China as a safe haven for Myanmar’s Muslims

China as a safe haven for Myanmar’s Muslims

October 9, 2007 by Wang Daiyu

Islam in China

“Seek knowledge even as far as China.” – Saying of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

109261-burmese-muslim-girl-0.jpgAlthough this story is not strictly about Chinese Muslims but it is related to a news item which has been quite prominent in the news lately and does involve Muslims in China but not exactly Chinese Muslims. What I am referring to are people from the Rohingya ethnic group who are predominantly Muslims and have been forced to flee their homeland by the Military Junta. I saw this news item by chance and discusses the plight of Rohingyas and how many have found refuge in Southwest China. Here is an extract from the story:

“I don’t even know where my friends are buried,” Islam said, bursting into sobs. “My mistake was being educated,” said the zoologist. After five months of clandestine living he joined the exodus of hundreds of thousands fleeing the junta to neighbouring Bangladesh. “I had to leave, the military was going from home to home looking for me,” said Islam.

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The essence of my struggle is for all the Myanmar Muslims

Dear readers,

                     I am not associated to any party or any politician but campaigning as a lone ranger for_

  1. All groups of Burmese Muslims/Myanmar Muslims inside and outside Myanmar.
  2. All the Myanmar/Burmese citizens to get, democracy, respect of Human Rights, to eradicate Racial and Religious Discriminations.
  3. All Myanmars including Burmese Muslims to get fair and equal treatment every where.

I hope some readers from the powerful political party should not take offence at my blog postings as my actual and only essence of aim is for all the Muslims of Myanmar/Burma.

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Burma BMA Burmese Muslim Association

Burma BMA Burmese Muslim Association

Muslims.. Help Myanmar (Burma)

Muslims.. Help Myanmar (Burma)

Why practice multiple standards in treating foreign migrants here?

Why practice multiple standards in treating foreign migrants here?


Malaysiakini news May 14, 08 6:00pm


My comment: It is very easy. To solve that Sabah problem and as a gesture of mercy to the Myanmars in West Malaysia, just transfer all the RELA to Sabah.orang asli court 200905 palace of justice

De facto lawzaid ibrahim and law students minister Zaid Ibrahim is the champion of Burmese Opposition. He should follow up with the unfair treatment on all the Burmese/Myanmars here.


Gerakan today urged the government to take concrete steps to address the grievances of Sabahans including the possibility of calling a royal commission on the issue of illegal immigrants in the state.

“This undesirable situation has led to a lot of discontent amongst the Sabah people who have also raised questions about how some illegal migrants managed to get permanent resident (PR) and even citizenship status,” said acting party leader Dr Koh Tsu Khoon in a statement today.

koh tsu koon wawasan university 220906 ponder“Therefore, in order to answer such queries and to take concrete measures to prevent more illegal migrants from entering Sabah, it may be necessary to set up a royal commission of enquiry as requested by some Barisan Nasional component parties.”


Koh was referring to the serious allegations that illegal immigrants from neighbouring Philippines and Indonesia have been given identity cards (IC) by the authorities to enable them to vote in elections.

He said the problem of illegal migrants is one of the many long-standing issues which has affected the “livelihood, social fabric, and security of the people of Sabah”.

There has been conflicting accounts from official and unofficial sources on the exact number of illegal immigrants in the state. Most, however, agree that the number is around 750,000.

The total number of foreigners, including illegal immigrants, in Sabah is estimated at 1.75 million.As a result, foreigners outnumbered locals in the state, which has a total population of 3.3 million. Most of the working foreigners are employed in the construction and agricultural sectors.



Sabahan member of parliament Abdul Ghapur Salleh (BN-Kalabakan) said today_

 abdul ghapur sallehAsserting that crime and safety were issues that come under the responsibilities of the federal government, Abdul Ghapur called for a federal-level committee to tackle the issue of undocumented migrants. the issue of illegal immigrants, as they would want to be with the Philippines. What will happen to Sabah?! What will happen to Sabah?!”

Despite having raised these issues many times before, there seemed a lack of seriousness on the part of the administration in Putrajaya to solve the problems raised, he added.

“What goes into the (federal government’s) right ear comes out the left,” he said.

He also said “there are many double-standards in Barisan Nasional” Yes! read this below. For Myanmar citizens, even for the Muslims, we are unfairly discriminated.

There is also widespread discontent in Sabah over the steady influx of illegal immigrants from the Philippines and Indonesia who have somehow managed to obtain identity cards as well as voting rights.

Meanwhile, another component party United Pasok Momogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) 

Party vice-president Dr Marcus Mojigoh warned that this could lead to the downfall of the Barisan government.

According to local newspaper Daily Express, Mojigoh said there were claims of “over a million newly-created Malays” from the Philippines and Indonesia in Sabah.

“Imagine (if) you have to address these illegals as ‘tuan’,” he lamented.
Mojigoh stressed the authorities must address the problem of illegal immigrants gaining citizenship and acquiring the Malay status through the back door.