhasa, Tibet. Police fired tear gas to disperse Buddhist monks and others staging a second day of protests Saturday in western China in sympathy with anti-Chinese demonstrations in Lhasa, local residents said.

(AP Photo/APTN)

This blogger has decided not to write a post today as, he does not want to be in the list of blogoholic. However to day’s news of bulletocracy, given to Tibet people by Communist Chinese government brought this blogger’s hands back to the keyboard .

Coincidently, Aljazeera news has broadcasted the footage of Tibet people revolt against Chinese imperialist. Later, in another slot, Aljazeera brought this blogger back to Saffron revolution of Burma.

News from DVB said in Rangoon, there were several Military Trucks, Fire Engines, and Armored Personal Carriers, patrolling like war zone. News from Mizzima said there were Soldiers, police and Pro junta Thugs taking position in darkness of downtown Rangoon, until dawn.

That is not coincidence in this blogger’s opinion. Burmese Generals were sending troops not to protect Burmese people instead, flexing its military might to remind unarmed Burmese people not to start another revolution.

This blogger believes that Burmese Junta might know what was happening in Tibet earlier than press from special hot line from their Masters. China can not afford to take two revolts in its special autonomic territory, namely Tibet and Burma. So the Imperialist Government of China might have pulled the strings of it’s puppets in Nay Pyi Daw to crush the any possible revolution.

That is the reason why people of Rangoon are seeing Chinese made army trucks and APCs roaming in downtown Rangoon.

To prevent the outcry of International Community for action and inaction of Communist Government of China before Olympic is the most important priority . The solution from Chinese Communist Government and its puppets for those asking their freedom is bulletocracy.

Read the following excerpts from AP news

BEIJING – China ordered tourists out of Tibet’s capital Saturday while troops on foot and in armored vehicles patrolled the streets and confined government workers to their offices, a day after riots that a Tibetan exile group said left at least 30 protesters dead.

The demonstrations against Chinese rule of Tibet are the largest and most violent in the region in nearly two decades. They have spread to other areas of China as well as neighboring Nepal and India.

So Chinese Authority would make sure that it will not spread to Burma, which is still under watchful eyes of international community

Sit Mone

General Aung San’s speech to revolt against the Fascist military rulers

General Aung San’s speech

to revolt against the

Fascist military rulers

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