If Doctor and Hospital fine over leaked report, you must take similar action on leaked Dr M’s letter to Israel PM

If Doctor and Hospital fined over leaked report,

you must take similar action on leaked Dr M’s letter to Israel PM

COMMENT: We hereby wish to request that_

If Doctor and Hospital fined over leaked report,you must take similar action on leaked alleged Dr M’s letter’ to Israel PM.

After all OSA is more powerful and serious than Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998.

And the letter rundown the reputation of our Greatest former PM and our country’s reputation of staunch defender of Islam and Palestinians but the report effected only one person only (if we hope and assume that there is no conspiracy at all)

After all Dr Osman is not the owner of the Pusrawi and even if he is an owner he could not and should not keep all the patient’s record under lock and key for all the time. Any patient facing any emergency problem could face problem if the doctors on duty in any hospital or health care facilities are denied access to the patient’s medical record.

 So if the authorities could not pin point the real culprit who leaked the records, could not arbitrarily practice collective punishment.

 I still remember the case of an illegal Indonesian Illegal Immigrant, killed by the dozen of soldiers at the beach in Malacca.  The judge released all the soldiers free because no one admit the crime of murder. The Judge failed to look at the UN International War Crime Tribunal’s Yamamoto Doctrine.

Yamamoto was found guilty for the crimes committed by his Japanese soldiers in Phillipine during WW2.

No police or military person could commit atrocities and claim immunity as if obeying the orders from above and no higher authorities could refused the responsibility of the crimes committed by his subordinates.

News from NST’s point of view

KUALA TERENGGANU: Hospital Pusrawi is liable to a fine of up to RM300,000 and its management may face jail time if investigations reveal there was negligence which led to Mohd Saiful Bukhari’s medical report being leaked.

Deputy Health Minister Datuk Dr Abdul Latif Ahmad said this was provided for under the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998.

Furthermore, the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) could take disciplinary action against the doctor involved because leaking the report to the public went against medical ethics, he said after visiting the Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah here. 

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Tun Mahathier’s Proton voted out of Terengganu, Malaysia

Tun Mahathier’s Proton voted out

of Terengganu, Malaysia

Monday July 21, 2008

The Star Online

KUALA TERENGGANU: The state government has defended the purchase of 14 Mercedes E200 Kompressor cars at RM3.43mil for the use of its state executive councillors and senior officials.

Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said said the state government had planned to purchase the cars for a long time now to replace its Proton Perdana V6 Executive fleet in a move to cut cost.

“Please understand that the Proton Perdanas go through continuous long-distance journeys. It’s costing us a lot of money due to high cost of maintenance.

“We are not saying that the national car is not good but in reality we are coughing up more money for maintaining the Proton Perdanas, particularly the gear boxes,” he said.

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Requesting Royal Pardon for the jailed three Burmese brothers

Kindly consider granting

amnesty or Royal Pardon for

the jailed three Burmese brothers

Dr Zafar Shah

Three Burmese brothers jailed but how about ASEAN leaders who always shield and protect those killer SPDC?

We are not condoning or supporting terrorism. Burning and assaulting of diplomatics are wrong. But what push those three Rohingyas to run amok. What is the root cause of of this problem.

We all have to accept that we could not yet indict SPDC Myanmar Generals for the Crimes against Humanity, Ethnic Cleansing and other crimes.

Then just for thought: how about Myanmar-Crime Collobrator ASEAN leaders who shilded the SPDC so that they could continue to rule Myanmar and continue committing those crimes.

I know it is difficult or impossible in this world but on the Judgement day, infront of GOD/ALLAH those ASEAN Leaders would be surely judged and punished.

So kindly consider granting amnesty or Royal Pardon for them.

Dr Zafar Shah

 Read the present news and I hope the readers could remember that they had complaint to the judge about their jailors atrocities showing their wounds. What happen to their reports and those criminal torturers are declared cleared? Where is the justice?

They were tortured in your crony SPDC in Burma.

Myanmar Ambassy discriminated them.

They were denied asylum because they are not orang puteh Muslims nor from Indonesia or Philippine or Thai.

They were discriminated by UNHCR because they are not CHRISTIANS, not Chins but Muslims.

No wonder ASEAN countries are facing one disaster after another.

I hope Allah/God knows the truth and would dispend justice.

Three Burmese brothers jailed for embassy attack


Three brothers were each jailed for 36 years by a Malaysian court for an attack on the Burmese embassy in Kuala Lumpur, state media reported yesterday.

Abdul Fariyas Hardi, 46, Mohamad Salim, 42, and Muslim Salim, 39 – from Burma – were found guilty of the attempted murder of a Burmese envoy and committing mischief by causing damage to the embassy, Bernama said.

The men – who were arrested and detained after the attack in April 2004 – refused the judge’s advice to make a plea of mitigation and maintained their innocence, the report said.

“You have been detained for nearly four years but you have not shown any remorse over the crimes you have committed,” Judge Akhtar Tahir said, according to Bernama. They were sentenced to 18 years for each offence, to run consecutively from their day of arrest.





Diplomat wounded




In the incident, diplomat Khin Maung Lynn was hospitalised with severe wounds to his head and hands and the embassy, in the capital’s Ampang diplomatic district, was gutted by fire.

The men, of Muslim Rohingyas origin, were believed to have been disgruntled after trying for several days to have their documents verified by embassy staff as they sought refugee status with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

The UNHCR had appointed two lawyers to represent the brothers but they subsequently dismissed their counsel, Bernama said.

The Malaysian government says there are about 25,644 Burmese asylum-seekers – mostly Rohingya Muslims – in the country but refugee groups believe the real figure is more than double that.