Objections against use of Rela to fight crime

The government’s plans to deploy personnel from a notorious volunteer task force to help enforce a crackdown on crime triggered criticism from human rights campaigners today.

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World Refugee Survey 2008 – Malaysia


Malaysia government should consider the following upgrading process_

  1.  Undocumented migrants- to issue IMM13
  2. Documented, WP/EP holders- to issue Red ICs
  3. Red IC holders- to issue Blue ICs

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Rela misusing firearms

RELA, a volunteer corps formed mainly to help maintain the nation’s security has previously come under fire due to numerous cases of abuse.

There have been calls for Rela to be disbanded by several parties, including the Malaysian Bar, Human Rights Watch (HRW) and members of the public.

For those who are unaware, Rela volunteers are not screened before joining. Members who have been active for five consecutive years (three years for ex-army/police personnel) are permitted to use firearms,although they must have no prior criminal record.

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Rela member ordered to pay former GRO RM100,000

KUALA LUMPUR: The High Court has ordered a Rela member to pay a former guest relations officer RM100,000 as damages for taking a picture of her relieving herself in a truck five years ago.

Justice Tengku Datuk Maimun Tuan Mat also told Mohamad Tahir Osman, 45, to pay costs and 8% interest until full settlement to Maslinda Ishak, 31, who is now a dental nurse.

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REAL protection of rights in Malaysian law will end abuse of workers

REAL protection of rights in Malaysian law will end abuse of workers

CHARLES HECTOR , Friday, September 05, 2008

There are 2.2 million foreign migrant workers in Malaysia today, and our government again and again talks about reducing the number of migrant workers….but alas, it is just talk.

Every year, we have this large scale crack-downs and deportations – and then we have the employers here and there talking about labour shortages – and the doors are re-opened for more foreign migrant workers to again re-enter the country.

The arrest and deportation exercise, I believe, is to appease the local Malaysian people. So much of our money is wasted.

If only, the employers, and not the poor workers, were targeted – not only would money be saved but also the employment problems may be resolved.

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Hell Hounds at large. Who let them out?

Hell Hounds at large. Who let them out?

Burmese illegal immigrants are hunted down and some were tortured according to the internet news.

Who ordered to black out the detention centre riot news at Semenyih Malaysia (24-June 2008)?

We all could read this news initial phase on Malaysiakini news yesterday.

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Burmese refugees ‘beaten up’ in detention camp

Burmese refugees ‘beaten up’ in detention camp

Malaysia kini news by Soon Li Tsin | Jun 25, 08

The Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) has confirmed that immigration officers had badly beaten up three Burmese refugees at the Semenyih detention camp two nights ago.  
suhakam uthayakumar health pc 230408 sivaCommissioner N Siva Subramaniam, who visited the detention camp yesterday, said the incident had been sparked off by the discovery of tobacco, deemed a contraband item under camp rules.

“The immigration officers fail to understand that the refugees are also human beings and must be treated as such.”He lambasted Rela for

indiscriminately arresting even documented refugees causing many of them to be detained unnecessarily.According a recently released international

report, Malaysia is one of the worst places in the world for refugees.



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Dear YAB Najib, do not blindly deny the truth about the unfair discriminations on migrants

Dear YAB Datuk Seri Najib Razak,

Thank Your Honour for the interest in replying the unfair migrant treatment allegation of your country. No one is not asking your country to open the flood gates for us like your collegues had done in Sabah, we all are merely requesting  a kind favour from your government to just ajar the closely-tight water tap to let the hungry refugees to let us drink a few drops of water.

Why did your government could go and bring in the Bosnias with airplanes and provided free flats and fully support them? 

No need to give the Burmese Refugees even a cent. We are not beggars. Just stop Rela raids and allow them to stay, work or study for a limited time in your country. You can charge an appropriate visa fees like Thailand is doing now on Burmese refugees. 

And kindly facilitate the legal migration process by granting the citizenship to all the Burmese who are holding Red ICs for more then FIVE years.

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No sanctuary for refugees in Malaysia

No sanctuary for refugees in Malaysia

K Shan’s opinion in Malaysiakini

K SHAN is a human rights activist.

Imagine waking up every night to the agony of domestic violence next door. You hear reports of abuses and often witness yourself the bruises suffered by the wife and children every time you walk past the house pondering what you can do to stop the violence.


One day, as the pressure mounts, the wounded and devastated victims come knocking at your door for refuge and protection. What would you do?

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Malaysia ‘among 10 worst places for refugees’

Malaysia ‘among 10 worst places for refugees’

Malaysiakini news, Jun 20, 08 2:48pm

Malaysia has been plonked among the 10th worst places for refugees, according to an annual report released to mark World Refugee Day today.

The World Refugee Survey puts Malaysia alongside nine other countries as 10 of “the worst places for refugees” in 2007.

The survey, commissioned by the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI), has Malaysia standing shoulder-to-shoulder with poverty-stricken Bangladesh, war-torn Iraq and authoritarian China for their violation of refugee rights.

“Bangladesh, China, India, Iraq, Kenya, Malaysia, Russia, Sudan, Thailand, and the countries of Europe collectively were all among the worst places for refugees last year,” said USCRI in its press release.

“Malaysia gave (protection) to some groups of Muslim refugees ( But NOT The BURMESE MUSLIMS), but detained, caned, and deported others,” said the 47th edition of the World Refugee Survey.

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A Memorandum On World Refugees Day, “the Decade of Failure”

A Memorandum On World Refugees Day,

“The Decade of Failure”

UNHCR recognized a Refugee who had been detained 6 times and deported 3 times, had sent a letter to us. Who refused to be identify for fear of various reflections. He wrote as

Dear The Sail’s Editor



As we celebrate refugees day, refugees all over the world face failure of their rights on daily basis.

However refugees Day comes and pass may have a little improvement to meet international obligation in recognition of the right to life and dignity that refugee protection is a fundamental rights both on humanitarian and human rights grounds.

But this year had landed by Nargis Cyclone victims about 1.5 million (correction 2.5 million), beside hundred of thousand people dead (may be possible upto 130000, 200000 to 300000 according to various reports.).

Burmese groups around the world had been calling humanitarian bodies to relief Nargis victims regardless of illegal Junta’. But, still remaining illegal Junta’s theory and Nargis victims dying by endangering life and health. At the same time, many of activists were arrested for their humanitarian supports and unknown numbers of activists had been flowed into refugee population. During the similar flow applies on ‘monk’s peace movement; referendum issues. It is the need to adopt a new sanction to illegal Junta’s establishing human rights violations..

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From Zorro-unmasked’s blog

“Refugees show incredible courage and perseverance in overcoming enormous odds to rebuild their lives. Ensuring that they get the protection they deserve is a noble cause because refugee rights are human rights – and rights that belong to us all”. – Antonio Guterres, UNHCR High Commissioner.

“I am ZT. I came from Burma three months ago. I see almost everyday raids taking place around Kota Raya. I made me feel shocked since I saw the first time. I am not happy at all. You can imagine how a life of a fearing child could be happy…..

When I see Relas and Immigration people are chasing, beating and arresting our people from hidden place, I hate them.

They looked live the evils/devils as in the ghost movies.

They looked so cruel and inhuman.

I wish they disappear in the country.

They are dangerious to our refugee people. It will be so good if they are not seen anywhere.

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Treat all migrants equally Mr Home Minister

No quick solution for illegals in Sabah, says Syed Hamid


Dear Home Minister. TQ for the talk of equal treatment for all the migrants. But most of us suspect that there is no political will or courage to solve the East Malaysia migrant problem but for all the Malaysian authorities, doing any thing to the Burmese (all races and religious groups) is so easy without any backlash or consequences. We suspect that you just made a sweet talk as an excuse for the inaction on those migrants there. But once you said about the equal treatment, we hope that as a Muslim and the high ranking Government Minister, you would keep you promise. In Burmese the promise of the king (read authority) is a vow or word of honour!

We could let it as by gone be by gone but please kindly treat our migrants exactly like those migrants in east Malaysia.

According to your Deputy Prime Minister, which is reported in the front page of local newspapers, those illegal migrant children would be granted citizenship. Is Malaysian government willing to extend this offer to Burmese Migrants?

The local newspaper front-page reported photograph of a school, one of THREE THOUSAND schools for Indonesian Illegal Migrants. Why Burmese legal and illegal migrants are even not allowed to attend Government schools. They are even willing to pay extra school fees.

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Care Latte with the Home Minister of Malaysia:

Care Latte with the Home Minister:

Homing in on Home issues




Extracts only. Sunday, 20 April 2008  

Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar is responsible for one of the most important, if not powerful, ministries in the Cabinet. Speaking to The Star’s Group Chief Editor, he talked about his tasks from heading law enforcement agencies to deciding on the role of the media, his upcoming plans for the ministry, Umno, and the country’s political outlook.

What are your plans for the Home Ministry?

Syed Hamid: The Home Ministry is the second biggest with a staff of 159,000.

  • Now we are more open to public scrutiny.
  • This is a challenging and interesting ministry and it’s close to the people’s hearts.

If you talk on matters of_

  • immigration, visas, passports,
  • the National Registration Department,
  • permanent residence
  • and citizenship status,

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