Foreign workers to put under house-arrest at Apartheid Xenophobic Iskandar, Malaysia-Singapore development project

Iskandar may house foreign workers in gated areas

Tuesday May 27, 2008                          The Star Online


JOHOR BARU: A study will be done to see if there is a need for special gated colonies to house foreign workers for the Iskandar Malaysia development project.

Comment: I hope the reader is familiar with the following two notorious words_

  1. Apartheid
  2. Xenophobia

We need to praise Malaysia for allowing the Israel or Jew investors into Malaysia by opening the side doors. Alas! Although they are not allowed to enter Malaysia even with their Passports, now Malaysia is farsighted to allow them into Iskandar in Malaysia even without using their Passports so no need to even think about Malaysian Visas. Congratulations. I am not against this arrangement and support 100%. If Malaysians are brave enough and could create a fertile soil for development, investment and business it would be a Win-Win-Win situation for Malaysia, Singapore and the international businessmen/investers.

But why are you looking down on poor foreign workers. Racial discrimination, abuse of Human Rights are the stigma of Apartheid and Xenophobia.


I wonder why Malaysia wish to discriminate the fellow humans based on the status, job and wealth. Continue reading