Proton should recall Perdana V6 too


Proton should recall Perdana V6 too

Zafar Shah, Malaysiakini

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Proton recalls Savvy over bearing fears.

I would like to reveal that more than 50% of Proton Perdana V6’s automatic gears start to give trouble after two years. Sometimes. the problem may pop up earlier. Then, the Proton mechanics would procrastinate and ‘waste’ the warranty period by trying to ‘help’ the owners with minor repairs without telling the truth of the root cause.

Once the warranty is over, they advise us to change the whole gear box. When we ask them whether these new expensive, RM 30,000.00 gear box will remedy the problem permanently, we get the shocking reply that they may last for about two years only. When we resort to private workshops, the answer is the same.

This is a well-known secret among all the private workshops and Proton mechanics. One of my private mechanic friends told me that one Umno division in Penang was presented with a fleet of Proton Perdana V6s for a special reason.

Many cars’ automatic gears started to give trouble and he told me that although Umno big shots from the division made a lot of noise and wrote to Proton to bear the cost of repair, Proton refused because of the expiry of the warranty.

Before this, Proton’s political masters could successfully block the opposition’s voice against Proton in Parliament but now the people had given a stronger mandate to the opposition. Come on, Proton. Don’t hide behind the warranty period.

Be man enough to take responsibility as the Perdana V6 is your flagship car and it is shameful that the most expensive and the best of your products is bugged with an almost incurable congenital defect.

There is no choice. This is the time to recall the Proton Perdana V6 for faulty automatic gears. If not, Proton owners should start a class action suit against Proton.