Raja Petra arrested under ISA

Raja Petra arrested under ISA

Malaysiakini news by Andrew Ong

Controversial blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin was arrested today under the Internal Security Act for allegedly being a threat to security, peace and public order.


According to Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar, the 58-year old father of five would be detained under Section 73(1) of the ISA, which allows for detention of up to 60 days.

“The police will do an assessment during this period and if they feel he should be held more than 60 days, the police will then refer to me,” Syed Hamid was quoted as saying by The Star.


The minister also confirmed that the Sin Chew DailyThe Sun and Suara Keadilan were issued show cause letters. “They have been given a week to reply,” he added.

Raja Petra’s wife Marina Lee Abdullah (right) earlier told

Malaysiakini that 10 police personnel from Bukit Aman came to their home in Sungai Buloh at about 1.10pm to arrest him.


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Syed Hamid tells why Malaysia Today was blocked

UPDATE from Malaysiakini

Dr M slams gov’t for banning blog site


 Mahathir Mohamad today condemned the government for reneging on its long-held promise of not censoring the Internet – a policy in which he was the architect.

mahathir hulu langat 120408 press conference“When a government makes a promise to the country and then reneges on its promise, then not only will the government lose credibility but also any respect that the public may have for it.”

The former premier, who implemented the no-Internet censorship policy in the mid-1990s, said the government’s action shows “a degree of oppressive arrogance worthy of a totalitarian state”.


“I do not often agree with Malaysia-Today.net and (website editor) Raja Petra Kamaruddin. He had been sometimes quite irresponsible,” said Mahathir in hisChedet blog. Continue reading

The Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) has slammed the blocking of the Malaysian popular blog site

  The Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) has slammed

the blocking of the Malaysian popular blog site

Malaysiakini news
Media watchdog Reporters Without Borders ranks Malaysia 124 out of 169 on its worldwide press freedom index, and says the main media are “often compelled to ignore or to play down the many events organised by the opposition”.

The government has previously threatened that bloggers could be punished under draconian internal security laws which provide for detention without trial.

The Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) has slammed the blocking of the popular blog site.

“The commission (MCMC) is going against the national commitments spelt out under the Bill of Guarantee of the Multimedia Super Corridor, which promises no censorship of the Internet,” said CIJ executive director V Gayathry.

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Malaysiakini: Malaysia Today blocked! Order from MCMC

Malaysiakini: Malaysia Today blocked! Order from MCMC

Controversial online portal Malaysia Today had its access blocked by the country’s largest internet service provider (ISP) TMnet. 

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) chief operating officer Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi confirmed that the block was ordered by the commission. 

The domain name – http://www.malaysia-today.net – has been unaccessible to TMnet subscribers since yesterday evening as a result of the blockage – known technically as ‘DNS blackhole list’.

TMnet subscribers however can still access the website by typing in Malaysia Today‘s IP address or an alternative web address in their web browsers.

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Dr Osman Abd. Hamid @ Than Aung jumped out of the Myanmar frying-pan into the Malaysian fire

Dr Osman Abd. Hamid @ Than Aung

jumped out of the Myanmar frying-pan

into the Malaysian fire

ACA must made sure that there is fairness in investigations regarding the case of the Burmese Doctor from PUSRAWI.

In his SD, Dr Osman Abd. Hamid alleged the intimidation of police and attempted manipulation of his Medical Report.

In his statutory declaration, the doctor claimed that he had fled the country with his family following several visits by the police.

Among others, Osman also claimed that the police attempted to tamper with his statements.

No one seems to be investigating from that POV (Point of view) or complaint. Instead we are witnessing the threatening of the complainant and whistle blowers.

Comment written by ultraman kite, in Malaysia Today, August 22, 2008 | 11:17:38



Cops raid RPK’s house over doc’s SD

Malaysiakini news

Malaysia’s most famous blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s house was once again raided by the police. This time in connection with a statutory declaration made by a doctor from Hospital Pusrawi.A five-member team from the Bukit Aman police headquarters arrived at the blogger’s house in Sungai Buloh at 8am. They confiscated a laptop computer, a scanner and some documents.

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Let Moonlight continue to shine under the coconut shell only?

Moonlight under the coconut shell?



  1. In IIU (UIA) International Islamic University, Malaysia, Burmese Students were given places to study Medicine, Engineering and Law before we were ASEAN members.
  2. After we are accepted as fellow ASEAN, those good places are nowadays denied to Myanmar students.
  3. If the university continue to refuse accepting foreigners for Medical studies, please drop the International word from your name and refuse donations from other Islamic nations.
  4. UIA used to reject all the Burmese Students for their Matriculation Classes with the lame excuse that IIU has no bilateral agreement with Myanmar Government. But they are accepting even non-Muslim students from India.(Are the authorities blind to see the anti-Muslim SPDC’s policy and democratic secular India’s policy?
  5. Now ASEAN Foreigners’ children are no more accepted in public schools. Previously they could. Is this the price of becoming an ASEAN member?
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Money, power and sex: what motivates man

Money, power and sex: what motivates man

Raja Petra Kamarudin

One of the more successful international trading companies is 3M. It is one of 30 companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and is also a component of the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index. 3M’s sales for 2007 touched US$24.462 billion while its net income was US$4.096 billion.

3M used to be called Minnesota Mining and Minerals before its name was shortened to 3M. They did the same for IBM, LBJ, JFK, etc. Eventually, when all these people or companies became famous, people started referring to them by their initials and no longer by their full names. This is the ‘culture’ in USA, which itself is the initial for the United States of America. Now, of course, a simple US will suffice as everyone knows who you are referring to.

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