Chosen e-mail:UMNO Youth, PAS Youths and Muslim NGOs should just start an anti-Swedish Brand day

Source: EMEL PILIHAN (=Chosen e-mail) UMNO Youth, PAS Youths and Muslim NGOs should just start an anti-Swedish Brand day 

“Humanitarian Mission Across Borders”

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In 1920s during the Anti-Indian and Anti-Muslim activities to whip up the Nationalist spirit leading to the anti-British and anti-colonial activities, Buddhist monks were stationed in front of Muslim and Indian shops to stop Burmese-Buddhists from shopping there. The monks even whipped the Burmese ladies if they enter the Muslim or Indian shops.

Rohingya Genocide

Source_The Reflective Heart : Rohingya Genocide , Thoughts and Spiritual Scribblings by Azril Mohd Amin

Among the unjust borders that the western powers drew after World Wars I and II, the border between Arakan and South Thailand is among the cruelest. The Muslims of Rohingnya were cut off from the Malay Muslims of South Thailand, as well as the Muslims of Malaysia and Bangladesh

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China warns of Muslim terrorist threat ahead of Olympics

BEIJING (AFP) — China insisted on Thursday it faced a serious terror threat in its Muslim-majority far northwest ahead of the Olympics, as it announced 82 “suspected terrorists” had been detained there this year.

The 82 belonged to five groups that “allegedly plotted sabotage against the Beijing Olympics,” the official Xinhua news agency reported, citing the police chief in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang region that borders Central Asia.

It was the first time that Chinese officials had given a total number of suspects detained in a series of previously reported raids this year.

The announcement came a day after state press said police shot dead five knife-wielding Muslims and detained 10 others in Urumqi who allegedly wanted to launch a “holy war”.

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Muslim World Almanac 2008

Muslim World Almanac 2008:

An encyclopedic endeavor


The Middle East’s Leading English Language Daily

Shaheen Nazar |

The section “Current Muslim Issues” deals with_

  1. The plight of Muslim minorities in Myanmar, southern Philippines, southern Thailand and India’s Gujarat.
  2. Three separate articles on America’s Guantanamo, Iraq’s Abu Ghraib and Afghanistan’s Bagram Air Base remind its readers of the persecution and discrimination that the community faces today.

With the publication of “Muslim World Almanac 2008,” a group of individuals based in Makkah and Jeddah has done a remarkable job. Dr. Abdullah Omar Naseef has rightly said in his preface: “Seldom do we come across a comprehensive exposition of our faith and its tradition, together with its authentic and up-to-date portrayal of the geopolitical and socioeconomic conditions in the Muslim world. Here is a response to this challenge, covering, inter alia, the current state of affairs in the Muslim regions, ethnic and demographic composition including the historical turns and twists that characterize our worldwide community. The Makkah-based treatise is indeed a noteworthy attempt.”

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Who cries for Burma? Not Malaysia, not Asean

Roshan Jason | May 23, 08                                                                                        Malaysiakini /letters

 I refer to the Malaysiakini report No regrets in supporting Burma to join Asean.

I cannot help but be appalled at_

  • the ignorance and insensitivity of the Malaysian government_
  • when it comes to the humanitarian – and political – crisis surrounding Burma.
  • Malaysia has displayed an extreme lack of awareness to the reality of the situation in a country which has been ruled by various brutal military dictators for the past 46 years.
  • In displaying no regrets when supporting a military regime that_
  • has no qualms about allowing its citizens to needlessly suffer the after-effects of a natural disaster,
  • Malaysia has proven that it does not care for the welfare of the people in Burma – ‘a close neighbour’.

Burma is what it is today – no different, if not worse than 10 years ago when it joined Asean – because of government representatives like our Deputy Foreign Minister Abdul Rahim Bakri. Continue reading

No regrets in supporting Burma to join Asean

No regrets in supporting Burma to join Asean

Malaysiakini news, May 22, 08

The government has not erred in playing a significant role in supporting Burma’s entry into regional pact Asean in 1997.

(Comment: Ha Ha Ha, exploit Burma’s economy together with Generals and IGNORE/DISCRIMINATE the MYANMARS or BURMESE in your countries. )

“It is a country close to us and if Myanmar (Burma) were to be isolated, its development, economy and trade would be stifled, besides having to face a more serious poverty problem.

(Comment: Ha Ha Ha. You ASEAN leaders are propping up SPDC Junta and shielding them from the attacks of US, EU and Democratic countries in UNSC and every where. If not for ASEAN there is a possible regieme change. Myanmar is still poor because of irresponsible ASEAN leaders who are blinded with greed.

Just think a little bit, you all ignored the Junta’s Anti-Muslim riots and accepted them into ASEAN. ALLAH/GOD punished all ASEAN with financial crisis. Many leaders lost their power.

Why Allah allowed an American Jew to successfully attack many Muslim countries? Because he is helping all Burmese  including Muslims while you all shamelessly condone the Junta’s attack on Muslims and Islam in Myanmar.

So, good, carry on, continue your support to Junta without any regret. God knows the truth but waits. Do you all believe GOD/ALLAH?)

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General Aung San’s speech to revolt against the Fascist military rulers

General Aung San’s speech

to revolt against the

Fascist military rulers

From Moe Thee Zone and Sit Mone’s blog