Killing fields of ABSDF under Dr Naing Aung and Dr Aung Naing

Killing fields of ABSDF under

Dr Naing Aung and Dr Aung Naing


The Forgotten Justice under the shadow of the curse

Dear other bloggers, editors and publishers,

                I hope some of you could remember the following true story occurred during 1990/1995 at the ABSDF, upper Burma student rebel camp, in the Burma’s Kachin State, near the China border. There were some 40 anti-government activists, unjustly tortured and sadly killed by fellow activists. I was one of them and this could be called as the memoirs of a student revolutionary.

Please kindly read to taste some selected pages of my chronicle and if you wish to publish this teaser, please feel free to do so.

I would like to discuss the future publisher who would be interested to publish the full book. I wrote it into a story form rather than as a plain diary to attract the reader’s attention and for easier and pleasurable reading.

As some of you may be experienced authors and may be the experts in Burma politics, I hope any one of you would be interested to edit the whole book and find a publisher for me. We could discuss about the terms and conditions if you are interested.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

 SMAR Nyi Nyi

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Mizzima:Christian cemetery being razed in Myitkyinar

by Myo Gyi

Ruili – Ignoring fervent appeals by Christian church leaders, the Burmese military junta authorities in Myitkyinar, Kachin State continue to raze a Christian cemetery in the town to the ground.

About half the tombs in the Christian cemetery in Dukathaung Ward, Myitkyinar have been razed by bulldozers. The demolition began on October 14.

“Elders of the Christian community and church leaders appealed to successive authorities not to destroy the cemetery. The cemetery was not touched when former Northern region regional commanders Maj. Gen. Maung Maung Swe and Maj. Gen. Ohn Myint were in charge of Kachin State. A ‘Physic Nut plantation project’ signboard was put up on the precincts. But the new regional commander has not paid heed to the request by local people and has begun to demolish it,” a local youth from Dukathaung Ward said.

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Insects bred in castor oil plants kill people in northern Burma

Written by KNG   

Monday, 15 September 2008 14:34

In an alarming situation, insects breeding in bio-fuel plants called Castor oil plants also called Jet Suu in Burmese have killed at least a dozen people in northern Burma, said local sources.
Recently a widow and her daughter died after being bitten by unidentified insects in Castor oil plants or Physic nut trees (Jatropha curcas) on September 13 in Myitkyina Township, the capital of Kachin State, residents in Myitkyina told KNG today.

Kachins’ struggle for survival nipped in the bud

Written by Hkahku Gam

Wednesday, 10 September 2008 12:33

Burma, a golden land has projected its dignity in terms of civil roles in un-erased memories down through half a century since independence. Moreover there have been a lot of disloyalties through centralized manipulation of state sovereignty by its bureaucrats through implementation of military might.

On the one hand there is no single myth, so to say, that the core norm of the federal principle of Panglong had been initiated in terms of establishing the Union of Burma. Rather there has been political euthanasia towards its own citizens, especially on the ethnic population who have been singled out in the formation of a Burmese Buddha monarchical anarchy.  


Paradoxically there have been fights between Burmese monarchical politics on the one side by a handful of bureaucrats and the federal principles on the other by citizens. Being a bipolar State it has been a prolonged fight for over five decades that has ended under the trap of the regime without any change in the state. There has been alienation of human rights, devaluation of federal principles, and humiliation by the military, violation of humanity, ethnic cleansing programmes with drug, immorality and sexual harassment of the ethnics. Now is the time to fight the evil.

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