Open letter to Mr Geert Wilders, leader of The Netherlands’ Party for Freedom

Open letter to Mr Geert Wilders, leader of The Netherlands’ Party for Freedom

Dear Mr Geet Wilders,

                                       Shalom (Jew prayers for Peace). I hope you would be able to read my letter offering Peace, loving kindness and mutual love and respect. I hope  and pray that_ 

  1. this letter could get your good-self’s attention
  2. God/Jesus help all of us to soften and open our hearts.
  3. we could able to forgive each other to start a new friendship.

Where there is hatred, let me sow Love.

Where there is doubt, let me sow Faith.

Where there is darkness, let me sow Light.

Where there is despair, let me sow Hope.

Where there is injury, let me sow Pardon.

For it is in Giving that we receive.

It is in Pardoning that we are pardoned.

It is in dying that we are born to Eternal life.

(St. Prancis.)

The best revenge is forgiveness.

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Open letter to the European Commission, and European leaders

Dear Your Honours,

We all thank the EU for the strong stand against the Burmese Government. But recently, we are sad to see the signs of policy shift of EU against Burmese Junta and their ministers. We understand that all the politics are fluid and constantly changing; today’s enemy become friend tomorrow. And EU politics depend partly on economical prospects and profits for EU. We even understand that in order to force ASEAN to deny the Chairmanship of Burma, EU had seen to have given some promise to the ASEAN members to allow participation of Burmese ministers and high-ranking military officials in the various ASEM/ARF meetings to be held in Europe in 2006. ASEAN was very firm or stubborn and always declare that they would all boycott the ASEM/ARF meetings if their comrade Burmese Generals are denied participation.

Dear Sirs/Madams, if we really want to correct, recreate, or change the following persons:

  • our own naughty children
  • bad undisciplined  students
  • common criminals
  • ordinary citizens

The only one universally approved approach to get the successful result is the combination of punishment and reward system or Carrot and stick system. Even the investigators have to use the “good cops, bad cops� tactic.

Punishment may varies from, just a scolding, reprimand, giving warning to real different strategies and stages for the punishment of crimes or wrong.

If we look at the major religions, even GOD has used this method to mold mankind into submission into obedience to God’s Laws. Adherence to the covenant brings rewards while failure to follow the Word of God brings punishments. These themes are exemplified in Judaism, Christians, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism etc.

Sorry Sir/Madam, EU countries had tried to separate the churches from states. But all of the EU leaders have to admit that the various religions influence on the policies of the leaders around the world.

Crime and punishment for crime has been around since the beginning of time. Looking to the importance of this, one will find that over the ages there have been different strategies for the punishment of crimes. As civilization has become more sophisticated, so has the punishment, which has ranged from flagellation, to hanging, to crucifixion, to exile, to prison, to the sentence of death, as in capital punishment. Fear of punishment if commit the crime is enough deterrent to most of the people.

Rewards of fulfillments of wishes up to a reserved place in heaven, is not enough to reshape the mankind, even by GOD. We all are human beings only and we need some fear of punishment to avoid the wrong doing. In the world’s history no government is foolish enough to abolish all kind of punishment and use the various reward system to keep the LAW and ORDER of the country.

Although EU rules by Law, not like Burmese Generals, who rules the country with the Law coming out from the barrel of their guns! EU or any other governments could not do away with punishment system for their citizens. They could not dismantle judiciary system, police, and jails etc.

Now we consider the trap of awards that EU is considering to ASEAN and Burmese Generals. We believe that there is no effective reward system by EU and appraisal and incentive rewards are not based on real progress.  All of us must ensure that we are indeed rewarding behavior we want to reinforce, rather than blindly distributing rewards in a way that can be seen as rewarding underachievers or cheaters; ASEAN and Burmese Generals.

EU is trying to reward Burma and ASEAN for empty promises, foot-dragging for any meaningful changes to democracy and maneuvering tactics of the military regime. As the saying goes “Procrastination is the thief of time�. Burmese Generals are buying time with the white lies.

UN Secretary General’s special envoy Mr Razali Ismail was effectively fooled by the Burmese Generals. Now they are trying to fool ASEAN’s representative, Malaysian FM Syed Hamid Alba. His visit was forced to postpone because Burmese Generals do not want to meet him or even dare not show the sign of a start of a dialogue. We like to predict that he and ASEAN have to follow the path of The U.N. human rights envoy to Burma, Paulo Pinheiro and Mr Razali.

We strongly believe that once they could not use ASEAN, Burmese Generals would not think twice to dump the ASEAN. Not long ago they had threatened the ILO and its representative to pull out and to even beheaded the chief. Ne Win, father of the present Burmese Military Junta, had withdrawn the membership of the Non Allied Movement. If UN pushed too much they would even pull out from UN too without a second thought!

Dear Sir/Madam, now China, India, Russia, Pakistan, Thailand and ASEAN are strongly supporting the Burmese Generals. UN is effectively blocked by China and Russia. Now UN is just a little bit more honourable talk shop only. Burmese Generals knew that USA is bogged down by Iraq, Afghanistan and Middle East politics and could not take action on them.

So, if not for EU, who would tight the screw of these Burmese Generals and save us? Please don’t let them go, to your country, until and unless they release all the political prisoners, including Daw Aung San Su Kyi, start a meaningful dialogue and form a coalition government.

If ASEAN is very stubborn and proud, let all of them boycott the ASEM/ARF meetings but do not give visas to their comrade Burmese Generals. ASEAN is much weaker than EU, they need EU’s investment, technology and market.

If ASEAN prefer Burmese generals to EU, ignored them and let them elope and enjoy their honeymoon with the Burmese Generals. Once they get HIV only they would cry and come back to see Doctor EU. EU must insist ASEAN that they have to successfully accomplish the task of handling Burmese issue. Then only ASEAN and Burmese Generals should be rewarded even better.

EU USA and UN Secretary General should put pressure on China, India, Russia, Thailand and ASEAN to persuade Burmese Generals for a rapid change of the policy by implementing the necessary reforms and start steps to democratising.

Thanking Your Honours

Yours Humbly
San Oo Aung

Burma Digest