Rohingya Genocide

Source_The Reflective Heart : Rohingya Genocide , Thoughts and Spiritual Scribblings by Azril Mohd Amin

Among the unjust borders that the western powers drew after World Wars I and II, the border between Arakan and South Thailand is among the cruelest. The Muslims of Rohingnya were cut off from the Malay Muslims of South Thailand, as well as the Muslims of Malaysia and Bangladesh

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Star newspaper editors need to be educated on diplomacy and proper reporting

Some of the Star newspaper editors need to be educated on diplomacy and proper reporting.

It is nothing wrong but we must be happy with this Indonesian MP, who was talking tough against Malaysia when she was in her own country and she changed her stance after arriving and have discussions with Malaysian authorities. Continue reading

Human Rights Watch’s Tokoh Maal Hijrah Award: M’sia a ‘migrants abuser’

Human Rights Watch’s Tokoh Maal Hijrah Award: M’sia a ‘migrants abuser’

Christine Chan

from : malaysiakini

Knowingly or unknowingly government policies worldwide have exposed migrants to human rights abuses, according to Human Rights Watch’s(HRW) round-up report for this year.

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Storm over ‘stealing’ of Balinese dance

Indonesia’s often-prickly relations with neighbouring Malaysia are being tested by a fresh dispute over traditional cultural heritage.

A Malaysian tourism commercial aired on Discovery Channel has sparked an uproar in Indonesia because it featured a traditional Balinese dance called ‘Pendet’.

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Indonesian hackers attack Malaysian websites

JAKARTA, Sept 2 — Indonesian hackers yesterday claimed they hit 120 websites in Malaysia.

The hackers said they were acting in revenge against what they perceived as Malaysia’s alleged theft of Indonesian cultural items and abuse of migrant workers, reported the Jakarta Globe.

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The Star:Kartika case whips up an international media frenzy

PETALING JAYA: The case of model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, who is to be caned for drinking beer, has caught international attention.

From Australia to Indonesia, Thailand, China, Germany, the United States and Britain, news of her impending sentence has thrust Kartika into the international limelight and into most blog chats.

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The Irrawaddy:Price of Cooking Oil Rises


The price of cooking oil products in Burma has increased, a result of the Health Ministry’s ban on some imported cooking oil products in July and unusual weather patterns.

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Suspected A(H1N1) patients open stunned DG’s eyes

Rahmah Ghazali
Jul 30, 09

Health Ministry Director-General Ismail Merican vowed this morning to keep a close eye on his doctors at Kuala Lumpur Hospital when his suspicions were aroused that some lacked adequate understanding of how to treat the A (H1N1) fever.

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Objections against use of Rela to fight crime

The government’s plans to deploy personnel from a notorious volunteer task force to help enforce a crackdown on crime triggered criticism from human rights campaigners today.

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BBC:US piles pressure on Burma regime

US officials have had a rare meeting with representatives of Burma’s regime.

Unnamed officials told reporters that efforts to improve ties depended partly on the outcome of democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s trial.

The US also pressed Burma to enforce a United Nations resolution imposing an arms embargo on North Korea.

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The Star:700 illegals involved in ruckus moved to another depot


Staff of Amnesty International visiting the immigration depot in Sepang.

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The hidden ugly side of Singapore

Vijay Kumar

 July 3, 09

In between the glamarous buildings and shoppings complexes of this city state, there is huge suffering that the world has never seen. Something that the Singapore government or media will try to hide from the rest of the world. And this is the lives of 80 percent of ‘true’ Singaporeans who live in the republic’s Housing Development Board (low cost) flats.

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North Korean weapon deal: Local bank involved?

Malaysia called on the United States to produce evidence on media allegations that a Malaysian bank is channelling weapons payments to North Korea.

 Reports from South Korea have said that North Korea sought payment through an unnamed Malaysian bank for a suspected shipment of weapons bound for Burma, which was being tracked by the US Navy.

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N Korea Using Malaysian Bank for Burmese Weapons Deals: Yonhap


North Korea sought payment through a bank in Malaysia for a suspected shipment of weapons to Burma being carried on a freighter tracked by the US Navy, according to a source quoted by South Korea’s Yonhap news agency.