Ko Htun Sein stopped singing “God save the King”

Ko Htun Sein stopped singing

“God save the King”

At Rangoon University Student Meetings

During one of the student meetings, in late 20’s, at the Rangoon University all the students stoop-up to sing the “God save the King” in front of the British Colonial ruler’s Union Jack flag as a respect and salute.


But one student defiantly refused to stand up to sing the song and continue sitting in front of all the students. At the end of the song, he stood-up and addressed the student in English as it was the norm for all the university students.

“Comrade Students, please kindly allow me to speak for a moment. All of us here are Burmese but there is not even a single white English student amongst us, coming here from England to study. During our Myanmar national students’ meeting, if all of you just think over carefully about the song you all just sang, “God save the King”. I am trying to prove here a very important point; every right thinking person with the capacity to see the truth understand that the King of England is the king of the white people but not our king. It is shameful to pray for the occupier colonial master King of England.

He was Ko Htun Sein, a Burmese Muslim Mathematic Tutor, invited by Ko Htun Lu, the famous First (1920) Student Boycott leader. He later resigned from the tutor post and enlisted as a student to read Law at Rangoon University.

Since then, student meetings were held without the singing the “God save the King”. University authorities tried to take action for Ko Htun Sein’s action of instigating, But they were not successful but just let off the hook with stern warnings because of Ko Htun Sein’s smart rebuttals.