A Clown Frog that get a frequent Midas Touch to morph

A Clown Frog that get a frequent Midas Touch to morph


Dog food may be good for the frogs but every body knows that it is not suitable for Rajas. Don’t be jealous about food for Rajas. You are welcome to join him.

His words are always wise but your comments are universally rubbish. I don’t know why some of the clowns were appointed as Information ministers in IRAQ, NAZI GERMANY AND MYANMAR etc..

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Who will be back? Tun Dr M or DSAI?

Who will be back?

Tun Dr M or DSAI?

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A benevolent charismatic adorable chameleon named DSAI

A benevolent charismatic adorable chameleon named DSAI


His agenda for Islam in Malaysia is one he’s been pursuing in speeches and writings for many years:Malaysia should keep Islam as its state religion, but not become an Islamic state, accepting its pluralism.


  • But his jail ordeal strengthened his concern for freedom.
  • “Being six years in prison, solitary confinement, teaches you quite a lot,” he said.
  • “The passion for democracy, for justice, is far more pronounced …
  • Basically these years of sojourn and wilderness did help.

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Anwar is on track to win power in Malaysia?

Anwar is on track to win power in Malaysia?

Ian MacKinnon



Anwar, a former deputy prime minister, has previously said he will secure a majority in parliament by Malaysia’s national day, September 16.

But earlier this week 50 of the government’s 140 MPs flew to Taiwan on a farming study trip set to last more than a week. Anwar said it was a government ruse to ensure they did not cross the floor of the house, a charge denied by the embattled prime minister, Abdullah Badawi.


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Will DSAI really become the great reformer?

Will DSAI really become the great reformer?

Extracts only from Manjit Bhatia’s article in Malaysiakini

MANJIT BHATIA is an academic and writer and an associate partner of AsiaRisk, a risk analysis consultancy, with specialisation in international economics and politics. His writings have been published in The Wall Street Journal, Business Times Singapore, International Herald Tribune, Financial Times, The Australian, The Australian Financial Review and elsewhere.

…..Today Malaysians are waiting with almost bated breath for Sep 16. Apparently, on this day, Anwar, with help from sitting (and non-sitting) politicians in the ruling Barisan Nasional, will topple the regime….

With that Anwar will usurp national power. He will turn a severely bastardised parliamentary democracy into a flowering, full-blown, truly multi-racial democracy – with Malaysian characteristics of course.

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Dear MPs Don’t learn this from Taiwan and Try At Home!

Taiwan legislators from the DPP and Kuomintang fight in Parliament in Taipei. Lawmakers from the ruling and opposition parties failed to agree on how an independent National Communications Commission, set up to monitor the media, should be formed.

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Doc RIGHTLY defends his sodomy examination



“It is difficult for a doctor to make an accurate assessment a few weeks or months after an alleged sodomy incident as certain local signs may not be present, according to the Malaysian Society of Colorectal Surgeons (MSCRS).”

Your words mean that if late could not know the truth but Dr Osman had examined a fresh case. SO HE WAS RIGHT? CORRECT?

Instead of defending a fellow doctors you are (sorry if mean different but the media is just SPINNING) shamelessly trying to confuse the laymen. Shame on you so called unethnical specialists.


Contrary to what his employer Pusrawi Hospital has claimed, Dr Mohd Osman Abdul Hamid insisted that he performed a sodomy-related examination on Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan on June 28.

dr mohamed osman abdul hamid pusrawi hospital saiful bukhari azlan anwar ibrahim sodomy 2 interview 040908 05In an exclusive interview withMalaysiakini yesterday, the Burmese physician said the procedure known as the ‘per-rectal examination’ is a ‘must know’ for doctors.

“Every doctor knows how to do it, that is a normal practice. (One doesn’t) need to be a specialist for that examination,” added the father of three, explaining in detail how the test is done. CORRECT! CORRECT! CORRECT!



Star News

Full test needed in sodomy cases


KUALA LUMPUR: It is difficult for a doctor to make an accurate assessment a few weeks or months after an alleged sodomy incident as certain local signs may not be present, according to the Malaysian Society of Colorectal Surgeons (MSCRS).

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PM had already said, the accused will always deny, CID Chief!

PM had already said, on TV, that the accused will always deny, CID Chief!

Who are you protecting? Involved police? Yourself? Or the persons who give order to change the doctors’ statement.

Because of that you police must be investigated by independent body. 

The whole Police force is scared of this proposed body and even dare to blackmail the PM that they would vote for the opposition.

Because most of the Malaysians and interested parties around the world believed Dr Than Aung’s accusations and you are denying blindly just to protect yourself, so we may need an independent and transparent authority higher than ACA to investigate this as this involved the future leaders of our country.

Do you remember what happened to DSAI with the similar accusation?

Syed Hamid: He should report to police
Sin Chew, 5 September 2008

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Perseverance, conscientious fighting spirit of DSAI

Perseverance, conscientious fighting spirit of DSAI


Exerpts from Dean Johns | Sep 3, 08 in Malaysiakini

 …..And then there’s our Anwar Ibrahim. A classic example, if ever there was one, of the truth of some of the maxims I’d like to kid myself I have the courage to live by: ‘Never say die’, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’ and ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. …..

  • Anwar’s defied Mahathir,
  • fired-up the Reformasi movement,
  • got beaten blue-black,
  • locked-up for years in solitary,
  • reinvented himself as an academic,
  • formed a political party,
  • helped forge the Pakatan Rakyat coalition,
  • got hit with another trumped-up morality charge,
  • addressed countless ceramahs,
  • won a by-election by a landslide
  • and taken his place as leader of the Malaysian opposition.

    What a guy! What a survivor, striver and inspiration to us all.

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DSAI Taking Oath as MP

Anwar Taking Oath (Part 1 of 2)

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Actual video of Anwar Ibrahim Interview P1 (English Al Jazeera)

Actual video of Anwar Ibrahim Interview

(English Al Jazeera)

August 28, 2008: In an exclusive TV interview after reclaiming his seat in parliament, Anwar Ibrahim talks to 101 East about how he plans to change 50 years of political consensus in Malaysia (two parts).

Anwar Ibrahim: Aljazeera’s Interview 28/08/08 Part 1




Tributes to DSAI even by his foes


Tributes to DSAI even by his foes

Star news, “Dr Mahathir fires a salvo at Anwar.”

PUTRAJAYA: Just a day after Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim won the Permatang Pauh Parliamentary seat, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad fired his first salvo at him by claiming the PKR adviser could “convince even the devil to follow him”.

Dr Mahathir predicted that once back in Parliament, Anwar would make “life very difficult” for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

I don’t think Abdullah is a match for Anwar.

He is going to raise all kinds of issues and questions and will demand and pressure the Prime Minister for answers. It is going to be a tough time for Barisan,” he said.

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Renaissance of DSAI, the Teflon man

Renaissance of DSAI, the Teflon man 

DSAI’s enemies ‘pressured’ the ‘Permatang Pau doctors’ to issue a ‘doctored political death certificate’, attempting to bury him alive (politically) although he was never politically died.

Bravo PP voters, congratulations for the successful resuscitation of our beloved hero, your prided proverbial son.

Now virtually resurrected, (politically) Teflon man DSAI is, Insya Allah, on the way to concur Putra Jaya.

 Read Malaysiakini news here at, Anwar to be sworn in tomorrow.”

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Anwar is a man of compassion and was there for the needy and especially the poor

Anwar is a man of compassion and was there for the needy

and especially the poor

AH Ponniah’s letter to Malaysiakini

Comment: I whole-heartedly agree with this letter. Not only DSAI but Datin Seri Wan Aziza, Encik Azmin Ali and family are also helping many people. TQ all. May Allah bless and protect all of you and fulfill all of your wishes.

…..Anwar being a Penangite, I expect him to be concerned for a Penangite in trouble. It is just giving some attention to a countryman in time of trouble. 

My experience with Anwar, though I neither belong to any political party, is that he is a man of compassion and was there for the needy and especially the poor. It is clearly reflected in public records of his very loud cries calling for more low-cost housing to bring homes to the poor when he was in power. I admired him tremendously on this passion of his.

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