Israel committed ‘wanton destruction’ in Gaza offensive: Amnesty

JERUSALEM, July 2 — Amnesty International today said Israel inflicted “wanton destruction” in the Gaza Strip in attacks that often targeted Palestinian civilians during an offensive in December and January in the Hamas-run enclave.

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Bowen diary: A father’s loss

BBC Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen is writing a diary of the conflict between Hamas and Israel.

Helmi al-Samouni kisses his son Mohammed goodbye

Helmi al-Samouni kissed his dead son Mohammed goodbye

Israeli cruelty must be stopped

Brave New World

from:the star

The Jewish state seems not to want peace, but to stoke Palestinian fury. The lesson to civilised nations is that they must never behave like Israel.

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UN: No Hamas Fighters in Bombed Gaza School



United Nations investigators say they have uncovered no evidence to support a claim by the Israeli military that Hamas fighters were holed up in a Gaza school, prompting a deadly attack by Israeli forces that killed 40 civilians, many of them children.

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BBC:World protests at Gaza conflict

Mass demonstrations are being held around the world in protest at Israel’s military offensive against Hamas, as the campaign enters its second week.

Rallies are being held in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Athens and several Asian cities, following similar events in parts of the Muslim world on Friday.

Earlier, tens of thousands of Israeli Arabs called for an end to the bombing campaign at a rally in northern Israel.

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Nearly 320 killed in Israeli blitz of Gaza

             Mass funerals

By Mai Yaghi – GAZA CITY

Israel bombed Gaza for a third day on Monday in an “all-out war” on Hamas, as tanks massed on the border and the Islamists fired deadly rockets to retaliate for the blitz that has killed nearly 320.

Anger over the mammoth bombing campaign spiralled in the Muslim world, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon again deplored the violence, and efforts to hold talks between Syria and Israel were suspended as a result of the bombardment.

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