Singapore: Singapore Urges Myanmar To Reconcile With Rivals

SINGAPORE: Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong urged his Myanmar counterpart Tuesday (17 March) to reconcile with opponents, just hours after the ruling military junta cracked down on several pro-democracy activists.

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At last Singapore’s PM recognized the power of Internet Media

lee hsien loong and malaysiakini new internet media forum 190808At last Singapore’s PM recognized

the power of Internet Media

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In a move acknowledging the power of new media, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong plans to loosen the island state’s ham-fisted control over the Internet.

Taking a leaf from a number of countries including neighbouring Malaysia, Lee said politics had shifted online and politicians themselves now operated blogs and websites to reach out to their voters.

“Everyone is plugged in and connected,” he said in his annual National Day Rally speech. “We used to talk about grassroots, now we have to talk about ‘netroots’.”

Describing the Internet as a global trend that his government needs to keep up with, he pointed to Malaysia, the island’s closest neighbour, as an example where cyberspace has become an “active space for information and engagement”.
“There is lively debate and serious contributions, together with the more doubtful stuff,” he said in a speech telecast live nationwide last night, accompanied by a slide presentation.

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