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 Happy Union of Future Presidents



 Happy Birthday two Noble Prize winners




Congratulations Reincarnated-Devil Twin Dictators

for successfully DODGED the UNSC



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Oh Sansara ! This short period of happiness is followed by sad events and news

Oh Sansara !

This short period of happiness

is followed by sad events and news



Note for other readers, the following paragraph may be a big puzzle for all of you because it is meant as a message for my comrades. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Congratulations M&H for the releasing of the latest version of your series MH 4.4 (F) 0n 13 th Feb 2008

May I take this opportunity to wish many happy returns for_

SM, you got this 4.4 as someone to celebrate together.

I hope we would not forget that Bogyoke Aung San was born today.

Sir Done’s Paris Hilton  for yesterday.

Mrs Saphire Mone for next week event.

Future Dr House, (God willing) for another week event.

 Dear Nan TT for tomorrow Valentine’s Day.

We are sad to say but I hope M&H Corporation (S/Bhd) would be kind enough to provide all of us this MH 4.4 (F) as a replacement for the unfortunate 4/4 version.

Others born today_

1728 – John Hunter, Scottish surgeon (d. 1793) 

1974 – Robbie Williams, English singer

Others born  in February_

1st Feb 1901 Clark Gable
1st Feb 1931 Boris Yeltsin
1st Feb 1968 Lisa Marie Presley
2nd Feb 1944 Sir Andrew Davies
2nd Feb 1944 Geoffrey Hughes
2nd Feb 1947 Farah Fawcett
4th Feb 1902 Charles Lindberg
4th Feb 1915 Sir Norman Wisdom
4th Feb 1948 Alice Cooper
5th Feb 1952 Russell Grant
5th Feb 1962 Jennifer Jason Leigh
6th Feb 1665 Queen Anne of England
6th Feb 1924 Billy Wright
6th Feb 1911 Ronald Reagan
6th Feb 1919 Zsa Zsa Gabor
7th Feb 1812 Charles Dickens
8th Feb 1828 Jules Verne
8th Feb 1931 James Dean
8th Feb 1932 John Williams
9th Feb 1942 Carole King
9th Feb 1942 Ben E King
11th Feb 1917 Sidney Sheldon
11th Feb 1936 Burt Reynolds
11th Feb 1962 Sheryl Crow
11th Feb 1969 Jennifer Aniston
12th Feb 1809 Abraham Lincoln 13th Feb 1849 Lord Randolph Churchill
13th Feb 1938 Oliver Reed
13th Feb 1915 Lyle Bettger
13th Feb 1942 Peter Tork
13th Feb 1944 Stockard Channing
13th Feb 1944 Jerry Springer
13th Feb 1950 Peter Gabriel
13th Feb 1974 Robbie Williams
15th Feb 1907 Cesar Romero
15th Feb 1950 John Adams
16th Feb 1959 John McEnroe 17th Feb 1914 Arthur Kennedy 18th Feb 1952 Randy Crawford
18th Feb 1954 John Travolta
18th Feb 1960 Greta Scacchi
19th Feb 1939 Gwen Taylor
19th Feb 1960 HRH The Duke of York
20th Feb 1951 Gordon Brown
20th Feb 1966 Cindy Crawford
22nd Feb 1732 George Washington
22nd Feb 1857 Lord Baden Powell
22nd Feb 1933 The Duchess of Kent
22nd Feb 1974 Drew Barrymore
23rd Feb 1939 Peter Fonda 26th Feb 1802 Victor Hugo
26th Feb 1953 Michael Bolton
27th Feb 274 Constantine the Great
27th Feb 1932 Dame Elizabeth Taylor

28th Feb 1932 Brian Moore
28th Feb 1942 Brian Jones


Oh Sansara ! This short period of happiness

is followed by sad events and news:

I hope older generation Burmese could still remember the Academy winning, one of the most famous movies, “Bawa Sansara”, or The Wheel of Existence or life circle. (Director U Thu Kha, produced by Mandalay cinema (Mandalay Yoke Shin)

As long as karma is being generated, beings will continue to experience rebirth. 

We all must face_

  1. the ageing,
  2. contracting diseases
  3. and ultimate will die one day.

In life there are circles of times of_

  • happiness and sorrow,
  • success and failure,
  • famous and notorious,
  • the time to laugh and smile and the period of sorrow etc.

Samsāra, the Sanskrit and Pāli term for “continuous movement” or “continuous flowing” refers in Buddhism to the concept of_

  1. a cycle of birth (jāti)
  2. and consequent decay
  3. and death,

in which_

  • all beings in the universe participate
  • and which can only be escaped through enlightenment.

Samsāra is_

  • associated with suffering
  • and is generally considered the antithesis of nirvāna or nibbāna.

Which is greater_

  • the tears you have shed while transmigrating & wandering this long,
  • long time – crying & weeping from being joined with what is displeasing,
  • being separated from what is pleasing –
  • or the water in the four great oceans?

“The tears we have shed_

  • while transmigrating & wandering this long, long time –
  • crying & weeping from being joined with what is displeasing,
  • being separated from what is pleasing

– is much more than the water in the four great oceans.”

“Long have you (repeatedly) experienced the death of a mother.

The tears you have shed over the death of a mother while transmigrating & wandering this long, long time – crying & weeping is greater than the water in the four great oceans.

“Long have you (repeatedly) experienced_

  • the death of a father
  • the death of a brother…
  • the death of a sister…
  • the death of a son…
  • the death of a daughter…
  • loss with regard to relatives…
  • loss with regard to wealth…
  • loss with regard to disease.

The tears you have shed over loss with regard to disease while transmigrating & wandering this long, long time – crying & weeping is greater than the water in the four great oceans.

“Why is that? From an inconstruable beginning comes transmigration. A beginning point is not evident, though beings hindered by ignorance and fettered by craving are transmigrating & wandering on. Long have you thus

  • experienced stress,
  • experienced pain,
  • experienced loss,
  • swelling the cemeteries –

enough to become disenchanted with all fabricated things, enough to become dispassionate, enough to be released.” (Wiki Buddha)

But don’t despair, no need to totally abandon the earthly matters  to escape from all the sufferings. Please look  from the Islam Point of View regarding these_

  • Attaching no value to the world means attaching no undue value to others.
  • Attaching no value to others starts with attaching no undue importance to oneself.      Sufyan-i Savri

Reflection is the key that opens the door to mercy.

  • Do you not see?
  • One first reflects and then repents!   Sufyan ibn Uyayna
  • There are three indications of a person’s greatness:
  • not complaining in the face of calamity,
  • not groaning in the face of pain,
  • and not praising oneself.      Abu Darda

Believers are those who are aware that God is watching them.

  • Such servants restrain their desires and prepare themselves for the Hereafter.
  • The hijr, an obligation that lasts until Doomsday, is the road that leads from ignorance to knowledge, from forgetting Allah to seeking Him, from sin to obedience, and from obduracy to repentance. Sahl ibn Abdi’llah at-Tustari

Those who show_

  • patience when they cannot obtain something,
  • contentment when they achieve it,
  • and fortitude when they lose it are those who have heedfulness  Imam Ghazzali

One sign that the heart has died is not regretting advantages one has missed while feeling nothing for one’s evil deeds. Ibn `Ata’ Allah al-Iskandari

  • The world rules whoever loves and seeks it, and serves whoever abandons and denies it. The world is that which desires and that which is desired.
  • Whoever desires the world is rejected by it.
  • Whoever rejects the world is followed by it.
  • The world is a bridge over the road to the Hereafter.
  • Cross that bridge, but do not behave as if you will remain on it forever.
  • It is unwise to build palaces on bridges.
  • Take as much from the world as will lead you to the Hereafter, but leave behind that which will prevent you from entering it.      Yahya ibn Muadh

O Allah, I shelter behind you from all deeds that will displease you.

  • O Allah, I ask for the most essential, the most clean, and the honor You bestow.
  • O Allah, do not make me so busy that I fall into the forgetfulness of those who forget You.
  • May I be worthy of Your approval.
  • O Allah, make me a servant remembered only for loving You, hoping for nothing from his worship!
  • O Allah, fill my heart with joy from You, purify my tongue with Your Names, let my limbs labor on tasks You will find good and of which You will approve.
  • O Allah, eliminate all traces, memories, recollections, and feelings that are not of You!      Junayd al-Bagdadi

When you wish the doors of hope to be opened, remember the blessings you have received from Allah.

  • When you wish the doors of fear to be opened, look at what you have done for Him.
         Ibn `Ata’ Allah al-Iskandari
  • A perfected individual is one who tames one’s desires.
  •  Allah praises and elevates such a person through the tongues of His servants.      Abu’l Hassan Ali ibn Vafa

Do not fall into despair if blessings come late,

  • even though you keep asking for them,
  • because Allah has promised to heed prayers.
  • Yet the wish to be granted will be granted because He wishes it for you, not because you wish it for yourself.
         Ibn `Ata’ Allah al-Iskandari


Suddenly Lashio Thein Aung’s once famous song, “Pyaw lo’ ma sone_Pyone ma wa they khin”, meaning the time of happiness and smiles are cut shot before we finished enjoying them. . .

The time for Condolence came suddenly without invitation or notice.

I was talking to my cousin sister, Ma La Min, my aunt’s daughter, up to 3 AM. (I had never met her for a quarter of a century) She is a graduate Medical Doctor but had opened a computer shop, computer repair and internet cafe in Rangoon for a dozen of years. Now she got the Masters in Computing in Singapore and working as a IT Engineer there. When I slept, she stayed on to do internet chat.

And only in the morning I was informed by my wife that Ma La Min got the message of passing away of her beloved mother. (May Allah bless her soul, forgive her from all the sins and reward with the paradise. Kindly exempt her from all the punishment in her burial site, make her comfortable by allowing enough space, air etc.)

At the clinic I got the news about my two old regular patients, had passed away.

Mr Yellamalay son of Pavady (Hindi) and Mr S. Vethanayagam (Christian)

Although they were staying quite far from the clinics I worked, they used to search and follow me to any clinic I shifted. That goes on for 20 years and now they are no more. May God bless their souls?

Their wives and children came to my clinic and infront of all the patients that their husband/father was in other town visiting his birthplace after attending a wedding. They claim that if their late father was attended by me, he could be till alive. What a great compliment. But I told them that I would not be able to do so as it was fated. I am not god, don’t have any supernatural power, I my self is now suffering fro numerous diseases and I could not avoid death. 



 And I got the news of the assassination of the Karen National Union (KNU) general secretary Mahn Sha was gunned down in his home in Mae Sot, Thailand, Thursday afternoon by unknown assailants. Farewell Comrade, although we do not know each other, I regarded the KNU leaders as the Comrades who could understand the sufferings of fellow Burmese Muslims and because of their integrity, bravery and well disciplined rebel army.

Last of all my close friend (Pt. and husband) got a Fibroid with perimenopausal bleeding. I advised her to operate but she refused. (One local Paediatrician practicing traditional medicine advised her not to go for the hysterectomy or removal of the uteras.) Because of recurrent bleeding she came back for follow up. Now it is very big, grows rapidly and as I had suspected, turn out to be a Sarcoma, which is worse than Cancer and it spreads through blood, she is now sadly on Chemotherapy.

Seen a Burmese migrant worker_

  • amputated below both elbows after Industrial Accident,
  • denied compensation from the employer
  • and Insurance company refused to pay

dampens my heart. And he is now suffering from_

  • depression,
  • anger
  • and pain from PHATOM LIMBS. (Pain comming from the lost hands) I will try to help him and wish to write the details later.

Other minor cases of four dengue suspects within these two days and pt came back with the allergy to the medicine which I had given demolished my small amount of joy.

Oh Sansara ! The short period of joy

is followed by neverending arrocities for Burma 

On the 12 February 1974, all of us agreed and signed to the Panglong Agreement, which which give birth to Union of Burma combining the Lower Burma, Upper Burma, and the Frontier Areas, which had been administered separately by the British.

On the 19 July 1947, our beloved General Aung San was assassinated with most of his cabinet members.  On the 4 January 1948, we got independence and established the Democratic Union of Burma, with Sao Shwe Thaik as its first President and U Nu as its first Prime Minister.Eight months old INFANT INDEPENDENT BURMA plunged into an all out civil war.

  • Thakhin Soe’s Red Flag Communists had already started a rebellion,
  • the Rakhine nationalists led by the veteran monk U Seinda
  • the Mujahid Rakhine Muslims.
  • The PVO (People’s Volunteer Organisation) formed from the demobbed war veterans by Aung San as his own paramilitary force) had split into White-band and Yellow-band factions; the majority White-band PVO led by Bo La Yaung, a member of the Thirty Comrades, and Bo Po Kun, joined the insurrection in July.
  • The Karen National Union (KNU) rebelled at the end of January 1949

 The Army Chief of Staff Gen. Smith Dun, an ethnic Karen was replaced by General Ne Win who led a military coup d’état in 1962 .

The rest is the history of continuous raping of Myanmar Tatmadaw on Burma up to the present time.

BURMA’S KAMMA (or Kan in simple Burmese) is not good.

Bawa Zat Sayar or Director of Sansara (may be God) haven’t give a face to us.  

Why God! You have a heart to leave us all in Burma in the cold dark fate?

Please God, have mercy on all of us in Burma/Myanmar.

Please, please God, kindly help all of us out of this tragedy.

Please God, kindly remove the cold unkind hatred amongst all of us.

Please God, kindly change the heart of the Myanmar Military rulers, SPDC Generals starting from the Senior General Than Shwe.

Please God, please kindly guide all of our Burmese citizens from this deep darkness into light, into the Straight safe Path. The Path of those on whom You have bestowed Your Mercy.

Please God,  we, Burmese citizens are weak and have no power to fight back or resist the cruel, unjust present military leaders. Give enlightenment, repentance and redemption to all of us including our enemy, the present rulers.

Please kindly change and soften the heart of the present leaders to give way for the new and better government.

Please God,  may you kindly remove the oppressors and relieve all of us from the inhumane present government.

Please replace them with the kindhearted new government who would rule Burma with justice, fairness and according to the written laws without any bias or corruption.

Dear God, please kindly heal our diseases and our wounds. The whole Burma is now infested with physical diseases, mental deteriorations and we are facing the manmade and natural disasters one after another. Economy and business are going downwards steeply but our earning power is low, inflation is out of control and commodity prices are rising daily. Some of us have even lost our jobs.

Please God, Mercy on all of us, protect us from all the dangers, disasters including the long protracted civil war and restore unity and peace among all of us. Please soften our hardened hearts to love and respect each other to be able to live happily together.

Please God,  kindly release Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, all the political leaders and all the political prisoners of Burma.

Kindly restore their mental and physical strength to lead our country into a new progressive era.

Dear God, please forgive all of us from all the major and small sins, the sins we knowingly committed and accidentally committed.

Please God, give all of our citizens: peace, health, wealth, unity and loving kindness. Because of the incompetent and corrupt military rulers, all of us are poor, downtrodden and looked down by the whole world.

Dear God, please kindly have mercy on all of us, give us hope and elevate the status of all of us.

Please grant us success in each and every field we have tried and even we haven’t or could not try or imagine yet.