There was once democracy in the Union of Burma

Long, long time ago, there was democracy in the Union of Burma, even though it was quite short-lived, under the democratically elected Prime Minister Thakin Nu or U Nu. Democracy seems a distant utopia now but it was really present during U Nu’s days. Younger generations of nowadays may not know any other system of government except the present Military Régime. Even adults younger than 45 years of age would have been born after Gen. Ne Win’s coup and would never have had any taste of democracy at all. Only those above 60 years of age can still recall the sweet taste of democracy under U Nu.

Background History

U Nu born in Born in the Irrawaddy Delta town of Wakema on 25 May 1907 (and passed away in 14 February 1995) was the first Prime Minister of Union of Burma according to the 1047 Constitution from 4 January 1948 to 12 June 1956, again from 28 February 1957 to 28 October 1958 and finally from 4 April 1960 to 2 March 1962. He had to deal with armed rebellion from various groups, especially the communist factions including certain regiments in the Army.

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