My comments posted on Tun Dr M’s, “THE RULE OF LAW”

Dr Mahathir Mohamad

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Assalamualaikum Tun,


TQ Tun again for the interview about Burma Politics granted to us. Tun’s wise third party vision and guidance are invaluable for us. But sadly Junta and opposition are not in a position for give-and-take policy for the benefit of the people. And both are keener to lord over the minority races and religious groups.


I am glad after reading Tun’s Rule of Law. I hope the present and future Malaysian governments would emphasize on amending or upgrading all the Laws, Rules and Regulations to be fair and give justice to all the citizens including all the foreigners here.


As a foreigner, when looking from our side, I feel that we are treated unfairly with xenophobic short sightedness here. It is even worse for the Burmese/Myanmars here because even Burmese Muslims are treated as 10th grade foreigners here. There is discrimination every where. We are not asking the privileges of the citizens but requesting to be treated equally as all other foreigners.


I hope Tun could push for the amendments of all the laws/rules/regulations/government circulars and orders to be written clearly so all the foreigners are treated equally.


We are pleased with Tun’s comments about ASEAN Charter’s Integration policy.


Thanking Your Honour

Yours Humbly



Dr San Oo Aung


Malaysia is a country which practices the rule of law. Our laws must cover every aspect of our societal life, so we will know exactly what we can do and what we cannot do. Prime Ministers in particular must have everything spelt out for them in this respect. This will enable them to be charged if they had breached the rule of law long after they had retired.
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