Suhakam: Check Rela’s powers

Suhakam: Check Rela’s powers

Malaysiakinim Bede Hong | Aug 17, 07

The Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) does not support an increase in enforcement powers for the volunteer security corp Rela, saying it would result in indiscriminate arrests against refugees in the country.
Suhakam commissioner N Siva Subramaniam also said Rela’s raids have created ill-repute for its members, whom he described as insensitive to human and civil rights.

“There’s no point in trying to get the message across to them on what the public thinks of them and what our Asean neighbours think of them,” he told a forum organised by the Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall last night.

“They have become defensive at times, even when you tell them to train their people and to educate them on human rights,” he added.

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A Memorandum On World Refugees Day, “the Decade of Failure”

A Memorandum On World Refugees Day,

“The Decade of Failure”

UNHCR recognized a Refugee who had been detained 6 times and deported 3 times, had sent a letter to us. Who refused to be identify for fear of various reflections. He wrote as

Dear The Sail’s Editor



As we celebrate refugees day, refugees all over the world face failure of their rights on daily basis.

However refugees Day comes and pass may have a little improvement to meet international obligation in recognition of the right to life and dignity that refugee protection is a fundamental rights both on humanitarian and human rights grounds.

But this year had landed by Nargis Cyclone victims about 1.5 million (correction 2.5 million), beside hundred of thousand people dead (may be possible upto 130000, 200000 to 300000 according to various reports.).

Burmese groups around the world had been calling humanitarian bodies to relief Nargis victims regardless of illegal Junta’. But, still remaining illegal Junta’s theory and Nargis victims dying by endangering life and health. At the same time, many of activists were arrested for their humanitarian supports and unknown numbers of activists had been flowed into refugee population. During the similar flow applies on ‘monk’s peace movement; referendum issues. It is the need to adopt a new sanction to illegal Junta’s establishing human rights violations..

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Bravo! Notorious Rela, carryon without even knowing your job

Bravo! Notorious Rela, carryon without even knowing your job


Do what ever you like. It is OK as long as you could continue intimidating all the foreigners. All your superiors are ever ready to help and support you.


Star Newspaper News_ “Pakistan embassy man held by Rela personnel”

PETALING JAYA: A Pakistan embassy staff was allegedly detained by Rela personnel as they did not recognise his Wisma Putra-issued identity card.

The embassy’s accountant was travelling on a bus to work when it was stopped by Rela members near Ampang Baru at 8.20am yesterday.

An embassy spokesperson said the enforcement team proceeded to check the identities of foreign passengers and detained the accountant in the process.

“He produced his identity card which was issued by Wisma Putra. It is equivalent to a passport, but they said it was not valid,” he said, adding that the accountant was taken to a Rela operations centre and was released two hours later after intervention by the embassy.

Selangor Rela director Khairi Mohd Alwee said his men took the accountant to the centre to verify his identity card.

“My boys hardly encounter the Wisma Putra identity card. That was why we took him to the centre to verify it. Once it was verified, we released him,” he said.

Rela director-general Datuk Zaidon Asmuni said he would investigate the matter as such an incident should not have occurred.