Opposition should recruit Zaid for the next generation democratic PM after future PM DSAI

 Opposition should recruit Zaid for the

next generation democratic PM

after future PM DSAI

GEORGE TOWN: The institutions of Government in the country are no longer neutral and this is causing democracy to crumble, said former de facto Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim.


“In a democracy, the institutions of government must be neutral and professionally run. You can’t have the police taking sides or the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) making statements supporting one side or the other.

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Early migrants, “Foreigners the bane of neighbours”




Foreigners the bane of neighbours

From ANOTHER WORRIED RESIDENT of Kuala Lumpur: I REFER to Worried Resident’s letter on “Disgusted by behaviour of foreign workers,” (The Star, Nov 9).

….Since then, we have had to put up with workers bathing, brushing teeth and washing their laundry in front of the house every day………..

Then both of you and the STAR editors who think it is fit to bash up poor foreign workers should all go back to INDIA, CHINA OR INDONESIA where your ancestors came. Because according to your logic and anti-foreigner concepts, your ancestors SHOULD ALSO SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO COME HERE, because all first generation migrants who are not professional migrants are dirty, doing dangerous and non-dignified low pay jobs that the locals shun.


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A Clown Frog that get a frequent Midas Touch to morph

A Clown Frog that get a frequent Midas Touch to morph


Dog food may be good for the frogs but every body knows that it is not suitable for Rajas. Don’t be jealous about food for Rajas. You are welcome to join him.

His words are always wise but your comments are universally rubbish. I don’t know why some of the clowns were appointed as Information ministers in IRAQ, NAZI GERMANY AND MYANMAR etc..

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Dear MPs Don’t learn this from Taiwan and Try At Home!

Taiwan legislators from the DPP and Kuomintang fight in Parliament in Taipei. Lawmakers from the ruling and opposition parties failed to agree on how an independent National Communications Commission, set up to monitor the media, should be formed.

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The essence of my struggle is for all the Myanmar Muslims

Dear readers,

                     I am not associated to any party or any politician but campaigning as a lone ranger for_

  1. All groups of Burmese Muslims/Myanmar Muslims inside and outside Myanmar.
  2. All the Myanmar/Burmese citizens to get, democracy, respect of Human Rights, to eradicate Racial and Religious Discriminations.
  3. All Myanmars including Burmese Muslims to get fair and equal treatment every where.

I hope some readers from the powerful political party should not take offence at my blog postings as my actual and only essence of aim is for all the Muslims of Myanmar/Burma.

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PR status and citizenships for foreign spouses

 PR status & citizenship for foreign spouses 

Copy and paste from YB Lim Kit Siang’s web page

(The following is the reply given in Parliament by the Home Minister, Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar yesterday to my question on the long-standing PR problem. Lets have your reaction as to whether you find the answer satisfactory or not. It was given as a written answer as the question did not come up for oral reply during the 90-minute Question Time. It was placed No. 49 out of 95 questions yesterday, which saw only eight questions answered on the floor during the Question Time.)

40 Responses to “PR status & citizenship for foreign spouses”

  1. taiking Says:
    I thought the process is a simple and quick one.
    I had the chance to meet some indons workers in a friend’s business premises.
    They had malaysian PR ICs.
    “Senang saja” was their reply.
    “Cepat” some said.
    “Cuma ujian Bahasa Malaysia” seems to be the only hurdle.
    I did not realise that Malaysia has for a long time already progressed to a developed nation status.
    Like UK and Australia, Malaysian immigration policy favours labourers and not professionals.
    You know, construction workers, cleaners, etc.
    That explains why highly qualified foreign spouses could not get their PR ICs.
    Now with all rules and regulations, there are always loopholes.
    Next time try this.
    I know that you may be a consultant this and that.
    Or professor this or that.
    Or nobel prize nominee for what and what.
    Never mind all those.
    Want to be malaysia PR.
    Easy. Just get yourself a job as a cleaner in one of the public carpark anywhere in the country.
    In your application form, remember to state your job as “CLEANER”.
    That will score you some good points.
    Happy applying.
    Remember. Its not that difficult.
  2. zona_marie Says:
    at least a 12 year PR holder prior to getting citizenship?? my mum waited 13 years before she even got her PR!

sir, i think your question should have been – how many applications are awaiting processing to obtain a PR in the last 20 years? vs how many APPROVED applications there have been in the last 20 years? that way you can likely see how ineffective they’ve been. i don’t remember any bahasa malaysia test for my mum nor police checks either. does it take 13 years to get a police check?

  1. cheng on soo Says:
    They should be reasonable, and humane, say those who hv stayed 4 years, and had raised, Msian child(ren), be given PR status.
    look like they only want general labourers, cleaners, who are Muslim, & speak only, BM or Bahasa Indon.
    look like , Msia Immig will not grant PR to ppl (qualified) who applied officially, but can sell PR to ppl (muslim) who go for backdoor, or bribe the right person etc.
    So anybody seriously interested, just get a Muslim name, can pretend to be a Muslim, and can learn to speak BM, then it should ok to go to Sabah to buy one PR
  2. sammychong Says:the rules are quite strict which i think is good enough to both for the foreigners and the rakyat in malaysia…but do the authorities really following the procedures by the rules?for the past 3 years, i saw the amount of foreigners is going huge..crowding in our big cities like kl, shah alam, klang, putrajaya and so on. how about the crimes commited by the foreigners which are killing, raping, robbing, and whatsoever…we citizens are now becoming more afraid and worried about the population of foreigner would be outnumbering us in 5 to 10 years ahead…what say u?is this about the rules made or about the lacking actions of the authorities?
  1. kun9999 Says:
    Well I guess the delay for getting PR is because of incompetence government officials or they want applicant to give them coffee money. In developed country like Singapore, it will only take approximately 3 month for the applicant to know their result for the PR application (source:http://www.ica.gov.sg/page.aspx?pageid=151&secid=150). In Malaysia it would take 6 month for the applicant to know the result (source:

If you look into Malaysia Immigration website http://www.imi.gov.my you can’t really find a clear guideline to apply for PR. But if you look into Singapore Immigration website http://www.ica.gov.sg you can find a very clear guideline on how to apply for PR.

I wonder why can’t Malaysia govt be as competence as Singapore govt. As a citizen of Malaysia, I really ashame of competency level of the govt.

The answer given by Home Minister on applicant can’t be contacted / didn’t follow up also didn’t make much sense as most applicant are very serious in their application.

Delay/reject in the PR application also cause professional spouse unable to work and i guess this is what the government want in order to protect their own “lazy” people.

  1. UnkerLai Says:
    I know of a few foreigners who have been here for the past 20 years, running successful business, yet unable to obtain PR, simply because they refuse to bribe their way through.
    All this talk of screening and procedures are bollocks. Money is the BeeEnd’s only criteria, if the applicant is a non-muslim.
  2. Tulip Crescent Says:
    I have a sister-in-law who applied for permanent residence. She is a university graduate.

The last time I knew, she was back in her country after having raised her two children from her womb till they managed to get their degrees overseas.

Both the Malaysian children are now working overseas as well. As for the Malaysian husband, who the United Nations used to call on to do some work overseas while he was working in Malaysia, he is working overseas as well.

Of course, she never got her permanent residence after more than 20 years of apply. She remains an applicant, I guess, in the grand tradition of the Barisan Nasional.

This is the kind of hanky-panky that our politicians teach our bureaucrats to do. Why do you think even our bureaucrats have had enough of their nonsense?

  1. unknowngrouse Says:
    If you have the proper kulitfication its no problem getting PR status. One Indon I know even got a blue IC ! No matter have qualified you are if you are not Muslim and do not have the right colour you can forget about it. Got a Malaysian friend whose wife is Singaporean teacher (of course she can’t teach here). His kids are born here so they got their citizenship. However the wife who’s been living with him for over 20 years here still has no PR status although she has applied countless number of times until she gave up Wanna guess race?
  2. kun9999 Says:
    No point in applying Malaysia PR with such a lazy or money thirsty govt, it would be better to apply for PR from neighbouring country for which they very welcome foreign talent & entrepreneur etc that can contribute to their society.
  1. badcliq Says:
    This is no excuse for incompetency of the Government!

Look at how long the process take for other countries! Aus, NZ, etc

Are they saying other countries have crap PRs that will threaten the national security, just because their regulations are not as “strict” or “good” as M’sia?

He mentioned people changed address, etc…couldn’t be contacted…well, not strange! If the process took nearly 2 decades!!

  1. dr suresh kumar Says:
    Dear YB Kit,

I have only this to say to Syed Hamid:He is just wasting his ink in writing the above reply.

He could have saved his time by just saying that non-muslims and non-malays are not welcome.

The policy of this government is designed to discourage non muslim migrants,thats how I see it.Not only they welcome Indonesian labourers ,they have also indirectly contributed to increase in crime in the country.All these just to increase the number of malay population in the country.

The government doesn’t seem to realize that one of the yardsticks in measuring the development of a country is the actual increase in the population of her minorities and not decrease like what is happening to the Chinese and Indian populations at home.Look here in Australia,they have a crsytal clear and transparent policy on the issues of emigrants.Its just a breeze thru to become a PR or a citizen if one meets their immigration law requirements.

  1. undergrad2 Says:
    Qualifications to become citizens:


1. Continuous physical residence for a minimum period of 12 years;
2. Intention to reside permanently;
3. A person of good moral character, and
4. Proficient in the Malay language.

United States

1. Continuous residence as legal permanent resident for at least five years preceding the date of application
2. Physically present during that period totaling at least half the time
3. A person of good moral character
4. Understanding of the English language( ability to speak, read and write) and the fundamentals of U.S. history, principles of government of the U.S.

*It is harder to naturalize and become U.S. citizens. But then why are there so few qualified applicants who have been granted Malaysian citizenship when it is easier to naturalize?

  1. undergrad2 Says:
    Granted citizenship is a privilege and not a right.
  2. oknyua Says:
    YB Lim, don’t believe him. Though I don’t read the full reply (my bahasa is pasar bahasa), I know many Acheh and Jawa PR who has no skills other than being construction workers. PDRM’s check? No way. Check along the coastal areas of W Malaysia – all those Javanese and Acheh who has PR and Red IC.

Who wants PR? I can name you the agent in Kampong Jawa (where) who does this for you. She is of Acheh descend. Pay money lah.

  1. oknyua Says:

one missing qualification: You must know who.

  1. undergrad2 Says:
    YB Kit,

Please ask the Minister to provide a statistical breakdown of applicants according to:

1. Country of origin
2. Religion
3. Sex
4. Educational background

Approvals according to
1. Country of origin
2. Religion
3. Sex
4. Educational background
5. Number of years resident

Rejections according

1. Country of origin
2. Religion
3. Sex
4. Educational background
5. Number of years resident

  1. swee_ann_tweety Says:
    I have a friend who is 30 over years old. He was born in Malaysia. His father is Indonesian. His mother is Malaysian. He doesn’t believe in corruption. He doesn’t give in to bribe demands. He dislike corrupted people. Since his father is an Indonesian, his IC, is a “Red IC”. He has applied for a Malaysian Citizenship countless number of times. He is married to a Malaysian gal. He still does not have his citizenship. According to him, after submitting his applications, his applications apparently go missing somehow.

Don’t give eligible people NONSENSE answers. It really is disgusting to read and listen to NONSENSE answers

  1. mauriyaII Says:
    Whenever any issue, even as a routine thing as applying for a PR status, is brought to the attention of the Home Affairs Minister, what we hear is that everything is based on the security of the nation.

How are foreign wives of Malaysian citizens a danger to national security? Does the minister think that those wives who might have a number of children have nothing better to do than to plant C4 and blow up people?

The country faces brain-drain. Why not attract qualified people with the promise of PR status within a reasonable period of time, say 3 years, to bring in more brains to the country. What BN is doing is to allow the influx of Indons and Bangladeshi as well as Rohinyas because they are muslims even if they are not assets to the country.

BN and the UMNOputra mindset will never change. The world might change and move forward but not these idiots who are afraid of change. This is what happens to people with ‘crutch’ mentality.

  1. clearwater Says:
    The Home Minister’s reply is pathetic eyewash. It sounds like non-apologetic excuses for the current deliberate discriminatory practices in granting PR and citizenship to foreign spouses. Police checks do not take years; marriages of convenience are rare and not difficult to detect; applicants give up rather than fail to follow up after a cynical silence of 10 years or more in their applications. There is a lot of truth in the suspicion that certain ethnic and religious groups are more welcome than others; non- provision of vital statistical information on approved cases [as pointed out by undergrad2] invites such speculation. So does opaque and poorly written rules and guidelines. It is a fact that Malaysia’s immigration policy is human capital and skills deficient as well as selectively blind to its citizens’ well being. It is also a reflection of how badly this country has been run and how poorly policies are implemented.
  2. sheriff singh Says:

Many already qualified under the procedures and guidelines mentioned above but they are still “in process”. They are not told why and what they appear to be lacking, so they can’t rectify if necessary, so they wait in vain for years.

Only 19,511 in the past 20 years and more? This paltry figure speaks for itself.

But don’t forget to include the 800,000 that have gone through the easier Sabah route in the same period. The Sabah people are more “efficient” beating the government KPI by over 40 times. Less agony and despair there and more speedy too.

  1. Mr Smith Says:
    The minsiter should give the racial and religious breakdown of the successful applicants.
    Perhaps also their educational levels.
  2. sotong Says:
    Many people lives are made difficult or ruined for various reasons and national security and interest affected by backdoor processing……..any responsible Minister/s would have the decency to resign immediately.
  3. max2811 Says:
    Malaysian Immigration laws favours their cousins from next door. Doesn’t matter if they are killers, robbers or snatch thieves. As long as their names have a ‘bin’, no problem.
  1. Captain Says:
    My wife got her PR after 15 years. In between, the Immigration lost her files 3 times and new files were created, with reason they lost due to change of offices.

I have a friend who has stayed in this country for 55 years, married a local, produce 3 children , all of them professionals, own huge plantation properties. His appilcation for citizenship was rejected 3 times in 35 years including 3 appeals with the Ministers personally.

In contrast , I used to know of so many Indonesians in Segambut who get PR, some even citizenship , within 3 months of arriving in this country.

Thats Malaysian Govt. Policy ? what rubbish.

I have written in this blog about Pakistanis easily going to Sabah and getting Citizenships, even lately.


Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim interview in Bloomberg

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim
Bloomberg Interview,

May 29 2008


Ordeal of foreign spouses in Malaysia

Ordeal of foreign spouses in Malaysia

YB Lim Kit Siang, DAP Malaysia



by B.R.

It is almost unimaginable the daily trauma that is faced by them, some of them are born overseas but were unable to get registered at the Malaysian high commission or embassy within the stipulated time. They are faced with daily trauma, which includes inability to attend local schools, universities, long waits at immigration to get a visa, when in actual fact they are Malaysians.

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Extension of Suu Kyi’s detention, Malaysia should lead ASEAN condemnation

Extension of Suu Kyi’s detention

Malaysia should lead ASEAN condemnation

YB LIM KIT SIANG, Malaysia’s DAP leader’s weblog

During the committee stage debate of the Foreign Ministry in Parliament this morning, I called on the Malaysian government to lead the ASEAN condemnation of the Myanmar military junta for the extension of detention of Burmese Opposition Leader and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Suu Kyi has been incarcerated for more than 13 years in the past 18 years, with the present five-year detention going back to the Depayin Massacre in May 2003. Continue reading

Allow migrants a chance at the M’sian Dream

Allow migrants a chance at the M’sian Dream

My letter to the editor of Malaysiakini

May 28, 08 4:26pm

The present Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, commented that if Singapore continued with the old procedure of giving citizenship, Singapore would become an old folks’ home for its Permanent Resident holders. So he started offering PR to professionals who had completed two years’ work in Singapore. It is therefore possible to get Singapore citizenship within five years. Thus, new Singapore citizens could sever their umbilical cords from their old countries and give full loyalty to Singapore. Continue reading

Donation Towards Relief Efforts in Burma and China

Donation Towards Relief Efforts in Burma and China

MP YB Tony Pua


The DAP has designated this week for all its branches throughout the country to conduct fund raising exercises towards the disaster relief efforts in Burma and China. Continue reading

Is DAP means unDemocratic Aperthoid Pots, calling the kettle black?

Is DAP means unDemocratic Aperthoid Pots,

calling the kettle black?

According to a very short report in the 09-05-2008 Star News paper, Malaysian Home Minister answered the MP Karpal Singh’s question that looks like he wanted to prohibit the foreigners’ entrance into Kuala Lumpur.

The Star Online News, “Can’t stop foreign workers from going into city”

Friday May 9, 2008

THE Government cannot stop foreign workers from going out into the city, particularly during public holidays and festive seasons, reported Tamil Nesan.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said they could not be stopped from doing so as long as they abided by the law.

(Comment: TQ very much YB Datuk Seri for your kind heart, fairness and justice. With this Datuk Seri shown that you and BN are much farsighted and better than those Xenophobic and Apartheid  DAP stalwarts who forgot their past history and where they came from.).



In his written reply to Karpal Singh (DAP – Bukit Gelugor) at the Dewan Rakyat on Wednesday, he said there should be continuous enforcement by the Immigration Department and the police to ensure they did not create a disturbance or engage in immoral activities. Karpal Singh also wanted to know whether the Government was prepared to stem the influx of foreign workers in the capital.

Syed Hamid said the Government had taken steps to control the intake of foreign workers. He said the huge presence of foreign workers in the Klang Valley was due to the concentration of economic activities in the area.

> Makkal Osai reported that India’s Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav would arrive in Malaysia next week to seal the RM4bil Seremban-Gemas double-tracking project with Malaysian authorities.

The Government awarded the construction contract to Indian Railway Construction Corporation last year.

karpal singh pc on perak sultan 090508 02If that is true I wish to remind that YB need to use a time machine to fly back to the British Colonial time to be effective in his effort. Now he is too late.

“Nasi sudah jadi bubur”. Jangan bising. Makan bersama saja.


Many foreigners entered Kuala Lumpur and not only got citizenships but their grand children are active in so called “(Un) Democratic” Action Party, even elected as MPs. Ha, ha!  
DAP used the “Democratic” word in its name. Do you understand that in all the true Democracies there must be respect of Human Rights?  


karpal singh pc on perak sultan 090508 01 




Foreigners are Humans also and we have the right to enter KL. If you don’t like, you are free to leave KL and go and stay back in Punjab, India. (Just kidding with the words you used to angry when some of the BN men used to you.) You could still stay in your own home or balik Kg. i.e. balik Pulau Pinang.  




karpal singh pc on perak sultan 090508 01 




Foreigners are Humans also and we have the right to enter KL. If you don’t like, you are free to leave KL and go and stay back in Punjab, India. (Just kidding with the words you used to angry when some of the BN men used to you.) You could still stay in your own home or balik Kg. i.e. balik Pulau Pinang.  






DAP Indians like MP Karpal Singh and Mr Norman Fernandez could be libeled as Pots calling the kettle black?

Please read the related, “DAP man’s good article spoiled by a drop of shit!”

DAP Indians, for your information, please read the following:

Do you know that the origin of Malaysia’s Orang Aslis? Some group of those Malaysia’s Orang Aslis are desendents of MONs of Burma who migrated down and lost contact with present Mons of Myanmar.  

Please read  the Mon-Khmer languages in Wikipedia encyclopedia_

The Mon-Khmer languages are the autochthonous language family of Southeast Asia. Together with the Munda languages of India, they are one of the two traditional primary branches of the Austroasiatic family. However, several recent classifications have abandoned this dichotomy, either reducing the scope of Mon-Khmer (Diffloth 2005) or breaking it up entirely (or equivalently reclassifying Munda as a branch of Mon-Khmer: Peiros 1998). See Austroasiatic languages.

Mon-Khmer languages

This classification is based on Gérard Diffloth‘s widely cited 1974 Encyclopedia Britannica article.

I don’t wish to stress much that your home island was once under Burmese. And in the history, some of your states and even your Lording big boss Thai Kings were under Burmese Kings and had given yearly presents.

Just because our country is poor and we are working legally and illegally, don’t look down on us too much.

After all even if we ignore the religious facts that God/Allah had given this world to all the human, with your ASEAN Charter, you all are aiming at ASEAN UNION.

Just read back the  Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Tun Dr Mahathiers’ recent interview and comments during the last couple of days only.

Singapore’s Lee Says Southeast Asia Will Be Like European Union

 May 5 (Bloomberg) — Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of Singapore, predicted that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations eventually will allow people and money to move freely within the region like the European Union.

EU-type Asean possible but not now, says Dr Mahathir


Asean, the grouping of 10 Southeast Asian nations, may be able to emulate the European Union (EU) but this is unlikely to come true in the near future, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has predicted.
In time, maybe we can introduce a common currency. But this must not be done by doing away with local currencies. The Ringgit can be used domestically while the common currency for trade between the 10 countries. That would be a start.

We can also start sharing airspace or introduce a single passport.

  1. So look at those great statemen’s ideas.

  2. Don’t try to stop the time wheel, DAP.

  3. DAP’s papa, PAP is much more idealistic and progressive.

DSAI should control and teach those Xenophobic DAPs.

Post Script.

  • I hereby apologize to all the Malaysian citizens for this somewhat ‘insulting’ posting. 
  • We love Malaysia and Malaysian of all races and religions. 
  • Although I wrote about DAP, I even love most of the DAP members. 
  • Please don’t take my words as an insult.

Dr San Oo Aung @ Dr Mohd Zafar Shah

Please read this_

DAP, a mirror version of MCA + MIC?

Malaysiakini’s Josh Hong | May 9, 08 11:23am

No doubt, our solidarity should be with Raja Petra Kamaruddin now that the man has become the first victim of BN’s attempt to strike back. The ruling coalition is again showing its (broken) fangs. But could it be a perfect plot between some at the highest echelons of the federal government and RPK to ensure Najib Razak remains in the spotlight?

Some two weeks before he chose to go to jail rather than posting bail, RPK ran an article on ‘Malaysia Today’, entitled Is DAP showing its true colours? which I guess has gone unnoticed by many of MT’s diehard fans who are usually more enticed by RPK’s incessant conspiracy theories about Umno.

But the piece is highly recommended, especially if one is deeply concerned as to whether Pakatan Rakyat (PR) would serve as a viable alternative to the shambolic BN.

RPK is from a rare breed of royalty whose writings consistently strike a chord of common feelings, which makes him a thorn in BN’s side, more so in the case of Najib and Rosmah recently.

Just last week, I met a Chinese Malaysian by chance here in Bangkok, who turned out to be an online forum organiser. He talked profusely about the need for DAP to transform itself to make the party relevant in the long run, referring to PKR’s article every now and again.

raja petra court case 060508 stumpedI cannot agree with him more.

Just look at Karpal Singh. I had wanted to include him as one of the political dinosaurs that I made fun of a few weeks ago, but chose to delete the paragraphs just to give myself more time to observe the DAP stalwart. Well, Karpal did not disappoint me.

At a time when everyone is looking forward to a more vibrant, intelligent and informative culture of debate in the Dewan Rakyat, Karpal in his usual stuntman-style raised trivial issues on the very first day of the parliamentary session. To me, his performance was only reminiscent of the previous parliament, which was everything about stealing the show but nothing about substance.

With dozens of newly-elected lawmakers on the opposition bench, a good number of them professionals from various fields, Karpal seems to be suffering from some identity crisis, fearing that the presence of the young and smart newbies might eclipse him.

Poking a beehive

Like some MCA leaders who are bereft of new ideas, Karpal continues to harp on the Islamic state issue, apparently still very used to the old mentality, and finding it hard to come to terms with the new political realities.
True, Pas has its bigots like Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, the Kelantan Menteri Besar who often sees the need to ‘protect’ women through a strict religious code. But if the DAP really hopes to go far in Malaysian politics, tit-for-tat over Islam will only hasten its irrelevance.


Meanwhile, Karpal’s relish in tackling the issue of constitutional monarchy head-on only gives more ammunition to the BN and alienates the Malay constituency further.

Leave it to whatever mechanism there is within the PR to iron out the ideological differences. If Karpal cannot see the paramount importance of maintaining a coherent coalition while in opposition, don’t expect him to hold his tongue if he is ever made a cabinet minister one fine day. His egoistic self and confrontational rhetoric would only ensure a short-lived DAP presence in an alternative government.

Very often in politics, it is sensibility, rather than seniority, that earns one respect.

Karpal’s lack of generosity is also seen in his objection to the appointment of Lee Kah Choon, a former Gerakan leader, as director of Penang Development Corporation. Does he not realise the DAP needs all the talent it can get to make its rule in Penang sustainable?

In government, personal stunts are a luxury. It is high time PR learns how to put the Tiger of Jelutong on a leash.

abdul razak baginda altantuya case 040607 karpal singhKarpal is not the only DAP leader who is caught in this post-election dilemma. Lim Guan Eng, in his first week as chief minister of Penang, also stirred up unnecessary controversy over the so-called bumiputera privileges.

Instead of poking a beehive, Lim could have avoided the messy aftermath by reiterating the importance of transparency and fairness in administering the state. Obviously, the new chief minister felt that he owed his job to the Chinese voters but forgot that he is now the leader of a state in which close to half of the population is Malay.

Lim’s teething pains can be witnessed from his difficulties in adjusting himself. Last week, he ticked off the Coalition for Good Governance (CGG), an umbrella group of NGOs that came out with a report that was not too favourableof the DAP-led government in Penang.

Lim complained like a child throwing a tantrum that the CGG, as like the BN, was purposely targeting his administration!

But the rakyat clearly did not elect Lim only to be told to adhere to discredited benchmarks set by the BN. Would Lim rid himself of the persecution mentality to make us happy, even for just a while?

But the DAP’s biggest problem lies in the fact that many of its leaders seem to believe they are indebted predominantly to the Chinese, and then the Indians. Hence their habit of doing things that reek of ethnic populism.

‘Ethnic dignity’?
Teng Chang Khim is an able politician that I respect. And my sympathies were with him when he was overlooked in the recent Selangor state exco lineup, most probably a victim of factionalism.

But I was most disappointed when Teng vowed never to put on a songkok, and challenged the MCA legislators who did so to apologise to the Chinese community.

Why pick on the songkok? Why should a Chinese be regarded as well-educated and civilised when he is in a Western suit but compromising on ‘ethnic dignity’ when he puts on a baju Melayu?

Which Chinese Malaysian nowadays, really, is not a traitor to Chinese culture except for the few days of Lunar New Year celebration when everyone loves to be seen in a ‘traditional’ costume just to satisfy everyone else’s exotic curiosity?

dap budget forum 2008 100907 liew chin tongHow ironic that while Khir Toyo finds himself the opposition leader having ambitiously announced his desire to see ‘zero opposition’ in the state assembly, Teng now looks somewhat uncomfortable wearing a songkok as the newly appointed Dewan Speaker. In politics, one must always be prepared to eat humble pie.

Liew Chin Tong (pix) is among the most promising of DAP’s talents. He also has all the potential to move the party beyond the ethnic limitations. Before being elected as the MP for Bukit Bendera, Liew reminded us that 80% of the 4.9 million young Malaysians yet to register as voters were Malay. I concur with him that the BN government is reluctant to introduce automatic voter registration knowing full well that many of the young Malays may not necessarily vote Umno.

But my question is: with Indian and Chinese populations dwindling proportionately, would the DAP be able to capture a significant segment of the young Malay vote to really move away from the fringe of Malaysia politics to the center?

Liew certainly looks best suited for the job given his broadmindedness and macro worldview. He is also unencumbered by unnecessary ethnic sentiments. Provided, of course, he does not end up another victim of factionalism within the party. The DAP’s undisputed contribution to Malaysian democracy should be rightly acknowledged; so should its chequered history of internal power struggles which now deserves a sizeable space in the National Archives also.

The longest-serving opposition party has been given a new lease of life, albeit unexpectedly. Yet the litmus test of its longevity depends on how the party can transform itself into a truly multiracial force to rival Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR). It is also contingent on the party’s ability to rein in factionalism.

Any failure to rise to these two challenges will only make the DAP a mirror version of the MCA + MIC in a PR government, and we all know how these two race-based parties and their leaders fared in the last election.


Deafening silence from Malaysia regarding Myanmar Cyclone?

Deafening silence from Malaysia regarding Myanmar Cyclone?


First of all I wish to apologize if I am wrong.


If Malaysian Government had already sent the condolence note to Myanmar, I am sorry for writing this.


If Malaysian Government, GLCs (government Linked companies), NST, TV3, NTV7, RTM and NGOs (esp. government affiliated) had already started a campaign to help Myanmar, please accept my  apology for wrongly writing this posting.


If you all haven’t done anything, it is shame on you.


We don’t want a cent from you Kaisu Malaysia!



We know that we are not Orang Puteh (Whiteman) , no Arab blood and have no Malay-Indonesian blood. We are ALWAYS discriminated in your country.


Never mind if you do not wish to recognize the undocumented workers/migrants and asylum seekers.


During the great disaster in Myanmar, I hope if Malaysian government could do the followings to help us without spending a cent.


Please announce amnesty on all the Myanmar/Burmese undocumented workers/migrants and asylum seekers including those already in the detention camp. (At least if they could work and earn, they could help their families, relatives and friends.)


You could put a time limit for example six months to one year.

It is shameful that you are heartless to continue arresting and some of your agents are harassing them daily.


Dr San Oo Aung


17 Myanmar Illegal Immigrants Held In Kelantan

BERNAMA, RANTAU PANJANG, May 6 (Bernama) — The Anti- Smuggling Unit (UPP) Tuesday arrested 17 Myanmar nationals without valid travel documents in Kampung Kempas, Machang, as they were being smuggled into the country by a syndicate.

Kelantan UPP commander Mazlan Che Hamid said the Myanmar nationals, aged between 16 and 30 years, had been turned over to the Immigration authorities.

He said the van driver, a Malaysian, stopped the vehicle by the roadside and fled after realising that it was being tailed by UPP personnel at 4.30 am.

The UPP personnel had followed the van from Kampung Kedap here, some 40 km from Machang, he said.


DAP man’s good article spoiled by a drop of shit!

DAP man’s good article spoiled by a drop of shit!


Dear Norman Fernandez

Please change your xenophobic words! What’s wrong with those Bangladeshis, Sudanese or even Myanmaris? Are they occupying your house? Married your sister? Married your daughter? You are spoiling your good article or good point by attacking others unnecessarily. God forbade if DAP rule here, it may be same as Bloody Singapore. Discriminate all non Chinese. (Sorry not all others They lick the feet of Orang Puteh, Japanese etc.)

It is funny that you, as an older migrant, discriminating on new or recent migrant in an article complaining about racial discrimination you suffered as a migrant!


Pot calling the kettle black?


Do you really realize your dilemma?

Do you know about the racial discrimination?

The definition of Xenophobia?

Ever read the UN Human Right Declaration?

Ever read about the real Democracy? Migrants’ Rights?

What kind of politician are you?

If DAP win and form government, you will be worse than previous and present leaders in the Government?

We rely now on foreign doctors often from third rate countries and who can hardly speak the local language and some hardly look convincing nor confident as a doctor.

Shit, another Xenophobia again!

Ha Ha, your country afford to pay peanuts only and you are expecting what? Your doctors’ salary scale is lower then an ambulance drivers’ salary scale in the west. Do you think prestigious doctors would come and work here? But anyway we, hundreds of Burmese doctors are teaching (lecturing) in your various universities (Public and private)  training all Malaysians including Chinese. By the way don’t look down on us. I had seen many of your great local doctors even could not name the bones in forearm and hand! Sometimes confusing hand and foot bones! And some of them wrongly thought that the young child’s growing bone end as the fracture. I don’t mean to look down on local doctors; there are numerous great Malaysian doctors out there.

You mentioned British whiz kid turning whore. Then why did you conveniently forgot the Chinese whizkid’s suicide story?


Lee Jia Hui (pic), 19 scored 11 1A’s in the SPM examination. The Sunday Star, April 20, reported that he had for the last six months applied for scholarship to pursue his studies oversea from various local agencies such as Public Services Department and Bank Negara. He was unsuccessful.

Interestingly and luckily, he has now obtained offers of scholarships from renowned institution such as Harvard University, Princeton, Darthmoth, Cornell, as well as Wesleyan Asian Freeman Scholarship. Imagine prestigious and renowned foreign institutions are falling over to offer scholarships and yet at home he is unable to obtain a scholarship.

Now that Lee has secured a multitude offers of scholarship, it can also be certain that Lee would be another talent lost by Malaysia. With a degree from a prestigious institution, he would surely receive offers of employment even before he finishes his studies. I just wonder what will be the motivation for him to return home. The lifestyle he would have become accustomed to, the employment opportunities, remuneration and perks may make him not to come back to Malaysia. Frankly, why would he want to.

Singapore government has for a long time offered Asean Scholarship to top students from Asean countries to study in Singapore. Now, Singapore has gone even further. It now offers scholarships even for for Primary and Secondary students. The multitudes of scholarships given are designed to lure top students from the region and particularly from Malaysia to study in Singapore. These students after having being used to the Singapore life- style and work ethics, more often than not would then stay on and work in Singapore. Many raise families and ultimately become Singapore citizens. The very least they become Singapore Permanent Residents while their children becoming Singapore citizens.

Singapore has found ways to entice and retain talent while Malaysia on the other hand seems to be indifferent to the loss of talents.

After all the loss and brain drain can be replenished with Bangladeshis, Sudanese or even Myanmaris.

Xenophobic DAP ! Whats wrong with those Bangladeshis, Sudanese or even Myanmaris? Are they occupying your house? Married your sister? Married your daughter? You are spoiling your good article or good point by attacking others unnecessarily. God forbade if DAP rule here, it may be same as Bloody Singapore. Discriminate all non Chinese. (Sorry not all others e.g. Orang Puteh, Japanese etc. are virtually worshipped there)

Little wonder Singapore who once was on par with Malaysia has transformed into a first world and much of it is because of Malaysian talent who left our shores to help transform Singapore to become what it is today. Malaysia hardly made attempts to plug the brain drain or even ensure that our talents return. We just let them go and in the process lost them.

It is said that virtually all the students from the top class in Foon Yew Chinese school is headhunted by Singapore with offers of education scholarships. While the UEC examination certificate is not recognized for entry into local universities, yet it is recognized by Singapore (and many other countries) and students with good UEC results often receive offers of scholarship from Singapore. Has Petronas, Bank Negara or even Khazanah Nasional even provided a scholarship for a top student from Foon Yew Chinese School ?

The government is now considering sending a second man to space. Imagine the millions which is going to be spent when no one has a clue what benefit we have received from the first mission, apart from having the distinction of being the first Malay and Malaysian to go into space. The government even once was prepared to spend millions just to build a high performance sports centre in England. Luckily the local council rejected the application.

The point is this, the government readily finds money to spend on grandiose projects but find it difficult to provide scholarships for outstanding students. Why can’t the government, government linked agencies and companies find ways to help outstanding students with scholarship. What is even more sad, is that very often Non Malay students find it virtually impossible to obtain scholarship from government or government linked agencies and companies, yet are often receipients of scholarship from overseas universities. Importantly, it is to be noted that these scholarships are often secured on merit.

I still remember how a couple of years ago government linked companies were falling over each other to provide scholarship for a British whiz kid whose only link to Malaysia was that her mother was born in Malaysia. Now the whiz kid is a 130 sterling pounds per hour whore.

Then why did you conveniently forgot the Chinese whizkid’s suicide story?

Malaysia through the decades have lost thousands of outstanding students to other countries and we cannot continue to lose talent and let the brain drain go on.

In a globalised world we must retain our outstanding students while at the same time source for outstanding foreign talents. We must make available scholarships for our top students and more importantly every top student irrespective of race must have an opportunity.

We rely now on foreign doctors often from third rate countries and who can hardly speak the local language and some hardly look convincing nor confident as a doctor.

Ha Ha,  your country afford to pay peanuts only, your doctors’ salary scale is lower then an ambulance drivers’ salary scale in the west. Do you think prestigious doctors would come and work here? But anyway we, hundreds of Burmese doctors are teaching (lecturing) in your various universities training all Malaysians including Chinese.

By the way don’t look down on us. I had seen many of your great local doctors, who even could not name the bones in forearm and hand! Sometimes confusing hand and foot bones! I don’t mean to look down on local doctors; there are numerous great Malaysian doctors there.


Could we not have sent abroad on scholarship more Malaysian student of all races to study medicine. I know one Indian family whose child is studying medicine in Bandung, Indonesia. The poor parents are virtually begging from office to office for money to educate their child.

Let us be realistic, if the country treats a top student like a step-child and alienates him from opportunities, would he still be motivated to return and serve the country. This is what has happened and still happens. Many who has gone abroad still has family ties and feelings for the country but government policies and alienation of opportunities makes them not having any desire to return.

Malaysians pay tax, Petronas makes billions, government and government linked agencies and companies make money and government poor millions bailing out government linked companies. Yet, outstanding students and particularly non malay students cannot secure scholarships easily. What the government, government agencies and government linked companies must do is to provide scholarships for outstanding Malaysians and importantly irrespective of race. What has happened to Lee Jia Hui should not have happen and must never happen again.

Norman Fernandez

Sorry DSAI, I tagged DSAI, DAP and PAS so that this could be noticed by DSAI and great parties and to educate these xenophobic members.