South Africa accuses Israel Navy of killing hundreds of Palestinian boat people from Gaza

South Africa accuses Israel Navy of killing hundreds of Palestinian boat people from Gaza

WARNING: Readers must read the lower part of this news/article to understand the truth. Those reading the upper part only and failed to continue could be mislead or miss the real message.

Cape town, South Africa(AFP) — South Africa said Sunday that hundreds of people were missing at sea, believed to be part of a wave of Palestinian  boat people from Gaza were allegedly dragged out to the middle of the ocean by Israel Navy and left to die.
Israel has denied the accusations, but accounts of survivors and the latest reports from the South Africa coast guard have piled the pressure on Tel-Avid, and the Israel government said it would meet rights groups on Monday.

The Israel navy is accused of detaining the migrants, Palestinian  boat people from Gaza, after they washed up on the Israel coast — and then towing them to sea and leaving them to their fate.

South Africa’s coast guard said Sunday it had rescued hundreds of the refugees from the Palestinian, Gaza, but that hundreds more were feared lost. 

“These are really serious allegations that need to be investigated by the UN and the Israel government,” he said…………………

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When home is a foreign term

R. Nadeswaran and Terence Fernandez

As foreign minister, Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim has his hands full taking on critics of Malaysia’s judicial and enforcement processes, but as he tells R. NADESWARAN and TERENCE FERNANDEZ, his biggest challenges are right here at home.

IT seems of late your focus has been more of explaining the charges against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to our foreign missions. Is the apparent one-sided view of the foreign press a reflection of the inaction of our missions to correct whatever perception they may have of Malaysia and its treatment of Anwar?
I’ve been here five months. My focus is not merely Anwar. My focus is a good spread. If it so happens that America, Britain or Europe wants to focus more on Anwar, that’s their business, but we have enough facts and we have distributed them to all our missions and we have dispersed materials to America, Britain and Europe in respect of our laws.

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