The Irrawaddy:Mahn Sha’s Daughter Writes Her Autobiography

An autobiography of Zoya Phan, a daughter of Mahn Sha, the respected Karen leader who was assassinated by unknown gunmen in a Thai border town last year, is to be launched next week in London.

“My father marked the day of my birth with a traditional animist ceremony,” wrote Zoya, who is now 28 and lives in London, working for the human rights organization Burma Campaign UK.

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Irrawaddy:Mahn Sha’s Spirit Lives On


On February 14 last year, two unknown men pulled up in a pick-up truck outside Mahn Sha’s house in Mae Sot. He was upstairs resting on the balcony at the time, family members say. The men walked into the house armed with shotguns. They marched up the stairs and a series of loud gunshots was heard. The gunmen ran downstairs and escaped. The Karen National Union (KNU) general-secretary lay dead in a pool of blood.

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