Soldiers’ accounts of Gaza killings raise furore in Israel

JERUSALEM, March 20 — In the two months since Israel ended its military assault on Gaza, Palestinians and international rights groups have accused it of excessive force and wanton killing in that operation, but the Israeli military has said it followed high ethical standards and took great care to avoid civilian casualties.

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Al Jazeera:UN releases Gaza attack photos


The United Nations has released images of what it believes are white phosphorus munitions raining down on one of its compounds during Israel’s war on Gaza.

The pictures, broadcast by Al Jazeera on Thursday, show what appears to be flame-generating munitons, thought to be white phosphorus “wedges”, falling into a UN compound in Gaza where hundreds of people were sheltering.

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Israel soldier vs Palestinian kid

Al Jazeera:Olmert announces Gaza ceasefire


Ehud Olmert, Israel’s prime minister, has announced a unilateral truce in the Gaza Strip.

Israel will halt its offensive in Gaza at 0000 GMT on Sunday but troops will remain in the enclave for the time being and will respond to Hamas fire, Olmert said on Saturday.

The announcement came after a meeting of Israel’s security council on Saturday evening and halts the 22-day offensive which has left more than 1200 Palestinians dead, more than 400 of them children.

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Jews against Zionism



Some religious Jews also reject an immoral, outlaw Israel in the name of their religion.

AMONG the many religious Jewish groups that reject today’s Israel and its Zionist basis are Satmar, Dushinski and Neturei Karta (NK, or “Guardians of the City/Faith”).

 Cohen: ‘Any form of unjust violence is terrorism, whether state-sponsored or otherwise, and must be stopped.’

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UK Jewish MP: Israel acting like the Nazis who forced my family to flee from Poland

A veteran British Jewish lawmaker, Sir Gerald Kaufman, has compared the Israeli offensive in Gaza to the Nazis who forced his family to flee from Poland.


Kaufman, who was brought up as an orthodox Jew and Zionist, said: “My grandmother was ill in bed when the Nazis came to her home town a German soldier shot her dead in her bed.

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IAF pinpoint bombed on these Gazan terrorists


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Still Breathing by Caoimhe Butterly

The morgues of Gaza’s hospitals are over-flowing. The bodies- in their blood-soaked white shrouds- cover the entire floor space of the Shifa’a hospital’s morgue. Some are intact, most horribly deformed, limbs twisted into unnatural positions, chest cavities exposed, heads blown off, skulls crushed in. Family members wait outside to identify and claim a brother, husband, father, mother, wife, child. Many of those who wait their turn have lost numerous family members and loved ones.

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We will not go down(song for Gaza)

Original Video was massacred by the war criminal Zionist Cyber Troopers

This is another one.

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TIME:Old Nazi News Makes Headlines in Germany

jewish anti semitism israel gaze germany europe france

“We got a fresh delivery in this morning, but it sold out in just a few hours. You won’t have any luck elsewhere either … Somehow everybody seems to want a copy. ” The newspaper seller at Berlin’s Friedrichstrasse station is bemused. After all, the publication selling like hot cakes hardly contains hot news. Its issue date is January 30, not 2009, but 1933. REICH CHANCELLOR HITLER! trumpets a banner headline.

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Italian probe: Israel used new weapon prototype in Gaza Strip

By Meron Rapoport, Haaretz Correspondent

An investigative report to be aired on Italian television Wednesday raises the possibility that Israel has used an experimental weapon in the Gaza Strip in recent months, causing especially serious physical injuries, such as amputated limbs and severe burns.

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All the Muslims around the world should stop protesting against Israel but should start to protest against Egypt

All the Muslims around the world should stop protesting against Israel

but should start to protest against Egypt

A Palestinian boy injured in an Israeli army operation is carried into the emergency room at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City on Saturday. - AP

A Palestinian boy injured in an Israeli army operation is carried into the emergency room at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City on Saturday. - AP





GAZA is a very difficult conflict to cover because journalists are basically shut out and banned from entering the area.( BOTH BY THE ISRAEL AND THEIR CLOSED FRIEND, EGYPT)

Egypt reseals Gaza border breach

Egyptian troops have sealed the border with the Gaza Strip, ending 12 days of freedom of movement for Palestinians.

The troops are still allowing Palestinians and Egyptians to return home, but have stopped allowing any new cross-border movement.

The border was breached when Hamas militants blew up sections of the wall to break Israel’s seven-month blockade.

An estimated half of Gaza’s 1.5m population took the opportunity to cross into Egypt and buy supplies.

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Jewish European MP slams Israeli aggression

RAFAH (Egypt): David Hammerstein from the European Parliament is Jewish and on Sunday, he was part of an eight member team of European parliamentarians to cross into Gaza for about 90 minutes to observe the situation on the ground.

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Gaza (Arabic: غزةtransliteration: Ġazza, Hebrew: עַזָּה‎, ʕazzā) is the largest city in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian Territories. It has a population of approximately 410,000 in the inner city and 1.5 million people in the metropolitan area.[1] The word “Gaza” is often used to refer to the entire Gaza Strip, so the city is frequently termed “Gaza City” for clarity.

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