Please do not force the refugees in Malaysia to beg for money or to rob

Please do not force the refugees in Malaysia 

to beg for money or to rob


The Right to a Basic Standard of Life in ISLAM

Regarding the economic rights, the Holy Quran says:

And in their wealth there is acknowledged right for the needy and destitute. (51:19)

Anyone who needs help, irrespective of the race, religion or citizenship has a right in the property and wealth of the Muslims.

If you are in a position to help and a needy person asks you for help or if you come to know that he is in need, then it is your duty to help him.

Where is the Minister of Justice, Minister in the PM’s office Tan Seri Nazri Aziz, who even seemed to be championing for the Rohingyas, even mocking the Home Ministers that, HM did not know but he and PM’s security dpt had already arranged and approved all.

YAB DSAAB also acknowledged that Myanmar SPDC is hopeless and had even killed their own monks and Japanese photographer. But later even persuaded the other ASEAN leaders not to take action on the generals which was secretly recorded by Singaporeans.

After Tun Dr M introduced ‘San Oo Aung’ at the Perdana foundation function to his dear wife, Tun Dr Siti Hasma Mohd Ali, she commented to me in-front of the VIPs about the alleged kidnapping of a Malaysian by a Rohingya family. She even added her own experience of Rohingya beggars in-front of a shopping mall.

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No sanctuary for refugees in Malaysia

No sanctuary for refugees in Malaysia

Malaysiakini opinion by K Shan | Jun 20, 08

Imagine waking up every night to the agony of domestic violence next door. You hear reports of abuses and often witness yourself the bruises suffered by the wife and children every time you walk past the house pondering what you can do to stop the violence.


One day, as the pressure mounts, the wounded and devastated victims come knocking at your door for refuge and protection. What would you do?

Option A

Give them temporary shelter and food and seek relevant humanitarian and human rights organisation for further assistance and action.

Option B

Organise a joint effort with relevant humanitarian and human rights organisation and other concern parties to provide them with temporary shelter and food, and seek for further assistance and action.

Option C


Ignore them and call the police for them to be arrested for trespassing?

Option D

Catch and detain them and send them back to the very place they come from.

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Are refugees real enemy of Malaysia?

Are refugees real enemy of Malaysia ?

Malaysiakini letter by Irene Fernandez | Jul 1, 08

Dear Ms Irene Ferenandez and Malaysiakini editors, I had edited out the sensitive harmful (to me, as I am a coward) words and facts. Please kindly forgive me.

I refer to the Malaysiakini report .

Gov’t to launch massive ops against illegals in Sabah


Whenever there is a slow down of the economy or when the political power of the ruling government is threatened, the government becomes repressive towards the most vulnerable and voiceless group in the country.

These are the refugees and undocumented workers who are referred to as ‘illegal immigrants’.

The government of the day has also been successful in instilling a racist perspective in that immigrants are ‘a threat’ to security and are the people who are the criminals in our society. Through its control over the media, it has brought about a xenophobic situation.

The fear is that the immigrants will control both economically and politically.

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Hell Hounds at large. Who let them out?

Hell Hounds at large. Who let them out?

Burmese illegal immigrants are hunted down and some were tortured according to the internet news.

Who ordered to black out the detention centre riot news at Semenyih Malaysia (24-June 2008)?

We all could read this news initial phase on Malaysiakini news yesterday.

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Burmese refugees ‘beaten up’ in detention camp

Burmese refugees ‘beaten up’ in detention camp

Malaysia kini news by Soon Li Tsin | Jun 25, 08

The Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) has confirmed that immigration officers had badly beaten up three Burmese refugees at the Semenyih detention camp two nights ago.  
suhakam uthayakumar health pc 230408 sivaCommissioner N Siva Subramaniam, who visited the detention camp yesterday, said the incident had been sparked off by the discovery of tobacco, deemed a contraband item under camp rules.

“The immigration officers fail to understand that the refugees are also human beings and must be treated as such.”He lambasted Rela for

indiscriminately arresting even documented refugees causing many of them to be detained unnecessarily.According a recently released international

report, Malaysia is one of the worst places in the world for refugees.



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Dear YAB Najib, do not blindly deny the truth about the unfair discriminations on migrants

Dear YAB Datuk Seri Najib Razak,

Thank Your Honour for the interest in replying the unfair migrant treatment allegation of your country. No one is not asking your country to open the flood gates for us like your collegues had done in Sabah, we all are merely requesting  a kind favour from your government to just ajar the closely-tight water tap to let the hungry refugees to let us drink a few drops of water.

Why did your government could go and bring in the Bosnias with airplanes and provided free flats and fully support them? 

No need to give the Burmese Refugees even a cent. We are not beggars. Just stop Rela raids and allow them to stay, work or study for a limited time in your country. You can charge an appropriate visa fees like Thailand is doing now on Burmese refugees. 

And kindly facilitate the legal migration process by granting the citizenship to all the Burmese who are holding Red ICs for more then FIVE years.

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A Memorandum On World Refugees Day, “the Decade of Failure”

A Memorandum On World Refugees Day,

“The Decade of Failure”

UNHCR recognized a Refugee who had been detained 6 times and deported 3 times, had sent a letter to us. Who refused to be identify for fear of various reflections. He wrote as

Dear The Sail’s Editor



As we celebrate refugees day, refugees all over the world face failure of their rights on daily basis.

However refugees Day comes and pass may have a little improvement to meet international obligation in recognition of the right to life and dignity that refugee protection is a fundamental rights both on humanitarian and human rights grounds.

But this year had landed by Nargis Cyclone victims about 1.5 million (correction 2.5 million), beside hundred of thousand people dead (may be possible upto 130000, 200000 to 300000 according to various reports.).

Burmese groups around the world had been calling humanitarian bodies to relief Nargis victims regardless of illegal Junta’. But, still remaining illegal Junta’s theory and Nargis victims dying by endangering life and health. At the same time, many of activists were arrested for their humanitarian supports and unknown numbers of activists had been flowed into refugee population. During the similar flow applies on ‘monk’s peace movement; referendum issues. It is the need to adopt a new sanction to illegal Junta’s establishing human rights violations..

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