Malaysia PM YAB Datuk Sri Najib: “Abolish NEP”

Malaysia PM YAB Datuk Sri Najib said: “Abolish NEP”

On his maiden trip to Singapore yesterday, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak was on a charm offensive, touching on his plan to dismantle the National Economic Policy (NEP), a sore contention point in Malaysia’s race-relations.

najib in pattaya thailand asean summit 10409In an interview with Singapore’s Straits Times, Najib (right) said that the ethnic quotas had damaged Malaysia’s competitiveness and ran counter to global trends.

He added that the long-term benefits of ending the scheme would outweigh the “pain”.


Launched in 1970, the NEP has remained one of the most divisive aspects of Malaysia’s multi-ethnic society. The affirmative action programme uniquely favours the Malay majority over the Chinese and Indian minorities.

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Deaths at construction site highlight plight of migrant workers

Gabrielle Chong


irene fernandez interview 251108 08The problems facing migrant workers have been brought to the forefront again following the gruesome death of two Bangladeshi workers at a construction site in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, last Sunday.


The two Bangladeshi workers were crushed to death by a ton of concrete bricks that fell from the 22nd floor of the almost-completed UOA Bangsar Tower after a crane cable snapped. The site is just a stone’s throw away from Malaysiakini office in Bangsar Utama.

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The Association of Religious Scholars (PUM) should acknowledge that at least Malaysiakini and Manjit Bhatia wrote one truth about Myanmar

The Association of Religious Scholars (PUM)

should acknowledge that at least 

Malaysiakini and Manjit Bhatia wrote one truth about Myanmar

It didn’t even dare condemn the Burmese military thugs who rule Burma, whose justice is meted out in the Stalinist/Maoist standard of the end of gun’s barrel.

Just look at how much braver Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines are when compare to M’sia at UNGA voting on 24-12-2008.

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Obama for Dobama Naypyidaw

Obama for Dobama Naypyidaw

Adapted and Burmanized from thw Malaysiakini’s article by Azly Rahman 

NOTE: DOBAMA is pronounced as Do’ Bama and means, we Burmans or our Burmese or we all as Burmese.

‘Do’ ‘ could mean we and has a possessive meaning.

This is not my invention but we Burmese already had a Do’ Bama association or Dobama Asiayone during the colonial period and was the first association that started the change of mindset of Burmese to start an  anti-British movement.

“…Haji Ramli Street was a dirt lane where Obama used to while away the hours kicking a soccer ball. In the long rainy season, it turned to thick, mucky soup; Obama and his friends wore plastic bags over their shoes to walk though it,” said Adi, who at 46 is the same age as Obama….

“Neighborhood Muslims worshiped in a nearby house, which has since been replaced by a larger mosque. Sometimes, when the muezzin sounded the call to prayer, Lolo and Barry would walk to the makeshift mosque together.

… “His mother often went to the church, but Barry was Muslim. He went to the mosque. I remember him wearing a sarong,” said Adi.

– reported by Paul Watson in The Baltimore Sun, March 16, 2007

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Human Rights of Burmese in Myanmar and Malaysia

Human Rights of Burmese

in Myanmar and Malaysia

Extracts from the Malaysiakini article by Josh Hong 

suhakam religion culture conference 090906 rais yatim speakEven with his years of political experience and decent academic credentials, asean meetingForeign Affairs Minister Rais Yatim (Malaysia) never seems to notice the speck in his eye when he suggests others have the beam in theirs. Yesterday at Parliament House, he told the press that he was mulling several options in regard to the human rights situation in Burma_

especially the problems confronting Aung San Suu Kyi, the opposition figurehead and a Nobel laureate. 

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Anwar’s US policy ?

Anwar’s US policy ?

Extracts from Josh Hong


At a closed-door dialogue with Anwar Ibrahim a couple of years ago, a question was raised as to whether the wannabe prime minister’s US policy would be too friendly to be palatable to many, which had some pro-Washington attendants in the room nervous.

Always a smart player, Anwar referred to China, stating that the world’s most populous nation’s bilateral relations with the US were based on strong national principles, while not neglecting the sole superpower as an extremely important trading partner to many a developing country, including Malaysia.

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Modernisation of Islam is the only way to the victory for Muslims

Modernisation of Islam

is the only way to the victory for Muslims

Mustafa Akyol in Malaysiakini

MUSTAFA AKYOL, contributing author to, is a Turkish columnist based in Istanbul.

Not long ago I ran into a quote from Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Egyptian Muslim scholar and Al-Jazeera televangelist, in Turkey’s controversial Islamist daily . The 80-year-old cleric was saying, “Victory is only possible by returning to Islam.”

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