A Clown Frog that get a frequent Midas Touch to morph

A Clown Frog that get a frequent Midas Touch to morph


Dog food may be good for the frogs but every body knows that it is not suitable for Rajas. Don’t be jealous about food for Rajas. You are welcome to join him.

His words are always wise but your comments are universally rubbish. I don’t know why some of the clowns were appointed as Information ministers in IRAQ, NAZI GERMANY AND MYANMAR etc..

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Dear MPs Don’t learn this from Taiwan and Try At Home!

Taiwan legislators from the DPP and Kuomintang fight in Parliament in Taipei. Lawmakers from the ruling and opposition parties failed to agree on how an independent National Communications Commission, set up to monitor the media, should be formed.

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Arbitrary Rule by Law and Racial Discriminations causing difficulties even for the Burmese Muslim professionals’ migration to Malaysia

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Let Moonlight continue to shine under the coconut shell only?

Moonlight under the coconut shell?



  1. In IIU (UIA) International Islamic University, Malaysia, Burmese Students were given places to study Medicine, Engineering and Law before we were ASEAN members.
  2. After we are accepted as fellow ASEAN, those good places are nowadays denied to Myanmar students.
  3. If the university continue to refuse accepting foreigners for Medical studies, please drop the International word from your name and refuse donations from other Islamic nations.
  4. UIA used to reject all the Burmese Students for their Matriculation Classes with the lame excuse that IIU has no bilateral agreement with Myanmar Government. But they are accepting even non-Muslim students from India.(Are the authorities blind to see the anti-Muslim SPDC’s policy and democratic secular India’s policy?
  5. Now ASEAN Foreigners’ children are no more accepted in public schools. Previously they could. Is this the price of becoming an ASEAN member?
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Xenophobia, selfishness and political showmanship prohibit the permanent residents from enjoying the fuel rebates

TQ Dr., for your kindness and consideration for us in writing this letter. But Xenophobia, selfishness and political showmanship of leaders here prohibit the permanent residents from enjoying the fuel rebates.

Nowadays racist politicians are so bankrupted of ideas as they could not show off any more to their races as the defender and champion of their race, by attacking other Malaysians after the wind of change that blew during the GE 2008.

So they all need to hit the foreigners, including the PR holders to showoff their own races as patriotic heroes. This is going on sadly on the both sides of the political divide. Both the Government and opposition leaders are shamelessly keep on hitting the soft spot to gain political mileage.

Please read this kind gentle Dr’s letter_

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No rebate for PR is ‘discriminatory’

No rebate for PR is ‘discriminatory’

StarOnline Malaysia

Read my comments please:

Both of you are beating around the bush ( I don’t wish to use the word barking the wrong tree because it is rude and can cause misunderstanding esp. if you are over sensitive),


This Fuel rebate is for citizens only, present government is ‘correct.’ I am also a PR with five cars. I am in Malaysia for a quarter of a century. The real issue for you and me is to ask this xenophobic government why we are not given citizenship after all these years.


As we should not involve in politics of the host country esp opposing the ruling party is dangerous. We should all just pray for DSAI to take over the government. (But he need to control PAS DAP extremists and xenophobic politicians who just want to earn popularity by using racism. See this issue. They no longer dare to insult the other races from their citizens this is the time to HIT the foreigners. PR are also foreigners and safe soft spots to hit.


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Proper Rule of Law should be introduce for granting citizenship

Rule of Law

should take over

Rule by arbitrary Law

for granting citizenship

Malaysian Citizenship Law should be reviewed urgently from the present unjust law that practice discriminations to the law that respects Equal Human Rights in compliance to contemporary International Practice and according to true Islamic teachings.

Malaysian Home Ministers and their Deputy Ministers used to proudly claim in the newspapers that granting citizens is not the migrant’s right but the privilege granted as rewards or sympathy.

This concept is basically wrong. The highly qualified migrants who could contribute to the progress of Malaysia are deserved to be accepted and should be granted citizenship without delay. Malaysia should make the new citizenship law by granting a right to the qualified migrant, of course only if he is entitled according to the law and is free from any crimes. Continue reading