Nike, believe the politicians at your own risk!

Nike, believe the politicians at your own risk!

Malaysian Insider


  1. “The government will do everything to ensure that we are internationally competitive.”
  2. Human Resources Minister S. Subramaniam said an initial probe showed that the Hytex Group– remunerated their foreign workers according to their seniority and performance.
  3. only RM100 deducted for an immigration levy
  4. “From our investigations … the employer didn’t breach any labour laws,” (Comment: Not US Labor Law but just Malaysian Labour Laws which NEVER cover the Foreign workers. Ha, Ha, so you need to read between the lines.)
  5. “It has been a policy in this country for quite a number of employers to keep the passports for safety reasons,”
  6. The ministry did not receive any reports of abuse from the Hytex workers but Subramaniam pledged the government would take stern action against any errant employers. (Usually workers’ permits are revoked by the employer if the worker dares to complaint. Authorities just closed their eyes and mouths.)


KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 5 — The government today rejected reports that foreign workers at a local garment factory contracted by Nike Inc. were mistreated and had their wages garnished.

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Nike: A model company that cares for workers’ rights

    Nike targets abuse in Malaysian factories

From The Wall Street Journal Asia, source Malaysian Insider

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KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 4 — Nike Inc said it has taken steps to correct worker-abuse problems in a factory it uses in Malaysia, an action that the athletic-apparel giant said reflects its concerns about the country’s chronic labour shortage and how it affects factory workers.

Nike on Friday alleged abuse at Hytex Integrated Bhd., a Kuala Lumpur-based garment manufacturer that owns a factory producing Nike T-shirts. Nike, which is based in Beaverton, Oregon, the United States, said it had completed its initial investigation into “claims of unacceptable living conditions, withholding of worker passports and garnishing of wages” that began after an Australian television report last month alleged worker mistreatment at Hytex.

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